Preparing to Vote and Undecided?

It’s not like America hasn’t been warned, is it? 

For all your “undecided” friends, suggest this… Stop worrying about the personalities of the candidates. Even if they rub you wrong (and both of them probably do for different reasons) consider this… 

If Biden got into office, and started making serious mistakes (for example, corruption based on quid-pro-quo deals of influence) the legacy media would not say a word about it, even if the proof was as blatant as the fake “Russian Collusion” accusations… 

But… After four years of prejudicial and unending “investigation” into President Trump, not a single factual bit of corruption or collusion was surfaced, despite the unending scrutiny of an unlimited number of reporters, investigators, government lawyers and deep state agency employees (the “Deep State”). 

If you want clean government free of corruption, there is only one choice. President Trump and a conservative lead congress… 

The Blue Tsunami

God blessed America twice recently. Once in September, and once again today with the Senate vote putting Judge Barrett on the Supreme Court.

This is something with long term good impact on our nation.

The Leftist Democrat response to all this is frankly remarkable…. I get the opposition’s mailings. This morning no less than ten of them decried the awful behavior of the Republicans, and asked for more money to help fight back. 

The Republican majority and the Republican president acted in a completely correct, moral and constitutional manner to name the sixth conservative (and another constitutional textualist) to the Supreme Court. This has long term – perhaps 30 years or more – impact on the United States, and has it for the better. Stability and rationality will return, to some extent, to our nation’s judicial system. That bodes well for us through the end of our lives. 

And the only Democrat response is to talk about how immoral the Republicans are and ask for more money? Please… This is the essence of what is driving the division of America, motivating the violence and intolerance and fueling fake “woke” racism. It’s sad when so many minds go to waste… 

A Crisp Vision of “Amerika 2.0”

While this item starts out decrying the new iteration of “Never Trumpers”, exposing the “Lincoln Project” for what it is (big government in any hands at any cost), it also lays out starkly the actual Leftest Agenda of the Democrat political machine. It’s worth a read if you’d like to understand how Biden’s Harris’ “Amerika 2.0” would look like in a few years:

The specifics of California style “Progressive Fudalism” are stark – but one thing is sure. The right “elites” will make a lot of money while the progressive Leftists flush Amerika 2.0 down the drain. 

The thing that exposes these hypocrites is not their opposition to the President based on his “personality”, but rather their concentrated effort to turn the Senate and all of government (including a packed Supreme Court and lower levels of judicial activists) into a Democrat machine run morass.  

The New Voter Suppression

Talk about voter suppression. I arrived at 11AM to vote early. The line of people waiting ran around the block. Because of health and age, I elected to do curb side voting and drove into the line.

While in line, I saw one woman right in front of me fall to the ground, passed out. The paramedics were called. Additional paramedic calls came in about an hour later for others that had medical issues while waiting.

In all, it took 5 hours to vote early today, with my voting completing around 4PM. I heard people that waited in line say they had been in line since 8AM. That’s eight hours to vote. The process was incredibly inefficient and time consuming. I know the chief poll judge, and when I let him know he just shook his head.

By 4PM, they had processed a TOTAL of 565 votes at this voting site.

As I was voting, someone pulled in behind me and asked to drop off an absentee ballot in the drop box at the election site. They were told that they would have to wait in the entire line just to drop it off. That is absurd.

So… get ready. I hope that you have a better experience that I did. Don’t give up, and don’t give in.

Brace Yourself for the Deep State

There’s a hold on the ATF’s ruling on the pistol brace equipped “Honey Badger”.

When you consider the fundamental nature of the right to keep and bear arms – perhaps the most important right recognized by the Bill of Rights simply because it is the ultimate protection of our nation – it’s remarkable that the executive agency given power by congress to regulate firearms would be one of the most unstable. It’s rife with infighting; inconsistent battling factions and a rules process that is opaque.

Things like the GCA and NFA create a framework ripe for mining new and invented infringements. That in itself is a problem for American citizens. The fact that there is a long history of capricious and reversed rulings means that an investigation is warranted. All we need is a congress with some backbone and the will to protect citizens from government abuse.

At gun owners, we all suffer form these agency defects.

The Whims of a Mob

Harris is giving her opening statement right now.

I think the attempt at manipulation of the electorate is remarkable. It’s clear that their objective at this point is to “flip the Senate” and do it by complaining about rulings that they accuse Barrett of planning to make (especially the Obama Care lawsuit).

They “testify” as if they know what Barrett will do, and that Barrett’s vote will be the needed one to overturn the Affordable Care Act. Every Machine Democrat is operating from the same playbook, with photographs of long suffering children “Saved” by President Obama’s soon to be unconstitutional healthcare act.

Not one of the Leftist Democrats is discussing the nomination itself except to complain that the process is “illegitimate”.

Harris’ statement could be rated in lies per second.

Every accusation that Democrats are making is actually based upon an act or strategy that the Democrats have already done, or are contemplating. This level of projection would almost be funny if the issues were not so serious.

While grasping at straws, the Democrat machine’s game plan looks like it is to use the hearings to take over the Senate – and good Americans need to loudly oppose that “cancel culture” move.

Today, I heard Democrat Senators accuse Republicans of “court packing”  because they are doing their job as defined by the constitution as written. Just the very idea that Democrats would accuse Republicans of “court packing” for nominating and eventually confirming a justice to replace a deceased one is a perfect example of how Democrats manipulate words to tortured meanings that serve their immediate goals. Imagine how they’ll twist “shall not be infringed”!

These are nothing more than the whims of a mob.

These Democrats have made it abundantly clear that through their acts and fear mongering, they will do nothing less than destroy our American system in order to regain power. That includes diluting the influence of members of the Supreme Court (through court packing) should they ever achieve that power. 

Make America Grate Again

Ted Cruz is concerned… and notoriously liberal leftist CNBC is happy to trumpet his concerns and ignore the solution…. just as their Democrat political machine masters intend.

Pelosi and Schumer want unprecedented Liberal spending unrelated to Covid-19 relief in these bills. Think funding teapot museums in the mountains of North Carolina. That class of spending. Massive transfer payments; system altering programs; uncontrolled bureaucracy in deep state agencies… with the minority of the bill actually directly helping people stay in jobs and survive the Corona Terrorism attack on our economy with no thought on the crippling impact of more Federal debt.

President Trump wants to help survive the attack. He’s willing to do it. If he had a line item veto that let him resist unbridled liberal spending programs we’d already have it.

The Republicans need to attack Democrat political machine intransigence on this issue. Pelosi and Schumer are more than willing to destroy the nation in order to grab political power.

A coordinated publicity campaign on this issue would be very difficult because the Democrat’s media partners will not publicize the issue in the same way as they blindly partner with the Democrat political machine. This is why you never hear this side of the story.

I suppose that this kind of alarmist article by Cruz is his way of getting his point of view publicized.

What is needed?

Blacks need to know that President Trump’s economy created opportunities never even considered by the Democrats and their family destroying “great society” programs – which spent trillions of dollars to destroy the Black American family and culture.

Working Americans need to know that overbearing Democrat policies destroyed their jobs using Corona Terrorism as the excuse to shut down economies for extended periods of time.

Thinking Americans need to know that Democrat minions used “junk science” to justify their nation suffocating programs.

All Americans need to know that ejecting Democrat domination of Congress and re-electing President Trump will solve the problems being gas lighted by the Leftist Democrat political machine.

It will take time. We will conquer the virus and rebuild the economy.

Call Cunningham – a Classic “Jody”

Cunningham is the classic “Jody”…

Jody – Wiktionary.

Here’s his latest advertising slogan:

“Every decision your Senator makes touches someone in North Carolina”…

That’s now literally “touches someone”.

Cunningham’s ads touted his military service and claimed he earned the “Bronze star”.

From what I’m told, everyone that serves in a combat zone earns that, right? His advertising features combat action footage… and other combat veterans.

But what was his service in a combat zone? He is an officer in a reserve JAG unit. That’s right. He’s a lawyer in the Army.

During Obama’s administration it seems that he was a political liaison, giving congressional VIPs tours of the “combat zone”.

Call Cunningham: Bronze star tour guide Jody…

Arlene Guzman Todd: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Arlene Guzman Todd is the wife of Jeremy Todd and the woman accused of sexting North Carolina Democratic Senate candidate Cal

Her husband is a 5 time deployed disabled combat veteran.

Rage At The Machine

This document is dated September 24th, just prior to President Trump naming Judge Barrett

It’s the Democrat political machine’s playbook on the destruction of President Trump’s next Supreme Court justice.

Playbook – Destroy America – Supreme Court Edition

I expect we could learn something about mounting a political operation from the detailed process and structure in this gem.