A Simple Example of Dangerously Hypocritical Politicians

Here’s some news you’ll never see in the legacy agenda fueled anti-gun owner media.

A nearby city here, Durham, North Carolina, claims a serious “gun violence problem”, and the city’s reputation as being crime ridden (with regular media alerts about children and others being shot on the streets) is genuine.

Here’s a report studying the core of the gang problem in Durham. It’s not a “gun violence” problem at all. It’s a “serious gang problem” with impudent felony convicted gang members carrying on their territorial domination and drug market places without fear of police intervention or risk to their profits.

How do we know? Here’s the report studying what happens when a person convicted of a prior felony is stopped by police and found to be in possession of a gun:


The media will never disclose that fully 53% of these police charges and arrests are dismissed without anyone bothering to prosecute or try the offence. These are convicted felons in violation of a number of Federal and State laws by being in possession of guns. That’s more than half that don’t even get a slap on the wrist, but the charge is completely ignored by the local “Justice” system.

A minuscule number of these cases are actually prosecuted and tried, and those almost always lead to a conviction. How small? How about 6% to 17% of the arrests. That in itself is criminal.

The only conclusion I can have is that you, lawful gun owner, with your interest in protecting yourself, must be the cause of all these crime problems in Durham. Otherwise responsible politicians, judges, prosecutors and police would be doing something about all the people getting violently attacked, injured and killed.

If the politicians really want to “do something” about “gun violence”, the responsibility and actions they must take are clear. Just read their report.

Anyone that thinks “Red Flag” laws are about anything except “gun confiscation” is simply hypocritically whistling Dixie…


Free to Lie, Free to Motivate Monsters

The more the media up plays the mass shooting attack tragedies, the more of these suppressed and bullied young people will be motivated.

At a minimum, all the constant propaganda techniques of repetition and emotional reactions to the mayhem causes these young people to vividly imagine themselves as the center of all the attention. Make no mistake. The legacy media knows that this is one of the “unintended consequences” of their actions – the consequences that keep the “news” coming.

The “prohibition” against naming the attackers after the New Zealand tragedy seems to have lasted less than the customary 15 minutes. Every single attack has been followed by news organizations falling over themselves to name, publicize, promote and fix the name, mission, cause and ideology of these sick psychopaths in the public’s mind.

Whenever a mom or close friend learns that their precious son or friend manipulated them with an angelic image while planning the devil’s work, they always seem surprised. People that are not so close always say that they expected something like that from the attacker, but always chose not to “get involved” with his problems.

Psychopaths are generally quite charismatic and manipulative while cajoling people into helping them establish the conditions needed to destroy the lives of others. They feel no empathy – and are unable to identify with the pain they cause others. When they finally decide that the time is right to act, they are only concerned with their own personal domination and control of those around them.

Perhaps we should start using “Red Flag” laws against those children that systematically injure puppies and kittens. It would head off more of these attacks than any other “anticipatory crime prevention” laws. After all, most of these attackers have been known extreme risks for years.

In the meantime, we watch as “freedom of the press” is interpreted as “freedom of the propaganda”. Sigh…

Why the “Red Flags” will Simply Stop Waving

Unfortunately, the legal model being used in most states enacting “Red Flag” ERPO laws will not embrace the protections gun control zealots want. These laws will never be written in a fair way because they are not intended to be fair or observe the rights of the target of ERPOs fairly. Their objective is to re-balance risk in the direction of irresponsible people that don’t want to have to defend themselves, but prefer to have others do it.

“Red Flag” laws are completely unnecessary. Existing procedures (which assure the right of appearing in your defense) are more than adequate to stop violent attackers if they are actually used. Most people “don’t want to get involved”, so the processes are never started against clearly dangerous people. This lack of social responsibility is part of the pattern that is used to justify these dangerous laws.

Considering them “somebody else’s problem” (as has been demonstrated over and over again in the attacks perpetrated by known dangerous people) has just very tangibly become your problem as a lawful gun owner. This shifts the cultural responsibility for these crimes to completely innocent and lawful people just interested in defending themselves.

One third of the ERPOs issued in Connecticut and Indiana (who have had these laws for a couple of years) are overturned the first time a judge hears the story of the target of the orders. The error rate is already draconian and unacceptable.

These laws are routinely misused, and designed to have no effective penalty for misuse.

The laws cannot ever work because the truly dangerous perpetrators of mass killings are all smart enough to simply stop projecting their “dangerous” nature to those close to them. They will keep it to themselves, write secret manifests, bottle up the anger, and attack without warning instead of telegraphing their true nature to anyone that could request such an order.

These are laws that cannot ever work to stop crime, will make dangerous people more effective (playing into the charisma psychopaths project before they shift to killing mode), and routinely disarm lawful citizens without notice. This is a veritable recipe for disaster.

All this is “necessary” in the Democrat secular socialist machine mind because people refuse to be responsible for their own safety and self defense, preferring to be afraid of “the gun” and not addressing the real problem. Just as the art of carpentry is not manifest in the carpenter’s tools, the art of mayhem and misery is not manifest in the criminal attacker’s tools.

This is why these laws must be resisted, and political calls to “do something” by enacting these ill conceived laws are tragically wrong.

One word of warning. On a strictly legal analysis, most of these “Red Flag” laws operate in the gray area of constitutionality.

Eventually, they do observe due process after temporarily depriving the target of ERPOs of their rights to firearms and self defense. Sometimes, a right delayed and abused is not considered a right violated by a law.

This is why they should not be fought against on “Due Process” or “Constitutional” grounds. There is a good chance of losing that fight.

What they are, strictly described, are “No notice gun confiscation laws”.

They are routinely being abused where they are already enacted. The last case, this past weekend, confiscated the firearms owned by a person that was the clear victim of mistaken identity. The Sheriff involved clearly understood that the person standing in front of them was not the person targeted by the ERPO, and still took his firearms – telling him he could argue to get them back in 30 days. The two people with the same name had different heights on record.


“The process” was more important than the individual’s rights, now that Florida has these laws in place. This is but one unintended consequence or such laws.

Yes, they are lying to you…

While the legacy media is lying about their latest poll which supposedly shows widespread gun owner support for “Red Flag” laws, consider this…


The media is simply not telling the truth. Whether it’s the omission of truth from their reporting, false linkage between criminal psychopaths and leading conservative politicians that defend gun owner rights, or repeated faking of polling techniques and data.

Any gun owner that knows the truth about how these “Red Flag” laws threaten liberty and ultimately fail will NEVER support their enactment by politicians that seek more power.

Even Stalin considered innocent people appropriate for extermination. Clearly so do the members of the secular socialist Democrat political machine and their media lackeys. The Dayton murder was a Elizabeth Warren supporter. The politicians that run America’s largest and most dangerous cities are all Democrats. The killer that attacked the GOP baseball team in 2017 was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Who takes responsibility for violence from the progressive socialist left? Never forget, “when tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide.”

Please realize that you’re dealing with a movement that is projecting a clear and present danger. This is only one step in a long term strategy that invents and erupts new tactics regularly, and has done so since the success of the 1990’s “Assault Weapons Ban”, an equally ineffective “do something” politician action.

It is dangerous to compromise on anything being proposed by these zealots, especially when you understand that their ultimate goal (complete civilian disarmament and prohibition in the United States) can never be achieved. Their own analysis confirms this, claiming that in California 30 percent of confiscated firearms are home made “ghost guns” made without complying with California registration laws.

They can never achieve the objective of stopping crime and making America safer. They will, in fact, embrace unintended consequences that will do the exact opposite, accelerating the power, presence and the territorial control of organized criminals.

There is no reason to compromise on bad laws.

“Gun Control” can NEVER stop crime.

If you have any question on whether or not “Gun Control” proposals can ever be effective at stopping criminals, read this story.

It would seem that after shooting six Philadelphia police officers, and while in a barricaded standoff for 7 hours, the illegally armed convicted felon actually called his lawyer for advice on how not to get killed by the police.

Called his lawyer!


The police still had to force him out of the building with an expensive operation that included drones and tear gas.

Every single of the gun owner infringing laws passed by politicians bent on “doing something” will end up being twisted by these violent perpetrators of mayhem into horrible unintended consequences.

Tell the politicians the truth. Let them know you don’t support them, and will vote away their power if they make more bad decisions enacting “Gun Control”.

And now, thanks to liberal observation of his “Rights”, this violent and dangerous felon will live to illegally acquire firearms another day, and continue his reign of terror. I guess that’s the way the politician’s system is designed to work.

Grass Roots North Carolina “RED FLAG” Talking Points and Analysis

If you need some background for arguing against “Red Flag” laws, GRNC has published a talking points brochure at:


We also have a summary of Dave Kopel’s recent congressional testimony against Red Flag laws and John Lott’s research in this area posted at:

The Facts About ?Red Flag? Gun Confiscation Laws – Rights Watch International

Please download these, print and make good use of them when you are out with friends or at church or with family, and please pass the links on via any social media you participate in.

Make no mistake, this is the fight of our lives, and liberty itself is what is at risk.

It is a sure thing that the unintended consequences of these laws (including the universal national gun registration that is necessary to make “Background Checks” actually universally effective) will be ripe for abuse, misuse, and dangerous attacks on lawful gun owners.

Even the Greek manufactured “Trojan Horse” originally looked useful to the citizens of Troy.

All the News That’s Fit To Manipulate…

So, what you are seeing is a (brain) wash – rinse – repeat strategy playing out tactically after each heavily (and emotionally) publicized shooting.

The level of media coverage is completely out of any reasonable proportion. A full week after these sad events, they are constantly pumping related stories and rehashing whatever “facts” they think need to be used to scare the sheep. People that have grown up without personal responsibility react to this emotional manipulation by feeling powerless, scared, anxious and exposed. These emotions are completely irrational, and have no basis in their everyday living reality. They are completely fabricated by media manipulation, repetition and promotion.

And no, Virginia, the Government isn’t here to protect you… (The Supreme Court even says so). More detail… 

The gun grabbers are spending a fortune to ensure that this is done. They use their heavily financed local organizations to put people in front of cameras, stalk online social media and travel to organize events. It is orchestrated, and you can detect it in the “branded” language that they repeat.

Speak truth to this. Shut it down. Dominate the conversation. Use facts (not the fabricated studies and opinion pieces the Bloomberg mommies promote).

On the same day that El Paso and Dayton happened, a more lethal and injurious incident happened elsewhere – and not a peep out of the US legacy media. That one wasn’t as emotionally manipulative for Americans that can vote the Democrat secular socialist machine politicians into office. No idea where it was? 67 people were killed and injured outside a Cancer Hospital.

Yeah… I guess you’re getting all the news that’s fit to manipulate.