It’s Time To Curtail Reparations

It’s not hard to see why Leftists have stolen the Democratic Party from moderates and progressives. It’s because progressive approaches to government simply don’t work, and the only thing their politicians can see to grab power is full on Leftism (A.K.A. Communism). 

In 1964, the United States made equal rights the law. Today’s life for minorities in the United States is very different than the experience that most endured up to that point. Racism in any form is unfair and can never be justified. It’s society’s job to help civilize people, including making fair treatment part of everyday life. But, within this has erupted a culture of within which minorities themselves express extreme racism. 

One of the BLM / Racial Justice / Social Justice Warrior / Critical Race Theory main goals is the enactment of “reparations” that will somehow make today’s minorities whole for the wrongs done generations ago to their ancestors. The problem is that America has already had a progressive program of reparations intended to establish “affirmative action” for 54 years. It was called the “Great Society” and it has proven to be a colossal progressive failure.

America has already provided a variety of means tested programs that have cost $22 Trillion since 1968, and continue to cost about $1 Trillion a year. These are a huge portion of the annual government budget, and they have driven our nation into extraordinary debt. They are structured as obligations that commit taxes to a number of transfer payment systems. And it’s proving to make minorities dependent upon government, and the politicians that now wield unnatural power to destroy a republic that used to stand for free choice. Leftists seek to make citizens their powerless subjects. 

The most lasting legacy of this “great society” has been the destruction of minority families.

It’s time for “reparations” to cease, and opportunity to become the norm in our society. It’s only through personal initiative that America can really become a great society. 

The Beatification of Saint Andrew

Like all Communists and Comintern inspired operations, they are using violence and unrest as part of motivating the “long game”.

Note how the Elizabeth City NC sheriff and investigative agencies are properly using a very well conceived law to interfere with this unrest. While I’m confident that video of the Brown shooting will eventually be released, it will happen after the Leftists have gone full “saint rehabilitation” on someone’s perfect son and father that just happened to have spent the last several decades destroying his home town with drug sales. As beatified, he is, of course, everyone’s gentle friend and drug supplier – so everyone loved him… It’s just that briefly inspecting his criminal record shows something quite different…

i’ve previously shared a link to his criminal record:

Understand that you have to work very hard to get arrested in the first place. Commit crimes over and over again until you’re finally careless enough to get caught by overworked law enforcement. He was last convicted in April, 2017 and spent a year and a third in prison for selling drugs on a class H and I felony conviction. He had a couple years to hone his craft again, and was in process of being arrested on a felony warrant when he was killed.

A thorough investigation of the incident where police were forced to shoot him is now being done. Once that is completed, I have no doubt that the judge will release relevant video, and that it will show that Saint Andrew Brown, Jr. was in the process of using his car as a lethal weapon to kill one of the policemen.

This is the kind of person that the “social justice warriors” are using to get their race baited followers all emotionally excited about. The manipulation, over and over again, is being done with the objective of creating civil unrest, and rioting. This is, and should be prosecuted as, a conspiracy, and BLM and others like Sharpton should be prosecuted under the RICO (Racketeering in Corrupt Organizations) statutes.

But this is not the Leftist Democrat’s game… Social unrest and revolution is. Watch as they get thwarted in Elizabeth City, NC. Bet they’ll still be mad.

“Racist” America? I don’t think so…

I think it’s time for charges of racism to fall on deaf ears….

How many times can you yell “fire”!!!! in a theater when someone lights a match and extinguishes it?

America is not a “racist” nation, and mainstream Americans do not advocate racism. It is only people on the fringe with an agenda to accumulate power and pass as an “elite” that use “racism” as a tool to achieve power – ultimately betraying everyone that believed in them.

America is a Republic with it’s flaws but also with overwhelming opportunity, If we were a “racist” nation, hoards of people from competing cultures and races would not be invading by the hundreds of thousands monthly…

Do you see people working en-mass to invade China? or Venezuela? or the Congo? If we’re so “racist” why are they coming here?

Politicians and the “Free” Media

When you consider that “power” and “control” is what motivates politicians, who consider themselves elite and “above” other subjects, it’s no wonder that governments tend toward tyranny…

Where monarchies like the British in North America at the time of the American revolution control their populations through absolute power wielded by an individual (acting through surrogates that, of course, are motivated by power), our American Republic has been more self correcting over the decades.

During all our history, a free “media” has been a willing pawn for the powers in control. They have lied just as much in 1821 and 1921 as they do in 2021. In fact, lying British controlled media were dominant during the revolution, when individual patriots started publishing truth.

Those media lies, often associated with real events like the heavily covered assassinations of the 1960’s that lead to the Gun Control Act (GCA) in 1968, and highly popularized gangsters of the 1920’s that lead to the National Firearms Act (NFA) in 1938), have lead to unwise and knee-jerk gun control laws. It’s a good example of what politicians can accomplish when they have adequately frightened their subjects through the lying media. The root of the media lies may have truth, but truth can be manipulated in both subtle and overt ways to manipulate emotions.

But now, Americans are getting lazy – and that lack of motivation is one of the keys supported by a government that has embraced transfer payments for the last 50 years (amounting to three or more generations). Too few look into the truth and facts of what politicians do, and too many are influenced by others that would twist and manipulate them to their own tyrannical ends.

But the most telling thing is the reaction to anger at election manipulation that swelled over into the January 6th invasion of the Capitol building…. The “elite” were personally threatened by an angry (but unarmed) crowd. Since then, media has inflated this insurrection into things that it was not, including implying that the invaders were armed with firearms, and that the people killed were murdered by the crowd. In truth, one of the invaders was murdered outright by an armed Capitol guard that remains unnamed.

The invasion of the Capitol building was wrong. But, look at the disproportionate reaction to this single event by the “elite” to get a real insight into their own character.

The Real Criminal You Don’t Know

Before the Social Justice Warriors get started on Andrew Brown Jr. (recently deceased in Elizabethtown,NC) I think it’s worth looking at his criminal record. This is public record in North Carolina:

It’s difficult to be convicted of a crime in our state. You have to try rather hard.

This criminal has been repeatedly convicted of crimes since 1996 including felonies, and violent attacks, ignoring protective orders and a number of drug offenses.

Always remember that a motor vehicle can be used in a lethal force attack (by driving into someone), and Sheriff police in this incident were in process of arresting a violent fleeing felon on a felony warrant.

I was involved in our state’s law which established that the body camera video recorded by officers is part of their personnel record, and not a public record subject to release unless a judge orders that release. The sheriff has requested that the video be released, and members of Brown’s family have already viewed some of that footage.

The stories being widely carried by the media may be based on a kernel of truth, but it will be interesting to see the entire truth surface on this incident.

Until then, I hope you understand more about what the police were dealing with when trying to arrest this criminal.

Well… back in the 1920’s (another time of American prosperity) they deified a number of violent criminals, but then they always celebrated when they got caught.

Much of it started in the media then as well… The Edward G. Robinson gangster movies tapped on that. Bonnie and Clyde, Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd, an a number of other criminal “heros”… But when they were killed, the police that finally stopped their violent crime sprees were always celebrated.

This time, it’s different. The criminals are being made into the cultural “good guys” when they are actually vile destructive violent trash thugs. That is not a cultural “wellness”… In fact, it’s remarkably sick and deluded – and reflects the guilt being suppressed by the “social justice warriors”.

This guy’s first conviction was in 1996 – 25 years ago. He has pages of convictions, which means he has reams of crimes that went unpunished. He has a history of violence, drug sales, ignoring protective orders and a long destructive run against his community.

The media agenda is to make him another “god” in the eyes of the public, now that he’s dead. And the only explanation for this is pure “racism” on the part of the media. Why else are they lying about him being a pillar of the community?

The politicians are already rallying around this case to change our very reasonable law regarding release of body worn camera video, which is regarded as part of a police officer’s personnel record. It takes a judge to release that media to the public. That is the way it should be.

They want the media so that they can stir up controversy. The family has already seen some of it… I’ll wager when it’s released that it shows much more than the family is disclosing now to the public. In fact, I would not be surprised to see that Brown was attacking an officer with the lethal force of his motor vehicle – using it as a weapon.

What Motivates Public Mass Shooters?

Here is a solid analysis that demonstrates that media attention is driving these public mass shootings:

Fame, Media and Mass Shootings

The media knows exactly what they are doing. Their agendas are:

  1. Driving readership / viewership of their own media operations
  2. Working in lockstep with Leftist politicians to drive their agendas
  3. Sensationalizing anything that relates to misuse of firearms to drive the “gun control” agenda
  4. Demonizing civil police agencies to ensure the breakdown of society and drive more “news” to cover
  5. Supporting a number of fake agendas by creating a false narrative on “institutional racism”; “climate change”; “universal background checks”; “red flag laws”…. etc.

In the process, they are glorifying criminal behavior, culturally impacting America’s youth, ensuring that our borders are insecure, building the power of street gangs, ensuring criminals are returned immediately to the street after arrest and selectively supporting violence, street rioting and the destruction of business districts nationwide.

Is there any reason to even pay attention to them? Yes!!!! If only to put truth to their constant lying and socially destructive behavior.

A Republic, If You Can Keep It…

Register the ignorant… lots of the ignorant. Influence and manipulate them with fake news and abusive negative advertising.

Enable the election fraud specialists, and ensure that their most potent path (mail in ballots) and most prevalent approach (no voter ID integrity) is available. “Don’t worry. Just give me your blank ballot… we’ll vote the “correct” way for you and mail it in. You don’t even have to leave your room… “

Stir with fake “racism” to motivate minorities.

And you end up with politician power soup… the choice of “the elite”!

Always remember… America is “A Republic, if you can keep it!”

Perspectives on the Constitution: A Republic, If You Can Keep It – National Constitution Center
and that requires personal integrity and responsibility…

The Whole Truth?

You know… I’ve been around the block a few times. I no longer trust a word that the media prints – and especially regarding firearms, race, or police incidents. 

A sub-culture has developed among many urban Blacks that glorifies crime and criminals, and seeks to somehow justify the misbehavior with their great-great grandfather’s abuse under Slavery. Sorry… I don’t buy it. I also don’t buy that America today is an inherently racist nation. I frankly don’t know anyone that would make a decision based on a person’s race – but I know a lot of people that would make  a decision based on a person’s character. 

I’m not saying that racism is nonexistent. It happens, but so do accidents. 

I just finished a week helping train a local police agency’s officers, and doing their annual qualification. The state defines those standards, and a local community college organizes the training event. It’s not the local agency in our state. 

While I will consider that the officer involved made an error, there is no way I can speculate whether the officer was negligent. But… a human was involved in the homicide, and “accidents” with firearms involving a human operator are all negligence unless the firearm itself is defective, and then it’s maintenance is negligent. I am not even sure if the homicide was unintentional – especially if police are authorized in that state to stop fleeing felons. 

Police were dealing with an individual with a criminal arrest warrant. I don’t know if it was a felony warrant or not, and I don’t know Minnesota law on police dealing with fleeing felons. 

The fact that the incident happened with a fleeing criminal resisting police makes me lose all interest in it. A tragedy, no doubt, but I also wonder about the abuse, pain, injury and damage this individual inflicted before the police officer stopped him. 

On background, he certainly has his “gang signs” down:


Felony possession of a Ruger .45ACP pistol and failure to appear… Seems he had a felony charge pending… 

Stopping a felony suspect that had already been in possession of a handgun, and watching them re-enter the vehicle would certainly trigger my training response to dealing with an armed suspect… 

Now his family grieves for the perfect son. But you’ve seen the background on “little Daunte” before judging him…

Looks like a bunch of people are glorifying a drug dealing criminal again, and running the “institutional racism” narrative just to cover the corpse’s actual lawless irresponsible and socially destructive “preferences” in life… Check the pictures in the articles for gang signs and “thug culture” indicators… The big lie is that the media is ignoring this in order to demonize police agencies again.

Wanted on a felony gun possession warrant? Mmmmmm… Suddenly returning to the interior of the car during a traffic stop (which is one of the most dangerous things any police officer has to do in their job)? Mmmmmm…

When a person on a warrant that accuses them of unlawful gun possession disregards an officer’s commands, and suddenly lunges for the interior of a vehicle during a stop, your SOP as an officer is to STOP THEM or be killed yourself. If their SOP changed recently to using less than lethal force, but you reverted to your original training… is that negligent or accidental?

I expect that, thanks to the collusion of the Leftist politicians and media, one more stage has been added to grieving… In this case, the first stage is “DELUSION”. 

The Crack in the Wall of Democracy

Democracy is an interesting concept… 

We have devolved into a culture of undisciplined and irresponsible people. 

Children raised in a context of political correctness sense it’s really false. When the world is filled with participation awards, they soon learn to not bother applying themselves or making an effort to excel. They are taught a false world view for their first 20 years. 

Democracy is dependent upon people that live responsible lives, and that have the social sense to follow just rules and share to contribute to more than their own benefit. That is not America today. 

Democracy is dependent upon fairness in opportunity, and respect for honest work and honorable struggle. 

Minneapolis is a symptom on the path to totalitarian tyrannical socialism. It represents a class of tyrant elites manipulating and separating a free culture into those that benefit from their work and effort, and those that believe “gimme dat” government benefit entitlement isn’t enough.  

So the false “racism” narrative (just like the false “gun violence” narrative) is used by the politicians through their media agenda mouthpieces to manipulate a free people into a divided and dependent culture of dependent subjects. 

And “the people” riot; and destroy business centers in cities across the nation – killing opportunity for everyone including their own neighbors; destroying jobs and families. 

That is not my America. 

Most potential voters alive today have never been tested by or suffered the kind of struggle America’s “greatest generation” experienced during World War II. Those were my parents.

That is why opportunity was so important in the 1950’s, and why Communism was the threat then too… That was me growing up.

Today… many spoiled young people have no judgement, and take no responsibility for their actions or lives. They are ripe for manipulation.

Notice how China’s socialist power controls this… They calculate “loyalty quotients” on their subjects, and deal with the low scoring ones harshly. That is the life that America’s youth can’t even imagine – yet it’s real, and easy to observe. Far from a socialist utopia, China has active racist policies putting their subjects into concentration camps, and both brainwashing and killing them.

With both the standard of living and opportunity among the highest of any country on earth (and millions illegally trying to enter our nation), why should any part of our culture feel oppressed? Probably because they are manipulated relentlessly by people that want power, and know that when they are in power they will have the resources to keep manipulating them.

That is the danger of “big government”.

And one more thing… In the Leftist world… you’re not going to be one of the “elite”…

Controlling the Narrative

There has been considerable discussion lately about the range of views gun rights supporters hold. Some, in particular, about the “Universal Background Check” scheme to further Federal gun owner registration and throw more infringement against gun owners and those that would effectively defend themselves against violent criminals.

Controlling the “gun debate narrative” is fine if you want to engage in a debate about enumerated constitutional recognized rights. The gun control advocates have weaponized every incident with emotionally driven agenda, manipulating the general population unfamiliar with their personal need for effective self defense. The life they save is likely their own, or one close to them.

We have had fifty years of “debate”, “dialog” and “compromise”, much of which has explored compromise in a huge number of inventive strategies to “control guns”. The operative here is “control” and what’s missing is “stop violent crime”.

There are a number of well branded phrases the gun control advocates have associated with their “movement” (which I refer to in every meaning of the word). “Common Sense”; “Red Flag”; “Gun Violence”; “Assault Weapon”… the list is as endless as their strategies.

i agree that those of us that believe in our effective right to defend ourselves should establish similar cohesive and common strategies, starting with the elimination of much of the current infringement. We need our own common “branding” just like the gun control advocates.

Remember, the first “Red Flag” enforcement in Maryland was a 4AM racist home invasion and murder. Every gun control law on the books started with racism in the early 20th century as governments sought a “may issue” way to suppress minority gun ownership. “Racist Gun Control Laws” were enacted everywhere in the nation.

In fifty years of over 20,000 gun owner infringements, including every inventive obstacle that gun control advocates could come up with, crime itself has often been made worse. After the 1994 Clinton “Assault Weapons Ban” two Federal DOJ studies declared that it had minimal impact on crime, and a huge impact on the firearms industry. Just another strategy working as intended.

Politicians continue to capitalize on violent criminals without focusing on the truth. Drug fueled and financed gangs in our major cities that violently fight over turf; socialist oriented organizations that turn “peaceful protests” into violent business district destruction riots nationwide. Abusive prosecution of anyone that dares to actually defend themself or freedom.

The media acts as their censorship pawns while pushing a false agenda through voiced and unvoiced lies, repeating them ad nausea.

There is no reason to compromise further with these tyrants. None. Nothing in their quiver of strategy arrows is intended to stop crime. It’s all about “control” and nothing more.

We will not compromise. Period. The only thing to discuss is the elimination of existing ineffective “gun control” dross.