Secession is on The People’s Minds…

Recent stories indicate 2/3 of Southern Conservative Americans want to secede from the Leftist Utopis that is Biden’s (keeper’s) America. Many Leftists in California and on the West Coast want the same.

As you can see, deep political divides over core issues affecting our lives and property can divide the nation. Unlike the issue of Slavery that was at the center of “states rights” and motivated the Civil War, today’s “issues” that divide the nation are false flags, and the worst kind of fakery. BLM wraps itself in “social justice warfare” but it’s only a front for Leftist control.

For this reason, the adoption of severe Leftist rhetoric, and the actions to grow a huge (think Trillions versus Billions – a 1,000 fold increase in impact) Federal government that will overwhelm states in our federated republic; division starts to look attractive. Just the thought of not having to deal with the trash coming out of Washington makes many of us consider this.

But now, look at where these divisions based on cultural issues divide people. Look at the European Union. Their divisions are severe and in spite of a common currency most of the nations involved have become weak.

The Soviet Union failed, allowing a “strong man” autocracy to rise in Russia and then influence adjacent nations by grabbing land and leveraging Russians that occupied them before their breakup.

A divided United States (Leftist West coast states; Conservative Southern States, Blended Midwest and North East states) would quickly become an easy target for International enemies. As we fought among ourselves for resources, they would slowly work to dominate us using guerilla fighters that could hide in adjacent nations just a border (instead of an ocean) away.

Leftists in America have figured out how to control the independent State governments within our Federated Republic through manipulating of controls granted by the 14th Amendment, and compromising the integrity of a free (but very human) media. The levers of power in our system are there to use.

The behavior of the Left in the Democrat party is an existential threat to our republic. Their willingness to change the basic tenants of our system are the evidence of that. These calls for secession are further evidence of the impact of the Left’s behavior.

We must survive this intact – and do it in time to eliminate the Left from our governments in the upcoming elections.

God help us all if we cannot come together to protect our republic in the election booth. The alternatives are too awful to contemplate.

Symbols and Reality

If it is your symbol, it is part of Leftist sport to disrespect it and see if you do anything. 

Because of media and politician agendas, you’re wrong if you react, and your’re wrong if you don’t. 

All the “racism” and “critical race theory” and rest are artificial race baiting designed to divide our nation, and polarize people into voting for the right “Leftist” candidates. It’s nothing more than that, and polluting the educations of our children for more generations. It’s being used to drive social welfare programs that make more people dependent upon government. 

It’s serving to “confirm” the doubts that citizens have about the fairness of a culture that creates opportunity, but also requires responsibility – by making it possible for people to fail. 

So… you’re reacting to the media agenda in the way that they want you to. Proof? Just try disrespecting the symbols of the race baiting leftists… Stomp on their Marxist values and leaders. Tear down BLM flags, posters and shout down and interfere with their events… See how far the “agenda” would let you get with that… 

It’s all false, and an evil attack on the responsibility and liberty of the American people. Supporting evidence: 

  1. Leftist attacks on “gerrymandering” – but only in states with Republican lead legislators. They’re perfectly happy with gerrymandering in Leftist dominated states. 
  2. Long going tolerance of destruction of downtown business districts in Democrat controlled major cities
  3. Rising crime rates in Leftist dominated Democrat controlled major cities
  4. Constant lying about violence by falsely attacking the tool criminals use as the issue, instead of the criminal intent
  5. Fighting against voting integrity – as if the greatest risk to our culture and republic is the destruction of a citizen’s faith in our elections
  6. Manipulation of extensive government programs to support “buying votes” with government dependence
  7. Destruction of our nation’s border security, using “immigration” as the false narrative for illegal invasion

The entire accusation that the American system and culture in 2021 is “racist” is a lie. 

The entire accusation that the American right to bear arms causes or even contributes to crime is a lie. 

The Cultural Genocide of the American Leftists

Our dominant cultural origins are from England (thanks to our founding and their descendants).

Many left England and other Western European nations because of the corrupt power of an “elite” class – but only took action after cneturies of tolerating that. It still exists in Europe today. In England and other monarchies, there are “select” families with titles. In Germany, when the imperial system broke down the “elite” shifted to those with higher level educational degrees. “Professor Doctor” is at the top of that heirarchy. In France, after revolutions and monarchies, the current system is much the same.

In Leftist societies, there is always a select “elite” – and this is the path that the Leftists in the Democratic Party are taking. That is why January 6th is so important to them. One of the few fears of an elite class is their vulnerability.

The fact that normal citizens (whom they really think of as their “subjects”) were heavily impacted by the nationwide rioting, arson burning of business districts, and physical attacks is meaningless to them. Those are the “little people” and are of no consequence – except for how they can be manipulated wiht fear to garner more power for “the elite”.

Where does this go? Well, anyone that is left in this nation that thinks rationally sees what is going on. The Communist playbook is being exploited and run on our society. Enough “voters” are being bought with corrupt government programs designed to keep the “subjects” dependent and never open the door to opportunity.

The interesting thing this time is that the Leftists have designated their target for destruction as the mainstream culture. That is potent stuff. Anyone that opposes their plans like President Trump is just getting in their way.

Now, about that “election”…

It Doesn’t Help to be “Conservative Woke”

One thing should be clear. The behavior of the “Leftist Elite” is not fair. It’s not what we expect of patriotic Americans. This is because they are not nation supporting Americans – they are globalists and have many masters to satisfy – many of whom are not acting in America’s interests.

The “Elite” are, by definition, never gong to be fair. it’s because they will always act in their own interest and never act in the nation’s best interest. This was a fundamental difference that President Trump brought to the table.

The deep state minions always work to satisfy the agenda of the elite politicians. The programs that Congress gives them to run will never be fair. They always work to satisfy an agenda, and it’s not an agenda in the balanced interest of the citizens of the United States. This is why citizens should never trust government, and why government programs are always inefficient and ineffective. Only one government program in United States history has ever paid the nation back more than it cost, and that was the original Space Program (which gave us valuable new technology we’ve used ever since).

It does us no good to become “conservative woke” and complain. This will never change. The only opportunity we have is to elect people that understand the need to put America first, and support productive citizens with low tax burdens, and a friendly business environment. Leftists will never do this.

Election Integrity Relies on Transparency

I’ve started working within my state to encourage our legislature to enact regulation on the election boards and the technology that they use to run elections with.

The net of this is two fold. First is embracing election integrity by instituting meaningful “Voter ID”. Recent court decisions in this area (which declared Voter ID illegal on constitutional grounds of discrimination) have been reversed by courts finding fundamental errors of law in the prejudicial courts that initially quashed our state’s system. Since the laws apply uniformly, and don’t represent a burden they are – in fact – constitutional and not discriminatory.

Second is the transparency of election technology. As long as devices and systems used to run and tabulate elections are made from closed technology, they cannot be audited and should never be trusted.

I believe that the only way to incorporate advanced technology in our voting processes is to standardize on solutions constructed form open source technology. This is because it is not possible to fully audit systems constructed from closed proprietary components.

There are already efforts being initiated in this area:

At a Federal level DARPA has initiated a $10 million contract to develop open hardware and software for voting.

Overview article on Open technology E-Voting

I have worked the polls, and witnessed (and stopped) attempts at voting fraud when Voter ID was required during the 2014 primaries. My reward was to be black listed by the Wake County Board of Elections – simply because I would not violate the law and guide someone I knew to be a Pennsylvania Resident to vote provisionally.

The inefficiency and exposure to fraud was obvious. Weak registration auditing, and manual paper procdures were clearly well thought out, but ossified in past approaches.

It is possible to run secure, efficient and righteous elections in North Carolina – and to do it with transparent open technoogy. By using E-voting technology it’s also possible to embrace instant runoff voting techniques. These are also known as Rank Choice Voting which can eliminate all the expense of runoff elections.

in this approach to voting, voters rank their preference of candidates from most preferred to least. The system can then establish a clear winner in one voting process.

Get Woke; Go Broke

Most of the “woke” nonsense is pushing the “big lie”… and the bigger the better as far as Leftists are concerned.

The objective is to create discontent and use that energy for support of their social engineering programs.

Those programs will never create opportunity or satisfy their subjects. They will always generate more discontent.

This is what Leftist politics are all about. It’s total emotional manipulation. As Conservative capitalists we counter with the real opportunity that a great America offers free citizens – people that are also free to make mistakes, but then recover in a forgiving culture. The Leftist culture is not forgiving. It is designed to permanently beat people into supplicant subjects that are compelled to prop up a ruling elite.

That’s not an imagined scenario… Just look at the progress of every single Leftist dominated culture and the government it establishes. Ask any subject in these tragic nations and they will tell you that the people admire the real America, and that they separate their own opinion of America from their nation’s government’s actions.

And that separation of citizen from state is already happening here in the new Leftist United States of Biden.

Civil Rights in an Dangerous World

We need to stop talking about “gun rights” and start calling things what they really are… “Civil Rights”… 

So many middle of the road Progressives went out and bought guns over the past year that they clearly already understand the “effective self defense” is necessary and acquiring it is a “Civil Right”… Every gun owner instinctively knows that. 

Politicians that continue to peddle “Gun Control” are just continuing to try the same failed behavior over and over again, and expecting a different result. That is the definition of insanity. 

The Leftists have corrupted racial oriented “Civil Rights” with support of the violent BLM and AntiFa movements. They can no longer ethically “own” the issue. 

The media is promoting our position by constantly talking about “gun violence”. All we have to do is clearly communicate  the fact that “Gun Control” interferes with your “Civil Rights” to “Effective Self Defense”… There is no valid Leftist argument against that – especially since they’ve shown their violent intentions and tipped their hand. 

Time for BiPartisan “Wokeness”!

Don’t forget that in the name of political power, Leftists, who have now thoroughly infiltrated the Democratic Party, are pursuing a number of parallel strategies in order to concentrate more power, maintain the power they have and establish a permanent oligarchy in America. 

The “Woke” nonsense is just one of these strategies. It’s built upon their manipulation of our children over the last 20 or 30 years of control of the public education systems. It’s long term conditioning, now being harnessed in a series of strategies that are dividing America. 

The weapon applied is the dependence of the majority of Americans on government transfer payments. That means that any attempt at conservative fiscal management of our debt riddled system will be resisted by a huge segment of the voting public. I believe the election fraud we witnessed in 2020 was a backup plan by Leftists that realized they could not rely on their voters. 

Watch as the Democrats needlessly go into overdrive to follow these strategies: 

  • Constantly demonize and condemn the election audits – including attacking the reputation of the auditors
  • Constantly continue to work to destroy President Trump – including the widespread lawsuits and continued media criticizm
  • Headwind pressure against any state effort to ensure voting rights with election integrity laws (falsely calling the efforts “voter suppression” instead of “fraud suppression”

Conservative, loyal, liberty oriented Americans can get “woke” to the media lies and Leftist attacks on our nation. 

A Generation of Chaos

And out of this chaos (and make no mistake, we’re descending into chaos when the nation arms itself against domestic rioting and attacks motivated by the Leftists), comes someone that talks straight, talks different, values our great nation’s history and dominant culture and is willing to fight for America. President Trump.

The Leftists are now continuing to pull out all the stops to permanently disable President Trump. Make sure nobody forgets that in the next mid-term election.

The minute a “bi-partisan” proposal to investigate the Leftist inspired rioting as well as the Capitol Insurrection is proposed, suddenly all “bi-partisan” cooperation breaks down, and it’s the Conservative’s fault? Right…

Evil has wrapped itself in the trappings of normality, and it’s called the Democratic Party. They will only propose law that results in their advantage, and will push back hard on anything neutral or even fair to the nation.

Today we have a grave assault on liberty: 

  • The general breakdown of civil order in Democrat controlled major cities
  • Neutering of the police – the only thing that stands between peaceful citizens and abhorrent violent counter culture
  • An overnight (or faster) revolving door to return accused criminals to the street
  • A broken “justice” system infiltrated by Leftists and “social justice warriors” to enforce counter-prejudice
  • A “we’re not stupid” population that has armed itself using the money government provided through outrageous destabilizing debt
  •  The deepest cultural and politically motivated divide I’ve experienced in my lifetime
  • An extremely weak presence in International affairs lead by a tragically deterioriated man
  • The ascendancy of an “Elite Class” that has control over roughly half of their US population of “subjects”

Toward a more “Permissive” Society?

Beyond the total irresponsibility we are observing in our youth, government, corporate behavior, schools and other organizations, I’ve been thinking about the cause of all the “social justice warrior” misfires. 

Start with parenting where either one or both parents are completely missing, disinterested or focused on themselves. A world where youth are encouraged to break all the rules to “try out” life – encouraged to make mistakes “for the experience”, and then never corrected… never hearing the word “no” except in “no limits”. A world where either youth are given everything material that they desire, or that have nothing are are surrounded by other that seem to have everything.  A false world of artificial political correctness. 

In this “permissive” society, children grow up valuing “participation awards”.  Thus, for recognition, it requires no real effort to excel. Those that do excel are met with jealousy. 

Part of this conditioning involves tolerance. Irrational tolerance for others that destroy the world around you. Tolerance for thieves, drug dealers, bullies, and sexual predators. Only one of these areas has recently seen any “push back” in the form of the “me too” movement. A brief “woke” escapade into saying “no means no” – something meaningless to generations raised to ignore authority. Instead of stopping cultural destroyers, it’s easier to “go along”… That is the essence of “wokeness”. 

We have created a culturally permissive society. It’s OK to destroy our culture and society because it’s obvious you’re more important than anyone else. If we don’t play along with this fiction at home, our children deal with it in the outside world – a false “permissive” world where moral behavior is punished. 

So… we see leftist members of the US Congress coming out with clear support for immoral terrorist organizations and nations like Hamas and Palestine. We see supposed religious leaders and ministers supporting and propping up violent thug drug dealers as “angels”. We see police agencies struggling with overwhelming crime and violent criminals being demonized by politicians and their supplicant media. 

These are the wages of a permissive society.  If we are to survive as a great nation behaving with a moral imperative, we have to reject these false prophets and principles. Children need to grow up in the real world, not try and change it as adults to match their false upbringing. 

If you carry a firearm for self defense, you need to understand that the abuse of normal behavior includes people that would attack you with impunity, then blame the attack on you. There are now elements of our society that would support them because they grew up in a permissive society. A society where your safety and right to a peaceful life is dominated by their needs and irresponsible actions. 

In this world, the power of government and the courts will be used against you. Even if  you do everything “right”, you can be subject to extended prosecution for “civil rights” violations when defending yourself against violent thugs. The morality of a permissive society is so warped that we’re now witnessing grave immoral support for violent thug terrorists over the order of law in our society. You must survive the violent physical attack, and then survive the legal attacks that will go on endlessly and drain all of your assets. The result – a permissive society ensures dependence upon government – even if your self defense keeps you alive and out of jail. 

We have a couple of generations with very strange ideas – and as they grow to adults in control of institutions they will act on those ideas. It’s beyond time for Conservatives that believe in liberty to assert ourselves.