The Red Flag flies only for you…

When you consider America’s crime problems, some of the most risky places to live and work are our major cities.

Many of our cities have serious policing problems. Places like Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles and even Durham, North Carolina are places where police resources are routinely overwhelmed by organized criminal gangs.

Some of the highest risk individuals in America are armed gang members. In most major cities, police know who these people are.

Democrats and their political machine love lists. They have extensive mailing lists, target lists, donor lists, gerrymandering lists, “No fly” lists. You name it and they are keeping track of it. They want “Universal” background checks so that they can update their lists of gun owners for a future national gun and gun owner registration system.

In one of the most telling examples of their flagrant hypocrisy, Democrats want to specifically exclude using lists of gang members to identify and disarm them using “Red Flag” extreme risk protection orders.

These are the extreme risk individuals that are regularly and potently contributing to violent crime in our cities. These are the ones that push the extreme risk of drugs on the street, in the schools and in our children and far too many parents. These are probably the most “Red Flag” qualifying individuals in America when it comes to crime.

But “Red Flag” laws are not about crime. They are about gun confiscation. Period.


America World Police retiring?

I suspect that the whole concept of “America, World Police” has been reconsidered, reevaluated and rejected by President Trump.

Isolationism isn’t a good strategy for a free nation, but neither is projecting influence in the way we have for the last 50 years.

We live in an era where enemies are not organized as nation states with defined territory. They are amorphous, often clandestine and potently lethal on a small scale. They leverage their power through a false impression of omnipresence through emotionally manipulating fear. In fact, the mechanisms used by ISIS to project power are not that far away from those used to manipulate emotional fear by the legacy media. Recruit a deluded weak person here and there, equip them with explosives, kill civilians in a city market and sit back for the media to do their evil work for them.

As a society that is formed of immigrants (as we all except for Indian tribes are) we naturally have embraced diversity for two and a quarter centuries. We also embraced genocide, prejudice and other sins on this journey. It doesn’t mean that people today should break our laws or invade our nation. Most citizens have had enough of this abuse, or live in isolation and unaffected by it. The majority probably are so ignorant that they don’t believe they are negatively affected by it.

President Trump has been a wake up call for the liberal progressives that fantasize solutions to the world’s problems while conveniently ignoring the fallout of unintended consequences. This is why they hate him. He keeps bringing them back to the true ramifications of their short sighted policies and actions.

I find the challenge he poses them to be refreshing. In 2020, Let’s do more than hope enough voters are motivated to keep him and politicians that support him in office in congress and at local levels.

When you’re right, obstructing lies is responsible behavior…

Don’t forget that an effective Democrat secular socialist political machine strategy has always been to divide and conquer it’s enemies.

in the case of gun ownership and Second Amendment issues, the “Bump Stock Ban” ATF rules and Presidential Findings are a perfect example.

Gun grabbers have studied us enough to know that not very many of us own bump stocks, and the majority of us only see them as a way to waste ammunition.

I’ve attended collector meetings where members brought legally owned fully automatic M-14 and M-16 machine guns. We shot a lot of ammunition in a very short time. The best part of this for me was learning how difficult they are to control, and all the once fired brass I brought home from the event.

I personally don’t need a bump stock, and would never buy one – but – I also believe that others have a right to own them unfettered by government rules and regulation. That is the root of the divide that the Democrat gun grabbers are mining. Others feel strongly that everyone has a right to them. Still others feel that they give the media something to hang another criticism of gun owners onto. It’s an equivocal issue within the gun owner community and that is an opportunity to divide us.

We are all unified on the understanding that nobody has the right to abuse other with firearms of any kind – be they fully automatic, bump stock equipped semi-automatic, bolt action or blunderbuss. There has been so much abuse of the Second Amendment in the form of law and rule based infringement that the gun grabbers are confident they can continue incremental abuse until their final goal of civilian disarmament has been reached.

Don’t fall for the gun grabber’s strategy and lies. That’s the primary reason that I now believe this is important: “WE WILL NOT COMPROMISE”.

We’ve spent the last 50 years compromising on infringement after infringement. We are one election away from draconian gun confiscation and bans. If Democrats win in the next election cycle, the “No Compromise” strategy will be even more important. That’s why we need to get used to it now…

Facts keep trumping the Democrat alternate “reality”…

I teach firearm safety because I think it’s important. Here’s more evidence that our education efforts are important and relevant to today’s societal needs.

The full report has the details.

httI tinps://

While these numbers and the consistent trend outside restrictive states like California and New York approach 10% of our population belie the propaganda from the media and politicians, it’s important to know that a small percentage of firearm owners have actually had formal safety training.

That said, it’s better to be part of the solution!

While millions of guns are being sold every year, so few new gun owners have had any formal safety training. I expect many that have it took the classes because it was required by state law for concealed carry permits.

We’re now approaching ten percent of the population with concealed carry permits plus 16 states that have some form of permitless concealed carry.

Do you think it’s magic that the increase in guns on the street has resulted in a decrease in crime? Guns are tools for safety and sustenance. Like all tools they can be used constructively or destructively.

It’s time to cut through the legacy media and politician lies and see responsible gun owners for what we really are. Pillars of a society that is teetering on the sand of socialism and false foundations. If we don’t stand up and defend the America that much of the rest of the world envies, I assure you that few others will.

Appeasement is Never Good Enough.

It’s important to understand one of the key strategies being followed by the Democrat secular socialist political machine and their lackeys in the legacy media.

it’s quite evident when you consider their actions against President Trump that no action he takes is ever considered “good enough”. This morning, that includes a cease fire his administration brokered between Turkey and the Kurds.

in fact, the media from multiple outlets is even arguing that it is a “pause” and not a “cease fire”. This trivial politically correct criticism is absolutely ridiculous until you look at things in the long term.

Nothing President Trump does is considered “worthy” or “laudable” by the political machine. The media lackeys ignore the fact that the President donates his entire salary to worthy charities, and then criticizes him for making money in his hotel business, calling them “emollients”. In today’s newscast he was criticized for offering his hotel for a major foreign policy conference. The media would have you think that his evil plan is to make a fortune off his public service. He’s a business man in legitimate business activities that are fairly priced in an open market place.

The currency of the legacy media is to manipulate their reader and viewer’s emotions, and in particular fear. But they also manipulate envy and the other deadly sins.

it’s important to take this as an example when we consider gun control legislation. No level of appeasement will ever be good enough until the political machine’s ultimate goal is achieved. Our cooperation as gun owners will never be adequate. This is at the core of the strategy that infringements never actually address crime or criminals, they only impact the law abiding gun owners that try and follow the rules.

One of the side effects (which I would argue are completely intended consequences) is that the unlimited matrix of rules, regulations and irrational infringements act together to make it very difficult for the average person to navigate all the complexity and remain lawful. With so many obstacles to gun ownership and usage, it’s intentionally been made easy to make a mistake. This is the legacy of years of incremental infringement because gun owners accept “reasonable regulation” of a constitutional right.

It’s time for that to stop. We will no compromise. Our liberty and the potential for Democrat secular socialist political machine controlled tyranny is too important.

Your sacrifice is NEVER enough when their agenda is total destruction.

As to Red Flag laws… take a look at this 84 year old Korean war veteran’s experience in Red Flag Massachusetts. ..

While I would not consider this source particularly reliable, he does post some background on the incident:

Nichols criticized the school SRO for leaving the school campus to take coffee breaks while he was on duty.

The SRO that Nichols (the crossing guard) criticized within earshot of the diner’s waitress is married to the school’s assistant principal.

It took the waitress two weeks and a little help from the town police chief to decide that Nichols was a threat, and take out the ERPO to disarm him. Some “extreme risk”…

While the city police chief considers this to be brought to a satisfactory conclusion, nothing indicates that Nichols has his carry permit or guns back…

And no, he still has not has his guns or permit returned as of this posting:

Guess his first and second amendment rights don’t count for much in that state.

Go ahead. Keep silent. Let these gun confiscation laws take foothold in your own state like the other 18 that are routinely using them to disarm lawful people.

Is this a one off aberration, reflecting rare abuse of these draconian one-sided laws? I think not. In Connecticut (which enacted them 20 years ago – well ahead of Sandy Hook) and Indiana, the initial orders are reversed 1/3 of the time as soon as a judge hears both sides of the story. Congress knows this. Dave Kopel testified on the facts.

In Florida, which limits complainants to sworn police officers and has confiscated citizen firearms 8,500 times since 2018 (at the rate of 5 orders per day), 5 percent of the orders are reversed. Sometimes, they don’t even bother to be sure it’s the right person being disarmed:

There’s a summary here along with John Lott’s research and my GRNC brochure:

Yet another “Red Flag” outrage!

What should a police agency do when a responsible and respected school employee criticizes irresponsible behavior by his school’s School Resource Officer? In Massachusetts with it’s “strong” Red Flag legislation available, they destroy a man’s livelihood, and constitutional rights.

This is an outrage!


Politically correct isn’t.

“Red Flag” laws are about firearm confiscation, not safety, stopping crime or mental health.

They are asymmetrical with all the power in the accuser’s control, and no recourse left to the target of these abusive actions.

Compare what happened to this honorable and responsible veteran to the warnings I wrote in the brochure for GRNC:…kingPoints.pdf

It’s more of a checklist for rights violations than a brochure..

And no, he still has not has his guns or permit returned as of this posting:

Why do gun owners stand for these rights abuses? Apathy or inaction or lack of engagement is what the gun grabbers are counting on.

They know that it takes quite a bit to arouse and motivate people, and make sure that the camel’s nose enters the tent slowly, creeping until the tail (and what’s under it) is visible.

Show your friends what happens to righteous lawful citizens when ignorant abusive people think they are scary because they have guns…

Anyone notice how the term “quid pro quo” is being bandied about in the legacy media right now? I’ll bet not one of them could actually define it further than saying “it’s something bad that Trump should be impeached for”… Same thing for core legal principles like “Due Process” which Red Flag laws come as close as legally possible to violating.

Gun grabbers count on the fact that very few people know what “due process” actually is. They count on abusing rights through “delayed due process”, counting on gun confiscation to solve the problem. But the problem must not be a dangerous person…. real dangerous people are being left at liberty after confiscation actions. In Florida, at least 8,100 people are mad right now about the government confiscating their guns. But they still have any number of weapons and ways to exact revenge if that’s what they are up to. I’ll bet that very few of these people were actually “extreme risks” in the first place.

Take the gun away, and leave the “extreme risk” to fester out on the street and almost everybody is happy.

Let men of apathy, inaction and lack of engagement know that it’s easier to hit the target on their back when they are standing still…

Gun Grabber Logic at Work…

Here’s a perfect example of lying with statistics…

Stung by the passage of Oklahoma’s Constitutional Carry laws, going into effect soon, the gun grabbers charge:

“states which enacted permitless carry laws have seen “a significant increase in firearm-related deaths.”

But we know that when permitless Constitutional Carry is implemented in states (now 14) that have passed these laws, firearm related crime and homicide deaths drop. How can both be true?

It’s all about suicide, which has grown at extremely high rates in recent years.

From 1999 to 2014, the number of suicides increased by 46%, while homicides decreased by 6%. Suicide with firearms are two-thirds of all “firearms-related deaths”. And, while the percentage of suicides using firearms remains the same, the absolute number has also risen.

But… suicides have absolutely nothing to do with violent crime or related homicides which have actually been reduced thanks to permitless Concealed Carry. There is absolutely no relationship between permitless Constitutional Carry and the “increase in firearm related deaths” that the gun grabbers refer to.

We’d all be better off if gun grabbers would put their money, time and energy into helping the people that are so mentally ill that they are driven to kill themselves, regardless of how they do it.

It’s beyond cynical for gun grabbers to put liberty at risk and try and leverage unrelated human tragedy to control innocent gun owners.

You have to wonder why gun grabbers need to feed on irrational fear and the overwhelming compulsion to get their way and control others. That is the root of tyranny.