The Only Way To Run Fair Elections Is through Open Technology

The only way our election system can be fixed is to secure it, and that requires open technology.

The way that Dominion and others have been able to game elections is by keeping their technology secret, which means it cannot be examined, audited or tested. That goes for the machines as well as the cloud infrastructures that are used to collect and accumulate the contents of voting machines.

It should be possible for literally anyone to review the status of each machine in real time during the election; the fairness of it’s count (tallied against the number of voters completing votes, as well as an independent audit trail including confirmation of individual voter input to that individual voter).

The program contents of the machines must be open to auditing by any individual or organization. This includes comparing the software running the machine to publicly available source and executable code, as well as testing it’s operation in real time.

The vote counts reported to the infrastructure that accumulates the output of voting machines must be open to auditing in real time by any individual or organization. That audit includes comparing the individual counts in machines to those in the infrastructure.

All of this needs to be secured by strong encryption protecting the ability to load machines with software, add vote counts to the machines, report the results to the accumulating infrastructure and secure the counts through any audit or subsequent challenges.

All machines used in the US must use the same open software, all of it subject to inspection and audit against the source code, the code running in machines and the code running in the accumulating infrastructure. While anyone can make and sell the machines and servers to election boards nationwide, they must all be running the same audited program code, and that code must be available for public inspection during and after elections.

It must be possible to run elections at the same security level with individual voters identifying themselves (with unique personal identification tokens only available for their personal usage) whether voting takes place on a voting machine at a polling place, or from a designated location on the Internet. Bio-metrics must be used to protect the voting token, including facial recognition, fingerprinting and iris identification. Mail in voting using easily forged paper ballots must be eliminated.

Voting needs to be moved to a technique called “Instant Runoff Voting”. In IRV, you vote for candidates in order of preference, assigning a value to all candidates on the ballot. This technique will allow for more than two parties to fairly participate in elections.

The technology exists to run fair elections that can be audited by anyone and verified immediately, reducing the cost of running elections, and improving election security.

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Local Gun Store Having Problems Stocking Guns and Ammo?

It all depends on the distributors that your retail store deals with.

Most have firearms and ammunition on allocation. It’s been happening because of overwhelming demand, and is likely to continue for awhile.

Basically, the distributors get priorities with gun manufacturers, and ammo manufacturers who ship products as soon as manufactured. Those factories shift from product to product, adapting their manufacturing lines to each one and producing the firearms in batches. Some use mass customization, but that would be the minority of manufacturers.

When the shipments arrive at the distributors, they allocate them to the retail stores that they deal with. Some stock moves fast, other is more difficult to sell. Therefore distributors will say to a store, if you want this popular product, you need to take these products that we’re having problems moving.

Right now, so much is moving so fast that the general distributor position is to allocate what they have to their most profitable relationships. That also tends to be what’s being manufactured by the gun and ammo companies.

Anyone notice how it’s been easier to find 9mm +P self defense ammo than standard velocity FMJ ball ammo? That’s because the specialty ammo is more profitable by a huge amount.

Once the trickle of what’s allocated to the store arrives, they can either limit sales quantities to individuals, price it to market (as high as they can), or price it normally and watch it sell fast. Most stores don’t want to totally disappoint the people that walk into their doors.

I’ve had no problems getting firearms directly from manufacturers under their special instructor sales programs, but a company like SIG literally shipped the product that they made that week… They are generally competent companies, working very hard, dealing with supply and labor shortages and serving a massively growing market.

Isn’t “gun control” interesting? It makes master salesmen out of the most unexpected people…

The Occupation of Washingonistan

These Leftists are paranoid, and it’s not a wellness… 

Ahead of Biden's inauguration, Washington on lockdown amid security threat,  World News |

Washington has been locked down in the most obvious expression of Leftist paranoia. The city is now shut down by 20,000 military troops in the most egregious occupation of our Capitol city in United States history. Population control fencing with razor wire surrounds the Capitol. 

The FBI has warned of “armed protest” with absolutely no factual evidence of details being described. This is being broadly parroted by media operations so often that it’s brainwashing. Fear is being planted in minds nationwide – literally implying that armed riots are coming to a city near you. “Be afraid… be very afraid”… 

The Leftist elite have been frightened by what happened in Washington a week ago. Their response is overwhelming exercise of power over subjects, in a visible response designed to eliminate freedom in Washington without any evidence that it’s justified. I have seen no evidence publicized or otherwise that the inauguration in Washington is going to be attacked by any organized group. In fact, if the FBI had any provable case, those people and their leadership would already be in custody. This has simply not happened. There is no evidence of “insurrection” or “coup attempt” because no court in the nation would convict anyone of those high crimes based on what is known. In the same breath, Leftists are advocating curtailment of free speech nationwide.

This paranoia is either evidence of a mental illness, or the elite’s subjects are genuinely out to attack them. Is guilt driving the elite to act? Is this evidence of Leftists stealing the election through mass nationwide manipulation of mail in voting? The propaganda and brainwashing has continued in overtime on that issue – with far less proof than President Trump’s position and John Lott’s DOJ study would already justify. Propaganda from the Leftist elites parrots “free and fair election” over and over again. They have the power, and so have occupied Washington to enforce that position. 

Now we hear an “armed insurrection movement in the United States seeks to overthrow democracy”… That’s a direct quote from NPR this morning juxtaposed against the Second Amendment and charges from a Democrat congressman that there are people that “wrap themselves in the flag and proceed to burn the nation down”… That’s paranoid too. So is constantly describing the mob that attacked the Capitol as an “armed mob”. That implies that they used firearms to dominate Capitol security, which is simply not factual. In a true insurrection, flag poles would lose against police response using firearms. 

How do we know that this is unjustified paranoia? Simply because American gun owners are overwhelmingly law abiding. Not “mostly law abiding” as in “mostly peaceful protests”, but overwhelmingly law abiding. it is glaringly obvious. There are so many guns in civilian hands in the United States that if they were going to be misused in individual or organized hands, you would know it. Clearly. The media would ensure it. Americans own guns for self defense. 

The evidence of constant paranoid propaganda from Leftist elite is already clear. Peaceful conservative Americans are already being labeled with aggressive and dangerous animal monikers. Conservatives have already been called “alligators” from the floor of Congress. I expect that “rats” comes next… This comes after months of “Krystallnacht” style destruction of American business centers nationwide – all supported as “peaceful protests” and allowed to continue week after week by Leftist elite leading up to the election. That is insurrection. It was clearly organized. Where are the investigations, and the FBI? 

Here are the videos:

It’s Big Business… You Don’t Mess With the Business Plan…

The media in the United States (“news”) will always fulfill it’s own agenda first.

The media’s primary agenda is to influence society and make money (or motivate donations in the case of public media). They have proven that they will do anything to fulfill this goal.

The media must attract viewers and eyes on pages repeatedly and regularly, the more addictive the better. “Be afraid, be very afraid” is their primary motivator.

There is very little income actually used in daily operations, meaning that reporter salaries are artificially low. This attracts people that are often lazy, and will take information as fed to them without further vetting or investigation.

Editors want stories delivered on time. If a reporter doesn’t perform, editors will find someone else that will. Under this pressure, reporters cut corners, and editors inadequately vet stories.

Almost all personnel staffing media operations today were influenced by Left leaning progressive universities and their even more Left leaning journalism schools.

Reporters that don’t conform to the political agenda of media operations, or that try to spend the time necessary to research and properly vet a story will not continue to be employed by these operations.

Politicians and government agencies will limit access or deliver favoritism to reporters and media operations depending on how they are being covered. They will “black list” media operations that don’t deliver their political agenda messages regularly.

It is easier to parrot propaganda that is fed to them when it aligns with a media operation’s political agenda. No media operation is neutral today because all were formed with the objective of influencing society, not reporting truth.

It is naive to trust the reporting or editorial statements from any media operation as “truthful”. To consider them arbitrators of “truth” is even more absurd. Many deluded gullible subjects accept media pronouncements as truth, which is a serious mistake.

It’s Another Setup… Don’t Fall For It!

The widespread reports of “Armed Protests” at Capitol buildings across the nation is another false flag setup… The target is gun owners. The technique is to “socially cancel” us with “double standard” psychology. Position us as not trustworthy, even though  it’s proven that gun owners are the most stable and trustworthy of all citizens.

The media immediately and false reported that the mostly peaceful protesters at the nation’s Capitol last week were “armed”. This is simply not true. Washington DC law permitted the immediate arrest of anyone breaking their gun laws, and any police would have immediately reacted to this well before the small group that did break into the Capitol building trespassed there.

In many states, like my own, it is against the law to bring firearms onto the capitol or state legislative campus property. it’s also against our laws here to be armed in an organized protest. There is adequate law to immediately arrest anyone doing this. Your state laws will vary in any case.

There will likely be a small number of people that do this, and the media echo chamber will amplify those few cases beyond any plausible believably for anyone familiar with gun owners.

Anyone notice that the media hasn’t published the size of the Trump Washington rally last week?

It is without doubt that drone photographs of the Trump rally crowd were taken, and can be analyzed with computer image technology. NBC has estimated “up to 30,000” attendees. The permit for the event was for 10,000 people. The national park service actually estimated the 30,000 number the day before the event. I expect that the lazy NBC reporting staff just took the National Park Service estimate and made it “real”…

Not all of these people walked the mall to the Capitol building.

I can not find any published estimates of the number of people that arrived from the rally at the Capitol building, and I cannot find published estimates of the number of people that actually entered after a small number broke in.

One fact is absolutely true. A very small minority of a mostly peaceful protest that arrived at the Capitol Building grounds actually violated the security of the Capitol building itself.

The media and politicians and agency heads are all lying by omission by not making the facts of this event public.

Welcome to the “double standard”. Here’s this summer’s Leftist “mostly peaceful” protest that destroyed downtown Raleigh:

All of the nation’s patriotic gun owners are being painted with the broad brush of the “double standard”, and the relentless propaganda of the lying media is reinforcing this fear in the general population. “Be afraid, be very afraid” is the venom that the media lives on… Don’t fall for it.

The Leftist Mortgage on American Freedom

In order to achieve total power in the short term, the Leftist Democrat secular socialist political machine has taken out a mortgage… a very costly mortgage in a social sense that will ultimately defeat them.

This mortgage comes from the “bank” of the “double standard”. It’s embodied in the unfair “special” treatment of an entire segment of our national population – American conservatives. We all know about “special” treatment from history in places like Rome (versus the “Christians”), Germany (versus the “Jews” and just about everyone that opposed them), China (versus the Uighurs”), The American 19th Century South (versus the “Negros”, “Colored”, or “Blacks”) and any number of other cultures and societies.

We all know how this works. The “double standard” forms the basis of a deep and irreconcilable divide in society. One is “deplorable” and the other is “insane”. You get to figure out which is which while every cultural, social and governmental institution is employed to enforce the “double standard”.

Propaganda is used to establish and reinforce this “double standard”. In fact, it is so necessary for propaganda to dominate any conversation that part of the Leftist Democrat’s mortgage is being spent to completely silence opposition while amplifying the “double standard” interpretation of events.

Now that the propaganda has had it’s short term impact, positioning “truth” as “lie”, and “lies” as “truth”, the Leftist Democrat secular socialist political machine and their media partners are proceeding to silence their opposition. No more social media for you, Luddite!

In the “double standard” truth is made to appear to be lies in a number of subtle ways. Innuendo, assumption, and a number of imprecise techniques are used to ensure that the opposition is disenfranchised, minimized and suppressed.

Prejudice is the payoff of this investment. Deep seeded, irrational, unjustified prejudice. It’s focused on the opposition, amplified in the social media echo chamber and honed to homicidal perfection.

The “double standard” has been used to enforce control of power by neutering opposition to the election fraud that likely lead to the election of Leftist socialist Democrats. The fairness of elections has been added to the “mortgage” they have taken on.

Like all mortgages, they eventually come due. Through the 19th Century, the American South enforce the “double standard” through the institution of slavery, and immediately upon elimination of the occupation by Northern troops in reconstruction. After that point, there was never again a fair election in the American South. A number of tools were used to disenfranchise “the wrong side” to deprive them of power and to enforce unfairness, social disadvantage and abject poverty. In places where negro citizens established business districts to serve the citizens Americans discriminated against, those thriving business districts were destroyed by their cultural opposition through jealousy and greed.

Eventually, the mortgage of the “double standard” has to be paid, even if the principle principal is ignored. It’s based on the ultimate truth that the “double standard” is fundamentally unfair, morally wrong and demonstrably prejudicial. Those tools are useful to tyrants, but will be slowly and effectively opposed by the targets of their actions.

If you’re a conservative patriot, you are now the target of these tyrants. You have the advantage of truth to help you cope with their oppression; an oppression that most conservatives in America have never experienced before unless you’re black, gay, or some other prejudicial reviled and suppressed group. Of course it’s unfair. Tyrants that steal power are never fair. Tyrants that wield power are always destructive.

You are hated for your thoughts… your “attitudes”. You are suppressed because you threaten the Leftist elite. You are stopped, prosecuted and killed because you frighten the Leftist elite. Your actions are amplified in the echo chamber with extreme prejudice. You are actively associated with the lowest and most hated dregs of culture and society. This is what disenfranchisement is all about.

As an American Conservative, you have two advantages. The first is the absolute truth of the unfairness of the “double standard”. As the loan of power comes due, that “double standard” slowly corrodes the power stolen by Leftist socialists. It is based in the core immorality of their actions. It’s never “right” to steal, conspire, manipulate, or unfairly suppress people in a society that values freedom, choice and individual initiative.

The second advantage is your invisibility. Unlike racial discrimination, it’s impossible to determine if you are “one of them” based on how you look. You can take on the trappings of one side of the divide or the other, with bumper stickers, memberships, and social association – but nobody can easily guess your conservative principles, and you can always act on them. It’s impossible to suppress a patriot that is dedicated to freedom, free will and responsibility. You can “concealed carry” your conservatism without a government issued permit, and always will as long as our republic survives.

But remaining silent and accepting the Leftist power grab is not an option. The way back to power is long, difficult and requires dedication and commitment. Never give up. “We will not compromise” with tyrants. The “double standard” mortgage is a permanent burden on Leftist tyrants. It is guaranteed that it will come due, and it’s taint of immorality will never leave the Leftist Democrat secular socialist political machine.

Conservative energy needs to be aligned and focused to prevent any attempt to change the core structure of our American system of governance. Every attempt to pack courts, change constitutions and manipulate the rights of Americans needs to be fought While the pain of a stolen election is acute today, manipulation of the system is a much more dangerous action than violating the system as it’s designed. Make no mistake. The American system of government is self-correcting, has dealt with corruption and manipulation attempts for two centuries and will remain the world’s stalwart opponent of tyranny.

In a “Civil War” Both Subjects and Citizens Lose

There are some issues with a modern American civil war that would plague us today like they plagued Lincoln in 1863. I’m reading Shelby Foote’s 3 volume history of the civil war now. 

Lincoln recognized that of the three resources (people, goods and land), the geography of the United States doesn’t present any effective barriers that borders could be established upon. 

In a modern sense, the division would be the left and right coasts, the Gulf Coast versus the fly-over country in between, with a major division between urban/suburban areas and countryside. Right now, the rural population is in the distinct minority. 

Respecting the firepower a Leftist lead government could bring to bear, of what practical activities could a true civil war actually accomplish? 

The most likely scenario is some kind of guerrilla conflict, to which foreign powers would step in once our nation was weak enough to take over. Everyone here, citizen and subject alike, would be the loser. 

I doubt anyone would want that. 

The only way to protect our rights, and retain our status as citizens is to work within the system (which is bruised, but not broken yet) and establish enough prosperity to reward responsible subjects that they become citizens and resent the way the government exercises their overreach. 

Our system has been attacked by venal power grabbing politicians, and their backers. They are using irresponsible government dependency as their lever to power. Their weakness is their elite status, and the inherent need for their subjects to be free citizens. 

Waking up their subjects to their subjugation and damaged status is our responsibility. That and never giving an inch on our self defense rights and the effective means to exercise them against attackers, both foreign and domestic.  

Pandemic Propaganda Hits The Mark!

Happy New Year! We’re all in this together…

One thing that I don’t understand… Right now, the US Unemployment rate is 6.7% (as of November, 2020)

The US unemployment rate for the last decades looks like this:

I don’t remember the multi-Trillion dollar stimulus packages with direct civilian transfer payments (actually refunds of other people’s tax payments, and extensive debt) in 1961, 1976, 1983, 1990, 2002, or 2009. While the whole “stimulus” idea was first tried out at a large scale in 2009 to “bail out” corporate malfeasance (a newly invented way to bundle junk level debt into higher rated packages called “Derivatives”), but those were relatively limited corporate bailouts.

So… we have a single major impact on our economy. The government reaction was a series of “lock down” actions that have essentially destroyed small business in several sectors nationwide. instead of focusing on restoring our most local and potent economic engines, direct one time payments to individual Americans were put on our $30 trillion overdrawn revolving credit card (national debt). A fight over more of this destructive debt is being used to leverage the last of the elections in Georgia on Tuesday.

At last, the “Gimme… more… I’m still not satisfied” economy is being fully exploited. Mortgaging our great-great grandchildren will help us, but destroy a nation’s fiscal integrity.

What do you think is going to happen when the revolving line of credit is cut off? Keep your eye on the Chinese… They hold much of our debt as does Europe.

You’re witness to and participating in one of the most impactful examples of propaganda legerdemain ever witnessed in Western society.

A government with a predilection to using government transfer payments to manipulate their subjects will accelerate this destruction. And… we’ve clearly seen that, culturally, modern Americans will turn on each other when the going gets tough.

I’ve noticed that this weekend, the media propaganda machine has gone into overtime on the issue of election fraud. It’s clearly necessary to convince the half of America that doesn’t support a Harris/Biden administration that their political machine didn’t steal the election. Without that accomplished, it’s likely that their administration’s legitimacy will be constantly questioned.

I’d urge you to review this study from the DOJ. It’s by a University of Chicago alumnus professor and economist that I have worked with personally. First an overview of John’s study:

The study itself, with all the raw original data available for confirmation analysis:

Put this all in perspective. This Corona Virus pandemic has changed safe behavior for people worldwide. Through a heroic level of effort and investment, a previously developed strategy for vaccine development was leveraged and accelerated to deliver a very effective broadly applicable family of vaccines in record time, with multiple projects in multiple countries (including the US, India, China, England, Russia and others) sponsoring both public projects and private ones to deliver. The virus will be history by 2022 as herd immunity conquers it.

Even the Martians in H. G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds” didn’t have that! This BBC documentary covers the invasion in 1913 (years before Orson Wells…)

For Our Times: Second Amendment Reference Works

Gun control was a priority in Weimar and Nazi Germany. It’s covered in detail in Stephen P.  Halbrook’s book: 

I recommend reading this book. It’s very well researched. 

Also see Joyce Lee Malcolm’s study (used by Justice Scalia as a reference in the recent Heller and MacDonald cases):

I met Joyce recently at a symposium on the Second Amendment, and her research (going back in English Law to the British civil wars) is top notch. Here’s one of her more recent papers:

And here’s another detailed Halbrook study: 

The Socialism Behind Legacy Media Lies

In the socialist system, everything eventually devolves to eliminate any incentive that workers have to excel, perform and be productive. 

There is simply no upside to effort. 

Now, consider that the legacy media has been a socialist system for the past 30 years or so. A few elite. Very few. Rich media owners with leftist leaning philosophy (thanks to the school systems since 1960), and lots of poorly paid (and now few poorly paid) “reporters”. 

Media depends on public relations operatives. When I needed to launch a major program for a major IT firm worldwide, I hired one. The public relations operative had a couple of basic functions. Make the contacts, and extract me from uncomfortable conversations. I designed the program, the public relations operative got me in front of the contacts, and made sure that what they wrote got the proper “spin”. The work we did was ethical, but it’s easy to see how this system can be manipulated. 

And manipulated is has been when it comes to politics and political power. 

Here’s some perspective:

Reporters are basically lazy, and enjoy living the high life – with their egos stoking their public personae. Why work hard to learn the truth when press relations people will bring you the stories that your editor and publisher want to hear? When the owner and editor are bent on social engineering, any number of socially destructive agendas can creep in and eventually dominate the “news”. 

And, that’s the way it is…