“Biden is a crook”

Rudy Guiliani put it succinctly on Fox News this weekend: “I don’t care if he was Vice President. I don’t care if he’s running for President of the United States. I’ll say it straight out, Joe Biden is a crook. And he sold out the United States of America in Iraq, in Ukraine, in China, and if we can’t prosecute him, we do not have justice in America.”

Biden operates in the tradition of Richard J. Daley, mayor of Chicago for decades.

I lived in Chicago at the time (Daley signed my birth certificate as clerk of court for Cook County, where he served the political machine just before becoming mayor).

Daley lived in a humble bungalow style brick house in Bridgeport – a working class suburb on the SouthEast side of the city. A very well protected humble home.

He wasn’t personally greedy, and didn’t have visible wealth – but – he surrounded himself with the rest of the machine politicians – all of whom were some of the most corrupt people I’ve ever encountered.

Daley operated for decades without ever being caught in corrupt acts, yet he somehow accumulated fortunes. Most people didn’t know that he had an extensive waterfront estate because it was two states over on the shore of Lake Michigan in the state of Michigan. That’s where much of the political machine planning took place.

Just as Daley organized his corruption out of the state he served in, Biden appears to be organizing his corruption outside of the nation he lives in. Same strategy – different scale.

This is the essence of the Democrat secular socialist political machine that is in operation today. It keeps the corruption out of sight, and as much as possible away from home.

As the borders today are nation states, the money involved is magnitudes more than the old Chicago political machine could even imagine`

Biden corruption dirt is trans-national, and thus much more complicated to investigate and prosecute. No wonder the Democrats latched quickly onto President Trump’s investigation into foreign corrupt operations associated with the Bidens.

Where there are politicians, there is dirt. Where there is a political machine, there’s organized dirt. Where there is dirt, there is money and corruption. Today it’s trans-national in nature, involves Billions of dollars and is very complex to investigate. Once you know the truth, it’s difficult to even find the right organization to prosecute all the laws that were broken.

Bern, baby, Bern…

If, after pointing out the violent plans of socialist Senator Bernie’s minions (as exposed by Project Veritas) you have friends that still favor “Berning” America, make sure to review this portrait of a communist socialist “Democrat” with them:


Go ahead… Feel the “Bern”…

Kinda hard to imagine the Democrat political machine getting behind this dangerous loon. But, given their Trump Derangement overload, anything is possible.

What has the Richmond Virginia Rally accomplished ?

After the outstanding show of Second Amendment support by over 22,000 citizens in Richmond, Virginia, what exactly has this show of force accomplished?

First, it showed that a huge number of people disagree with the agenda of the Democrat liberal leftists now running Virginia’s government and the Bloomberg funded political machine that got them elected.

But… the fix was in before a single protester showed up in Richmond. Bloomberg money bought that prior to the election. The voters drank the poison kool-aid and voted leftist secular socialists into office along with a very ill conceived dangerous anti-gun owner agenda.

Sure, we drove their cynical governor to show his true colors and as a prophylactic ban guns on the Capitol grounds, allowing them to create an choke point that slowed down the crowd attempting to enter what became a fenced mini-gulag.

Sure, more and more Virginia and adjacent state counties are passing impotent “Second Amendment Sanctuary” recommendations (without force of law).

Thousands of peaceful gun owners created the street theater that the agenda fueled legacy media loves. Lots of scary black rifles. Lots of predictions of irrational violence. Lots of anxious “breaking news” brainless talking heads on camera. And then, a violence nothing burger. It would seem that thousands of guns in the right hands don’t hurt anyone.

Both houses of the leftist dominated Virginia legislature took stock of 22,000 protesting citizens that told them, “don’t do this gun control crap” and collectively gave us the finger. Loud. Proud. Fast and Sure.

They have passed all the gun confiscation laws, gun owner suppression laws, complex bureaucracy laws, due process violating laws and prohibition laws that they could think of, all paid for by Bloomberg, his screaming mommies (who also get good camera) and ignorant scared high school students (who the supposed “Gun Free” massacre zone laws make vulnerable sitting ducks for the next terrorist, or bullied peer that decides to end it all).

The Virginia legislature and governor saw us protest, and then immediately passed the entire package of laws that demonize guns and gun owners while having absolutely NO impact on actual crime or violent criminals None. Nada. Zip. Zilch

This may make Virginia gun grabbers feel warm and fuzzy as they huddle in their lairs, a little closer to disarmed serf status than they appreciate, but it has made Virginia more dangerous, lawless and cynical.

When you let ignorant voters be motivated to vote by an agenda fueled legacy media and their vote bought by the liars paid for by Bloomberg and company, you get Virginia 2020.

Virginia 2020 is the prime ground zero example of how to make America weak. How to make Americans into “subjects” of politicians with too much power for their own understanding or our collective good.

Thank you to everyone that traveled to Richmond, rallied for gun rights, gave the media a great week long ride (including an anxious build up and a satisfying nothing burger finish), exposed a cynical government of leftist gun grabbing zealots, and still got a bag of manure as the politicians held up their middle finger and voted.

Virginia 2020 – Make America Kneel Again!

Bloomberg claims to have bought over 21 state elections in his current advertising, as he is working to try and buy the presidential election.

When you buy elections, you get what the buyers want. In this case you got immediate, sure implementation of all the current gun grabber legal strategies in one short 3 week period punctuated by an ultimately impotent protest by the people – who turn out not to matter as much as Bloomberg money. Yes, Virginia… Government is corrupted by the influence of money.

Your own state gun rights organization is in the trenches full time, working to directly influence legislators and warn them they will lose their power if they play this game. If you don’t support these organizations, and if you don’t vote to protect the Second Amendment, you’ll get Virginia in your own state.

The politicians looked at the assembled people, smiled, checked their bank accounts and influence buyers and voted against freedom and for making violent crime easier in their commonwealth.

This is as sure as the trampled rights of the subjects of the State of Virginia.

These Virginia politicians know they are making laws that don’t address crime. They have always known that gun control has nothing to do with suppressing crime. It’s just a cynical excuse for disarming America.

Now they know that if leftists put enough money into target states, they can convince ignorant voters (who have been influenced by the propaganda constantly bombarding them from legacy media outlets) to put them in office, allowing them to dominate state government.

When they have absolute control, the leftist secular socialist Democrat political machine can act on their agenda to suppress American liberty, and pass laws to disarm Americans. There is no rational justification, just a political will to dominate people turning them into subjects… serfs.

When people finally wake up to their subjugation, it will be too late, and the politicians will say, “Well – we did what you wanted us to do, to make you feel safe…”.

The fact that they’ve also made it much easier for criminals, terrorists and psychopaths will be our problem, not theirs. They all have armed security.

In the meantime, the leftist politicians stand together and defy American citizens. How’s it feel to give up your liberty because your fellow citizens are too ignorant to care?

Yes… And apart from potentially losing their headquarters indoor range, where exactly has the NRA been when we need them the most?

I’m a benefactor life member of the NRA, but I keep seeing them supporting half baked gun grabber measures like Red Flag laws, and compromising with gun grabber politicians, all while constantly sending me missives to join LaPierre’s wife’s wine club…

Where is the NRA when they replace the full time lobbyist ILA had dedicated to North Carolina with a new and inexperienced one that splits time between North Carolina and Nebraska?

I’m not even going to get started on how they’ve been using our donations and membership money.

Traveling to Richmond and demonstrating for our rights is important because it can remind politicians of how dangerous it is to tread on peaceful American citizen’s rights.

But those politicians are now empowered to defy liberty. They have clearly ignored 22,000 citizens that showed up on their door and in their front yard and peacefully told them to stop acting on their agenda.

Gun Grabber Money has bought influence with the objective of destroying American liberty in direct defiance to this rally and peaceful demonstration.

The politicians have acted, and acted quickly. They have told us that gun owners are too weak to influence their elections. That gun owners need impotent “sanctuary” in their weakness, something that the politicians could readily ignore if they chose to engage in a fight. Here is how they see us, and all 22,000 that showed up in Richmond:

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You’ll notice that is an eagle swooping in, not a Donkey…

I support the Richmond protest, but it must only be the beginning of our defiance. We must fix this, and do it in the primaries at the ballot box.

Gun owners are a political target, and we’re not doing well in the face of legacy media propaganda that keeps demonizing us. This is influencing average Americans that are not engaged, ignorant of the importance of their freedom and liberty, and willing to vote to ensure that the government keeps supporting them with transfer payments.

We must fix this. We’re losing America. President Trump can’t fix this for us.

Unprecedented Evil…

So… here’s what the Attorneys General of 21 states think (in their letter today to the US Senate) of the House actions impeaching President Trump:


“Because the legal theories underlying both Articles I and II are legally flawed and factually insufficient, as well as inherently destructive of separation of powers, the Senate should explicitly reject them to protect both the institution of the Presidency and the Constitution.”

That’s pretty clear.

But even more damning is the Democrat partisan political impeachment followed by this actual “abuse of power”, which puts our nation at risk:

“A delayed impeachment trial also harms the nation because it cripples the officeholder’s ability to govern effectively and attempts to cast a pall over his legitimacy, a pall which is lifted only by conviction or acquittal. When the officeholder is the President of the United States, a delayed impeachment is particularly harmful, because undermining a President’s constitutional authority, even temporarily, creates serious risks to national security and the separation of powers.”

It would seem that at least a Senate rebuke of the House’s ill conceived politically motivated actions is now needed.


“This purely partisan attack on President Trump will damage democracy in America in the worst possible way: it will forever weaken the separation of powers–the very edifice upon which our democracy stands. ”

This indicts the cynical Democrats in the most clear terms possible. We are dealing with unprecedented evil.

Have Yourself A Merry Faux Impeachmas…

How about a nice little impeachment celebration? This one in the office following the wild ones…….




It was after these lies that she started celebrating the President’s “Impeached for Life” branding.


And then they had “Impeachmas”….


Have I gotten your attention to the point that you’re getting mad at these self-centered and deeply disturbed people? A clear and present danger to our nation, our culture and our freedom?

The Truth about Democrat Plans for Black Americans

Of course the media and politicians are setting up gun owners as the fall guys for tomorrow’s Richmond Virginia rally for gun rights. Propaganda fueled media and manipulative politicians will leave gun owners holding a big smelly bag of racism if they have anything to do with it.

But what is the truth?

First they published unfounded associations with violent white supremacists the FBI just arrested, and now have arranged an excessive and unwarranted police presence while suppressing citizen rights to defend themselves. 

The police work at the behest of politicians. They showed what’s possible in Charlottesville.

In Charlottesville, the rally was about history and heritage. The media and politicians turned it into a racist motivated riot. You can be sure that the majority of people there were not the cause of it, but the media had enough to paint the entire event with negative propaganda.

Any Confederate battle flags or Trump promotion will probably feature in tomorrow’s news coverage. So will their constantly repeated unfounded claims that violent racists and white supremacists are behind the rally. Soon they will have us owning that.

Now read this:



They are handing out an outstanding printed brochure.

It’s OK to be a Republican.


Besides…. The Democrats haven’t been this mad since Lincoln freed their slaves…

The Leftist Theater of the Absurd – and Clear and Present Danger

On this morning’s Sunday newscasts, legacy media pundit power was overwhelming as the minions of the Democrat secular socialist political machine paraded fear, doubt and leaks in front of the American people.

This was all timed to coincide with the President’s first response to his impeachment. Read the document. The media won’t share all it’s contents with you because it runs against their agenda…


It’s important to understand the President’s response because to this point anything that benefits his defense against impeachment has been actively suppressed by Democrat machine politicians.

Here’s what Senator McConnell had to say:


The essence of the Democrat narrative is now being enhanced by accusations of unfair suppression of witnesses (a responsibility of the Democrat house prior to deciding to impeach) and surfacing more innuendo and hearsay “evidence” of a quality that could never be entered into US court trials.

There’s a much more sinister agenda at work here, and it relates to protecting the Democrat political machine’s most valuable assets. Their “Entitlement Society” and “Big Government”, both of which fund, fuel, support and perpetuate the “Deep State” operatives that have cooperated with the Democrats to foist this misdirection on the American people.

Make no mistake. This is not ultimately about President Trump, but instead an agenda to keep Americans subservient to generous (and often corrupt) government programs funded more by debt than current taxation. This is ultimately not sustainable.

The next time you hear one of those lawyer advertisements on television advising the audience to “get all you’re entitled to”, you’ll understand how deeply this has burrowed into the American culture.

A strong America cannot sustain more than half the population on entitlement programs. Ultimately, this stagnates business growth, generates an potentially disastrous overwhelming debt for multiple future generations to deal with, and creates dependent American serfs out of citizens.

This, more than impeachment, is the clear and present danger to America. It’s coming from within, and as potentially potent as economic warfare. While congress focuses on impeachment, they are doing everything possible to avoid addressing needlessly big government, overburdening and corrupt  entitlement programs, and the crisis of illegal invasion on our borders.