The Multi Headed Hydra of American Leftism

I often see people complaining about some “Obama Inspired” political action being observed in the run up to the 2020 election. Please understand that there is no single “Muslim in chief” plan for a Leftist Amerika. 

There are multiple simultaneous actions that are all taking place at the same time and run by thousands of minions. 

Leftist actions include: 

  • Liberalizing voter registration systems to the point of enabling massive fraud (same day registration/voting)
  • Attacking traditional redistricting by state legislatures (they only fight for “fair districts” when Leftists are not in control of legislatures)
  • Leveraging a decade of liberal judges to “legislate from the bench” thus finding neutral Voter ID laws “racist”
  • Stacking voting districts by dominating districts with imported cultural groups
  • Funneling massive amounts of foundation money to social justice distraction campaigns like “March for our Lives”; “Black Lives Matter”; “Me Too”; and a succession of other culturally polarizing and dividing issues. 
  • Promoting reverse “Racism” in order to artificially leverage modern American “white privilege” myths into guilt to motivate morally retarded youth to action. 
  • Establishing “501C4” political action organization factories to systematically conceal the funding of organizations by individuals with special social domination agendas. 
  • Manipulating the media by providing Leftist agenda driven,  friendly and accessible “experts” on all issues. 
  • Co-opting the media by shadow financing manipulated investigative reporting support, and government insider “leaks” via publishing deals, promises for government position and promotion of fake research. 

It’s all in a day in the life of “progressive” Leftists that seek a return to power and control purely to enhance their own positions. 

You Always Lose in the Media Star Chamber…

Welcome to the legacy media Star Chamber… When you’re the swamp draining president – regardless of your actions, you’re wrong! (in the view of the legacy media)… 

We’re now witnessing the Democrat secular socialist political machine’s usage of the “Overlapping Wrap Up Smear”… 

Here’s the “wrap smear” in the words of Nancy Pelosi: 

In the video she describes a technique that she attributes to her opposition – but the simple fact is that the Democrats have innovated on this by creating a series of “Overlapping wrap up smear” operations against President Trump. 

You may have noticed in the last few days a number of media outlets have been complaining about ineffective central control of the Covid-19 epidemic and the lack of centrally enforced rules from the Federal Government on wearing masks, staying socially distant and isolating yourself at home. 

The constant drone says and implies that President Trump’s central control of the Covid-19 epidemic response is weak, and therefore he’s the person at fault and must be removed from power. 

That is an interesting position for the media to take. It’s become more shrill since individual states have seen a sudden rise in the spread of the virus – or at least seem to based on “testing”. 

Think about it. If the President had asserted some non-existent Federal power by Executive Order to impose control on all the states and shut down or open up the economy with blanket one rule for all controls, what would the media be saying? They certainly would not be complimenting the President for is masterful control of the situation. 

Most Americans have not been educated on enough civics to understand the relationship between the Federal government (a “federation” of states) and the individual states (which retain ultimate control for almost all aspects of law). In fact, the Federal government should not be asserting control in areas where states retain responsibility and are, in fact, supreme. Governors hold the responsibility for individual states. 

Regardless of the President’s position, they would be criticizing him for his actions AND his inaction. 

In a game controlled by the legacy media referees, there is no possible way for the President to win. The game is fixed, and the fix is in. The wrap up smear is constantly overlapping and morphing from one issue to the next. 

Welcome to the magical star torture chamber of the modern media. Come on in, and let them help adjust your back. 

We have a remarkable President in President Trump.

Somehow, the man has the intestinal fortitude to actually thrive on this abusive treatment by almost everyone around him. That alone is so impressive that it’s clear he must be the next president.

He literally toys with some of the most heinous international dictators, thrusting and parrying with them like an expert fencer. Just look at how he made North Korea expose their lying positions… President Trump made the first move toward peace, only to be betrayed by Kim and his real agendas in so public a manner that it further isolates Kim. The President has done the same thing with Putin. Happy to talk, but quick to sanction Putin and his tyrannical partners.

Look at the success of a more balanced trade agreement for the Western Hemisphere! It barely got a mention in the press, but will change the lives of literally millions of Americans that will be working at the new jobs it created.

Look at the fair playing field, based on opportunity and merit, that we have in today’s America. Nothing like the cynically skewed and slanted world of Obama and his favored minions.

Look at “the fence” with the politicians criticizing him and doubling down again and again on their hate agenda, then finally criticizing him for not effectively closing America’s borders sooner… Media lies served both hot and cold. 

All this while the Democrats have put forward one of the weakest possible candidates for their party’s nominee…. A corrupt, aged, venal, addled and confused politician that was constantly on the wrong side of American progress his entire career. And all after one of the most centrally controlled and fixed primary seasons ever witnessed in American history. Remarkable…

Heil Cooper!

North Carolina’s Governor Cooper clearly knows better than an informed and responsible state, legislature and citizen population. Yesterday, he vetoed H652, the Second Amendment Protection Act.

Cooper’s veto is so “informed”:

“This bill allows guns on school property which therefore threatens the safety of children and teachers. Therefore, I veto the bill.”

I guess that the fact that there are no school classes with teachers and children on Sunday while the churches that rent private school property are meeting, and existing law already allows guns on school property (without any incidents) has escaped his great intellect and all knowing dominance.

Vote for Dan Forest and Mark Robinson this fall, “FOR THE CHILDREN!”.

I expect that the children of slain emergency workers, police staff and church attendees would disagree with Cooper’s assessments.


You know, I’ve been rethinking this….

If anyone who’s ancestors were enslaved, and this could be established through government documentation, I think I’d be willing to right the wrong.

Many of the ancestors of enslaved people in America were brought against their will from Africa and other places. This was, of course, unjust.

In spite of generations of life here, and in particular 50 plus years of legislation and programs to fight against segregation, racism and Jim Crow culture as well as create preferences and opportunity through government sponsored programs, it’s clear that these efforts have not been able to effectively cancel out the impact of past wrongs.

I would be willing to do the following to correct this ancestral wrong.

For anyone that can prove ancestral linkage to enslaved forebears, with their agreement to renounce their American citizenship and all rights and privileges and all future liability that relate to this, I would be willing to pay the commercial air transport of that individual and their children (who’s citizenship would also be renounced), and direct family (who’s citizenship would also be renounced) back to their country of origin. There, they could seek the opportunity and success they deserve.

I would not wish them to leave, or stop their American Citizenship – but if this is clearly so repugnant there is no reason to not help them to repatriate to their nation and culture of family heritage.

With that, they would be done with America, and we would be done with them.

Sometimes the Direct Approach Works!

I spent a day discussing a pro-gun owner bill with members of our legislature last week at the capitol complex in Raleigh.

That bill passed both houses of our legislature Friday and is now in our Governor’s hands for endorsement or veto. The legislature has gone home.

One other member of GRNC leadership and I went from door to door talking with either the legislators or their legislative assistants. It’s a long day on your feet, with lots of repetition of talking points and justification for supporting the bill (in this case H652).

I spent most of my time talking with likely supporters, but also took the risk to talk with a few of the normal opposition to our bills. In this case twelve (12) of the Democrats in our house voted for the bill, as did five (5) of our Democrat senators. In each case, they were voting for the bill opposed by their fellow Democrat caucus – and did it because they understood why it was the right thing to do.

I don’t have a great deal of confidence in our Governor, but we’re trying to influence him now to sign the bill.

Even in the most politically polarized times, it’s still possible to reach across the aisle to some political leaders.

Too Much to Ask?

It would seem that inheriting a multi-million dollar media dynasty isn’t quite enough for some people…

Are such reparations “Too much to ask?”….

Of course they are. It won’t contribute to atonement any more than Lincoln’s portrait in relief on a penny.

If we all asked for and received reparations for all the wrongs done to our ancestors, nothing in the human condition would improve the slightest.

Money can’t buy some things. Responsibility, integrity, initiative and intelligence are among them.

What’s glaringly obvious is that 50 years of opportunity hasn’t helped either.

They Drank the KoolAid…

They drank the KoolAid….

Let’s Look At The Actual Facts About The Alleged Racism of Police

Tearing down statues to solve racism is… (wait for it)… tearing down statutes.

Red flag laws… (wait for it)… are just about confiscating people’s guns.

Gun control is just as effective at controlling violent crime… (wait for it)… violent crime goes on unchanged.

They drank the KoolAid, and the KoolAid was poisoned.

Hey Dorothy! Leave That Cowardly Lion Alone…

Well… here’s something to note. From a pandering media piece this morning on how “badly treated” our 2020 high school graduates have been because of all the shutdown/distancing/cancellation impact, it turns out that many of these young people scare easily. They walk around constantly frightened. The very idea of trying something new is intimidating.

This does two things. It makes them great follower minions. They will take anything shiny and new, and start following it like lemmings charging to the nearest cliff. They also have absolutely no backbone when the going gets tough.

This could well leave the anarchists standing with a firebomb in their hands, and when they look behind them they’ll see and hear crickets… The slightly insane, crazed, Adrenal gland infused zealots won’t care, but it probably makes them much easier to control.

The media won’t show this, but anyone on the scene will know it.

I spent the day yesterday at our legislature talking with politicians. There is a simmering anger at useless politicians that are allowing America’s cultural heritage to be destroyed.

Bolton’s Book? That Game’s Been Played Before…

The President clearly plays with the legacy media for his own amusement and to keep his name at the top of reporting. Bolton is basically doing the same thing. He disagrees with the President partially because he found he couldn’t control him.

This is why his outrageous statements are later announced to be “joking” with the media. He’s basically saying that he can say and do what he wants, and the media will blindly criticize him regardless of what it is. Disinformaiton. Obvious false statements carried as if they were truth by a constantly lying media. This contributes to destroying trust in the legacy media, and the media keeps reinforcing their position with agenda fueled propaganda and brainwashing.

I used to work with manipulative executives… Some that I supported and some that I opposed. I learned to look at what they do instead of what they say. The legacy media doesn’t have that intelligent insight.

President Trump is driven by an unusual level of ego and self-worth. He has his own agendas, and they include things that I believe are essential to the safety, growth and even survival of our nation and liberty.

These things are the antithesis of the interest of traditional politicians and the deep state minions that support their corruption and malfeasance.

It should now be clear that with enough public emotion and pressure, even the most fundamental basis of liberty in our nation can be corrupted. Look at the last few years of leftist “progressive” assault on things like due process. You’re clearly guilty before you say a word in leftist “Amerika”. If you are a criminal with a repeatedly proven vile and violent past, and continue to violate the law, you’re a “Saint” in leftist “Amerika”.

And if you’re a President that won’t play the power corruption game, all the forces of the politicians, deep state minions and corrupt corporate lobbies will swarm against you. Never forget one thing:

The Sky Is Falling… The Sky Is Falling… (2)

I’ve heard people say they want to catch Covid-19 disease so that they’ll have the antibodies and not have to worry anymore about it. Never will illness on yourself or anyone else. 

Even if you are tested and found positive, it’s still wise to keep wearing a face mask, and keep your hands regularly clean and disinfected. As I’ve already mentioned, I have trained myself to avoid touching surfaces in public as much as possible. 

I still think that the brainwashing and political aspect of this virus and the pandemic is way overblown. That said, I still don’t want to catch something that is difficult to treat. 

Remember that the legacy media picks and chooses numbers to present – and often out of context. Here’s the latest example. 

Note that in many states, media is repeatedly reporting the “alarming statistic” that hospitalizations are going up, and testing is finding more cases. The implication (left to you, the viewer, to conclude) is of course that the virus spread is increasing nationwide. 

But the truth is that more are being tested, and thus statistically more are being found. If the number per thousand is increasing, it can mean that more concentrated living areas are getting more testing. Remember that testing is, to some extent, a self-selected statistic because people with no symptoms and no sense of illness are not routinely being tested. 

The hospitalization rate could well be due to the fact that when patients are hospitalized, the treatments that have been discovered are keeping more people from dying. If you die, you are no longer hospitalized and the statistic will drop. If more people are prevented from dying by treatment, that treatment may mean an extended stay in the hospital, and of course the hospitalization rate will rise. It may not have anything to do with the idea that more people are getting infected and requiring hospitalization. 

All the “science” being presented by the media is still being spun by political agenda fueled brainwashing and propaganda. 

Anyone notice that the less trustworthy the media, the more likely a nation has a high Covid-19 infection and death rate? This may well be due to the level of compliance with advice like wearing masks and keeping distant in public.