Racism Leftist Style…

In the past few posts, I think you can clearly see the power of stirring up “racism” as a primary issue to use to divide America.

This is criminal behavior on the part of the Leftist Democrats. It is a potent way of instilling a nationwide insurrection. It is sedition at it’s worse, because it’s being done in order to grab power permanently for a ruling elite.

By “representing” factions and showing them that they should be angry at everyone else for discriminating against them, the Leftists are using a very potent “trigger” based in a normal human instinct and response to hate. Ancient prehistoric humanoids survived by forming tribes of people that looked and behaved like each other. Those tribes survived by killing the members of other tribes that didn’t look like or behave like them. That behavior is instinctive in the human animal. Civilization is here to organize the better halves of our humanity to cooperate and build together. America consists of citizens that spent 200 years growing because responsible people were attracted to opportunity.

A ruling elite wants to control our nation by dividing us back into tribes, and then ruling those separated tribes as dependent subjects. Dependent upon government for daily subsistence. Dependent upon politicians that dole out the preferences and handouts of that government. That is how tyranny works.

The path to that tyranny is division of society, and Leftist Democrats are doing a really good job of it. Jealosy; Greed; Envy; Sloth; Lust; Pride; Wrath; Gluttony…. What do you see when you look at Washington’s swamp? Add “racism” as the motivating factor for division based on generations of discrimination and the wrong government responses that destroyed families through dependence instead of building people through opprotunity.

Republicans have a job here, and it is not to just sit back and watch the Leftists destroy our economy, make promises that they can’t keep, and make American an international weakling and laughing stock. Without real answers for a very real segment of our nation that are failing in today’s society, their pain will turn into Leftist power. Misplaced power, but still handed lock stock and barrel to tyrants.

So.. do you get the prevailing Leftist narrative yet?

“White right wing conservative racists stole the 2020 election”…

You’ve seen the “wind-up” (setup)… It was the “voter rights” legislation.

During the Primaries you’re about to see “the pitch”… This will be a bunch of negative advertising plus spin on all the wonderful things Biden’s administration has been doing – like giving money away.

Right about the election (once mail-in ballots start going out) you’ll see “the swing”… This will be great confusion as Leftists challenge a bunch of election related laws, redistricting and processes on “racist” grounds – all heavily publicized by their lackeys in the media.

And their “home run” – which will be two years of gird lock in Washington with lots of noise, discontent, accusations, hate speech, congressional investigations, finger pointing, economic distress, and pain regardless of who is in control of government….

Deep state minions in out of control government executive department agencies will effectively drag their feet, causing economic breakdown through obtuse regulations. Only a supermajority of conservatives in congress can override the Biden Veto – something that is absolutely necessary for America to make progress and regain our position in the world. The administrators in deep state agencies never go away… they just continue on regardless of the political party in control, and they always work for more power and larger government. They are the cancer America must cure.

Defund the Deep State

Want to “fix” bad big government? It’s pretty simple in principle… Defund the “Deep State”…

Ultimately, the way for a conservative majority congress and executive branch to “spank” the deep state is to first cut off their funding after putting the right executives at the head of the agencies. That doesn’t fix the deep state minions that hang on for decades, ignoring the administrations and clinging to their hard won agency rules… but it does get them fighting amongst themselves over “priorities”. 

Next, the ranks of deep state agency minions need to be “trimmed” aka “made redundant” or “laid off” en mass in order to deal with the reduced budgets. That increases the internal in-fighting and reduces their external activities to just the highest priorities. 

Third, congress needs to require elimination of obsolete, incoherent and unclear agency rules. That will take long term task forces that need to be headed by external boards formed from those most impacted by the rulemaking. There will be adequate oversight in order to control special interests – you can be sure that the “terminally woke” of today will need something to do, and they will certainly engage in oversight. 

Only by defunding these agencies, driving mass reduction in expensive personnel and regulation and downsizing government will citizens actually start to regain control of our nation. Can this actually happen? Only if today’s conservative citizens demand it, populate elections with candidates that will commit to do it, and then overwhelmingly vote them into office (overwhelming any election fraud that may take place). 

The alternative? We’re living it today… 

I fear we’re dealing with much more than Inconvenient Truths…

We’re just completing a few weeks of the legacy media saturating itself in 1/6 Pornography propaganda. Leftist Democrat politicians obligingly pitched in to accuse conservative of “domestic terrorism” yet again, and new specious charges of “insurgency” and “insurrection” are being used to justify lawsuits Amhert Leftists are filing against a North Carolina Congressman in an attempt to stop him from running again in 2022. Just power for the course… 

But there is truth that nobody wants you to know about, and investigative journalists do still exist with the courage to wade into that water. This story is worth reading. 

It looks increasingly clear that the FBI, through networks of informants and paid agents, were behind a number of “insurgency” style activities. 

And just to be further clear, nobody involved in the January 6th riot has been charged with insurrection. You can be sure if the Leftists occupying district attorney chairs in the District felt that they had a chance in hades of winning convictions, those charges would have been filed months ago. 

It’s Time To Flush The Swamp

So…. Leftist Democrat socialists have setup racist oriented unrest across the nation with the objective of dividing the nation prior to the 2020 election, and gaining some advantage.

They obviously condoned the widespread rioting, looting, arson, murders and criminal behavior in major American cities nationwide through a series of actions (defund the police) and lack of action (catch and release criminals). Labeling it “peaceful protest” was deep state agency misinformation, and compromised the integrity of our national media. Soros inspired and funded District Attorneys in these large cities have compromised the integrity of the Justice system at a critical point as well. Abusive prosecutions proceed based on political motivations, and serious criminal activity is not being prosecuted after immediate catch and release without bond or consequences. This is emboldening major gang criminal activities in our large cities, making them unsafe.

The legacy national media, obviously compromised when it comes to their core integrity and ability to truthfully report a story, is no longer trusted by a large segment of the population. It is now being treated as a propaganda organ by Leftist socialist politicians, and their deep state agencies. There doesn’t appear to be the skill or will to operate journalism in a neutral manner.

Leftist Democrat politicians, after compromising election integrity in many regions and lead by national leadership, are polarizing this divide further by constantly stoking false racist oriented backlash narratives, falsely labeling mainstream citizens as “Radical Extremists” and working to unconstitutionally manipulate our system to their advantage while working to destroy state’s rights to manage elections and ensure their integrity. Using the false moniker of “voting rights” to describe techniques that appear to make voting convenient while completely destroying the audit-ability and verifiable integrity of future elections, Leftist Democrat socialists attack their opponents as if they were violent extremists intent on starting civil war, when in fact their own Leftist operatives initiated the violence.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

Leftist Democrat socialists have consistently presented program after program of government dependence in order to earn the favor of disadvantaged people, while destroying the core of families with these programs over generations. This guarantees the destruction of our society. While destroying opportunity, responsibility and moral grounding in the family, these programs have consistently driven a birth to crime engine that destroys lives. Without a moral reference, the sense of responsibility for one’s own life and family or the will to seek and work to exploit opportunity, entire generations of our citizens have been made into life failing subjects of a big government that is both fiscally and morally bankrupt.

All this is now sold to the recently “woke” generation as the fault of anyone that has succeeded in America. It’s all in the name of establishing big government, a class of elite to run society and a massive underclass of subjects bent to the will of that elite. That, in all the annals of history, defines Democrat Leftist socialists as the most destructive extremists of all.

It can be offensive to have people like that lecture us on “Democracy” after they have bent it to their elite will, doing their best for generations to destroy freedom, citizen’s lives and our culture. But it’s essential to use the lawful levers of power to votes such people out of power, and do it while the wounds of their damage can be healed.

Prepare for the “Small Flush” in 2022 and the “Big Flush” in 2024. Bring integrity back to citizenship, and conservative values of responsibility back to our culture.

Democrat Leftists Are The Real Threat To Democracy

Well, we continue to be barraged with the “January 6th” propaganda pornography and it looks like the objective of the Leftists has been to motivate their “voting rights” “election reform” voting fraud bill so that people will put pressure on senators to get it passed.

The truth is that the Democrats themselves are the biggest threat to our nation and Democracy itself.

Here’s John Lott’s recent interview on the subject:


The “For the People” act is actually just for a few – very select and elite few – of the people…

Don’t let anyone fall for the concept that their voting rights depends on voting being so “convenient” that it allows Democrat operatives to scam elections easily. Election integrity is what is important in the “little flush” election of 2022 and the “big flush” election of 2024 and the future of American democracy.

The Propaganda Ministry and the Experts

Today’s January 6th capitol attack propaganda features constant attempts to cast all conservatives as “extremists”… nice.

Lots of “experts” that are expressing “worry” about how everyday family people just can’t accept things and sound like they are willing to resist being oppressed.

Of course, the summer of 2020 featuring statuary rape nationwide, the occupation and destruction of major urban business districts, massive increases in violence due to Soros funded District Attorneys refusing to prosecute violent criminals, and serious questions about election integrity are lost on the “experts” who constantly repeat deep state propaganda about “fair elections” while ignoring the potential if not real experiences of fraud that occurred in 2020 due to widespread potential abuse of mail in balloting and electronic voting systems.

I’ve seen lots of push back about the possibility of “election fraud” in 2020, and very little transparency in the operation of key Boards of Election at the state level in key states.

The unvoiced objective of Leftist Democrat “voter fairness” bills is to enable more election fraud through massive distribution of mail-in ballots and requiring post election day submission and tabulation of those ballots. These operations are ideal for ballot harvesting operations, especially where people are concentrated in institutional settings like nursing homes and public housing.

Same day registration opens up the potential for massive “motor voter fraud” operations where busloads of “voters” with fake addresses cross state lines.

The media is tone deaf to the fact that their constant lies and propaganda are no longer resonating with the citizens of our nation that are free to think for themselves and act with responsibility. Accusing people that require election integrity in our voting systems of being “extremists” is simply folly. Claiming that this interferes with the right to vote is false, and anyone that evaluates the potential for election fraud knows it.

The same process that declared a drug overdose a murder because of how the aftermath was handled is at foot here. People that act responsibly understand the reality of an abusive prosecution and it’s impact. So do the emboldened criminals.

Seeing another abusive prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse rejected by a jury, and the very correct prosecution of a lying actor that arranged a fake attack to increase his publicity and cast police in his community as racist has the propaganda infused media suddenly silent. Citizens at liberty that act with responsibility have taken notice of these things as well, and the cultural as well as real impact they had.

I have only one message for the “experts” declaring conservative citizens “extremists”. HOW DARE YOU!

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever…

First, read this story of repeated actions by the Leftist Democrats and how they are choosing to use their power:

By repeatedly misusing their power to motivate their deep state agencies and the agency leadership to abuse power, it’s finally becoming clear that the Democrat’s end game is to completely destroy the confidence of average Americans in our government and the representative republican system. 

Major US institutions including our Department of Justice have been discredited again and again, and individual Americans as well as institutions have been unfairly targeted for destruction. This is nothing less than tyranny. 

In fact, it’s clear that  misguided nonviolent patriots that were in the Capitol on January 6th have  been so systematically and deeply abused that each and every one should be bringing civil rights violation lawsuits against the Washington DC courts system and their jailers. Just one look at the extreme abuse handed out by the judge in control confirms this: 

Attacking election integrity behind the scenes by weakening the checks and balances of fair elections (like opposing fair voter ID laws and opening opportunities to commit ballot harvesting before election day, and stuff mail in ballot collection where needed after election day) while using propaganda to ridicule anyone that wants to ensure integrity should make everyone ask “why are Leftists so worried about fair elections”? 

Also note that Leftist Democrats only scream about “fair redistricting maps” in the states where they do not already control redistricting. If the Democrats gerrymander districts to their satisfaction, they consider them “fair”. 

Leftist Democrats want the death of democracy itself through a large number of simultaneously executed strategies, but the most insidious of all are those that make us doubt the fairness of our system. Our only solution is to vote them out of power and vote them out of office before they can do more damage. 

One of the most important steps in revolution is convincing a population to lose confidence in the fairness of government. The Leftists in the Democrat party are using their power to accomplish that purpose. 

For example.. Leftist Democrats call relaxing the rules of voting so much that they end up making it easy to scam and game elections “voting rights”. They count on convincing minorities that actually taking actions to guarantee the integrity of elections is somehow “racist”. The fact is that stealing votes by gaming elections is the one of the most racist things in American history.

What’s needed is improvement of “voting integrity” by establishing rigorous election rules, a true election day, after which mail in votes are not accepted, photo voter ID, and signature confirmed absentee voting that allows you to confirm your vote counted.

Destroying the American economy helps fundamentally divide America by destroying the “middle classes”. That adds dissatisfied subjects and destroyed families to Leftist political support rolls. It only gets worse as regulation and economic drag like inflation slows things down.

Pretending one thing while doing another and giving it all deceptive names is now the expert strategy of Leftist Democrat politicians. Everything they do falls into this. The only thing they will ever “Build Back Better” is their own power if given a chance.

America needs to reduce the size of central government in every possible way. Government never creates net jobs. It only destroys them. It always creates permanent inefficiency. No government program has ever given back more to the people than it has cost. Even necessary government responsibilities have all been betrayed by extraordinary waste and excess. Since the taxes needed to support all this malfeasance would never be tolerated by a free people at liberty, the deep state has turned to unimaginable debt to finance their shame. This must stop.

Leftist Democrats will never offer a solution that will help “fix” American problems that they have brought into existence. The only thing that has a possibility of helping is to establish opportunity and responsibility again as principals of our American way of life.

Another School Shooting… And We’re Off!

The Leftists will use the parents to demonize all pro-gun people. Leftists will specifically use their political prejudice against guns and gun owners to scare people. “Be afraid, be very afraid”. It’s the boogeyman under the bed…. for anyone that sends their child to school.

Ignore the fact that the boy may have been a bullied child that finally boiled over and the psychopath within him finally acted out with his newly accessed weapon. Ignore the fact that the politicians in Michigan created the perfect supposedly “gun free” massacre zone for him to commit murders.

I think that the parents were as pro-gun as many rational citizens, and probably didn’t realize that their son was capable of doing murders like this. You often never see that side of a psychopath. They are charismatic, and draw people to them until they show the side of themselves that cares nothing for the pain and injury that they inflict on others – actually enjoying the experience of inflicting it.

Knowing how the Leftists and their media lackeys will use this, they will carefully paint the parents’ pro gun stance and conservative positions to demonize all conservatives and all gun owners and supporters. They are already using the mother’s text, “LOL, just don’t get caught next time” to demonize her after he got caught shopping for ammo on his phone in class…

The parents probably bought a handgun for their son so that they could go target shooting together. They probably wanted to teach him responsibility and grow closer to him in doing that. Clearly they didn’t understand their son’s potential for doing the kind of harm he subsequently did. A true psychopath is very good at hiding that side of themselves from others until they choose to act.

Should we have draconian gun storage laws? My own state has them. I tend to agree that responsible gun owners should keep controlled access on them, but also on any dangerous weapon. Yet every kitchen in my state has a rack of knives that can do the same level of damage if misused. Why no knife storage laws? It’s pure prejudice… plain and simple…

Another School Shooting and Time for Change

As the media predictably starts publicizing the latest school tragedy in the wealthy suburb of Oxford, Michigan, the first question is now “who to blame”…

My state has laws in place that also assign the criminal liability of a minor’s actions to the adult that made the gun available to them. If your child accesses your firearm and commits murder, you also get charged with murder.

There is a firearm access law that requires you to control firearms so that a minor cannot access them. A minor is not permitted to use a firearm without adult immediate presence and a parent or guardian’s permission here. Younger children are not permitted to access a firearm at all.

Violent felony crimes here can be charged to minors as low as 13 here if transferred from juvenal court by a judge.

Children today are conditioned by hour after hour of “artificial violence” in the form of television, cinema and especially first person shooter video games that immerse them in the commission of violent acts. This causes some of them to ideate actually putting themselves into real activities like the ones depicted in the games and what they watch.

Governments and schools that prohibit lawful concealed carry by skilled adults ensure that our most precious members of society – our children – are literally penned up in supposed “gun free” massacre zones. Any socially psychopathic potential criminal can easily see that whether they are students at a school, or terrorists planning attacks from the outside. These places are literally tailor made for vicious attacks by psychopaths, some of whom intend to finish in suicide, and others that seek the inevitable high profile publicity that follows. They ensure plenty of time to complete their vicious violence before they can be stopped.

The scenario has been repeated often enough that it’s clear this is exactly what the “gun grabber” gun control zealots, their politician power mongers and media lackeys want. These attacks never happen where members of the teaching faculty, administration, staff or visiting parents might be armed. It’s because potential attackers are also cowards.

It’s beyond time for our schools to allow and encourage school concealed carry by people that have qualified for permits in their respective states. Help the politicians in your own state make the right choice, or choose rational politicians that will when it’s time to pull the flush lever in the voting booth.

The Eve of Destruction

It’s Reckoning TIme…

Dear wanna-be Leftists… 

Everything the Left has ever touched anywhere in the World, the Left has destroyed. The only thing the Left has ever built to replace it is (temporarily) Government to prop up their designated Elite class. 

Dennis Praeger has done an inventory of cultural institutions and organizations that the Left has recently targeted and destroyed. Please take notice, and prepare to pull the small Washington DC swamp flush lever in 2022, and the large Washington DC swamp flush lever in 2024. 

To Dennis’ list, add a few things like the American Economy, personal security and safety, reliable employment relations,  the urban American city and general personal development opportunity. If you don’t have personal connections to the established Leftist elite, you’re not going much of anywhere. If you do, prepare to be used and discarded. 


If you know a true believer, share this list. It’s real and obvious to anyone that bothers to read it. It has already impacted their personal live.