September 11, 2021

Twenty years ago, Islamic inspired Jihad zealot terrorists attacked our nation and killed our innocent citizens without warning. It was a cowardly attack on American soil. 

In twenty years, bad political decisions and impossible rules of engagement made it impossible for American military forces to effectively respond to such stateless actors, opening the door to losing the “war on terror” as two Democrat Leftist lead administrations first gave planeloads of money to terrorists, and then an entire nation and it’s contents (including over $90 billion in advanced American weapons) to terrorists. 

At this twentieth anniversary of the September 11th attacks, you have witnessed the first phase in the Islamic Jihad war on America, committed by terrorist stateless actors and aided by politicians that say one thing while acting to enable terrorism. 

The most outrageous position those politicians have taken is to call patriotic American citizens that oppose  incompetence and churlish leadership “Domestic Terrorists” as those politicians seek to cinch their tyrannical power over American citizens that have been subjugated. 

I know the difference between leaders and tyrants. I know the difference between patriots and terrorists.

Opportunity for a Great Nation

Without doubt, there are a number of black ops US teams in Afghanistan doing good work as I type this… They would be there under deep cover, completely infiltrating areas and quietly extracting people that significantly helped us, but were stranded by the Taliban blitzkrieg.

When details of this can finally be published, Biden will grandstand on it, taking full credit for how clever his administration was… trying to make us all feel bad for doubting his power and benevolence.

You can lay the failure of a free Afghanistan at the feet of corrupt war lords that refused to work together and could only see themselves as an elite ruling their geographic fiefdoms. The Afghan government saw all that US cash, and then played us for every cent they could graft away, telling us what we wanted to hear while they established village chains of corruption so deep they were impossible to cut. We walked into a culture that could never democratize. We dangled the concept of liberty in front of a population that had only known subjugation. Only a few rose to the call of freedom.

There is tragedy here, and lessons to be learned. Media and spin seem to be the currency of the United States, and especially Biden’s administration (which is really the aggregate of his deep state agency wonks). I can assure you, we don’t buy the lies any more than the average subject in Afghanistan. You cannot give a population liberty and freedom. They have to be willing to assert themselves, and stand up proud, courageous and with integrity.

There are such people in the United States and in Afghanistan. Today, you see what happens to a population when the spin falls to tyrants.

When we take in the Afghan refugees that did stand up proud, courageous and with integrity, we will help our nation grow stronger. But today, the problem is that our nation’s spin doctors can’s seem to tell the difference between them and a deep cover Taliban terrorist. ,

Can these Really Be Unintended Consequences?

America paid for extensive training of “Afghan Army” personnel. About 40% of those trained men completely disappeared when they returned to their home villages – well trained in American counter insurgency tactics and theory. They immediately rejoined their Taliban brothers in the areas surrounding their villages. That went on for a number of years.

When we abandoned $80 billion in advanced arms, communications systems, transport and aircraft we left them equipped for long term terrorism inside and beyond their immediate region. With the Taliban in control of their nation, and free to exchange assets with their friends in the region (including billions of US dollars in cash that they received from the Obama administration and which were abandoned last month) they will have a number of terrorist friends to work with.

By placing agents across the United States to “assimilate” into our nation and wait for targets of opportunity, what exactly do you think is going to happen over the long term? We trained and equipped them for insurgency. Asymmetric war. And imported them into the homeland.

We’ve already seen the Leftist Democrat preference for chaos in the streets when they want to control something that they don’t already control. We’ve seen their laser focus on persecuting anyone that pushes back against them – including outright lie campaigns operated out of the intelligence agencies, false flag operations, and torture of the January 6th capitol invaders while both lying about the incident and exonerating the trigger happy guard that killed Ashlie Bobbitt.

Leftists in search of power are playing with dangerous uncontrollable fire here… Their media partners will be happy to sensationalize it all, and happy to blame it all on “domestic terrorists”…. whether they imply that they were home grown or imported by Biden and company.

Pooches: Watch your Six…

There is a term for this popularized in the space program, and make known in “The Right Stuff”:

It refers to completely messing up a situation.

The real problem is the establishment of a well armed, well funded center for the development of terrorism in the region. A place where all the loosely structured organizations can go to feel safe while they are equipped, trained and planning can be completed for asymmetrical warfare actions world wide.

It’s all been funded by the Biden/Obama money, and equipped by the Harris/Biden equipment left behind in Afghanistan.

Don’t you think it’s strange that Afghanistan’s neighbors are not upset about the Taliban’s takeover? It’s because all the occupying Taliban forces will finally leave Pakistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan and other terrorist organizations will be establishing training camps in Afghanistan.

There will be an ongoing drug business to continue generating funding.

Now armed with advanced American arms and transportation equipment, the will provide it’s embedded advanced warfare technology to America’s enemies like China for analysis and cloning.

The very nature of warfare is likely to change as the result of the Harris/Biden administation’s actions in it’s first six months. The world is more dangerous thanks to them.

Is there a Pattern Here?

Well, The Biden / Obama administration transmitted planeloads of American currency to the Islamic Terrorists in Iran, and the Harris / Biden administration just transferred arsenal loads of high technology American arms to the Islamic Terrorist Taliban….

Now, massive numbers of people – few with any real backgrounds being verified – are being flown from Afghanistan to the West to deeply embed with American and other Western nations’ societies…

Anyone see a pattern here? Porous borders… Transfer of assets to Islamic Terrorists… Disarmament of American Citizens… Mmmmmm…..

Now… If only all the American and European “Social Justice “Warriors” would board flights to Afghanistan (where the opposition shoots back) and “Protest” the violation of Women’s rights by the Taliban, many problems would start to be solved.

Lessons in Stone Cold Racism

Thomas Chamberlain, whom the rock was named after, was an abolitionist that left North Carolina for the Union and fought against slavery in the Union army. The rock memorialized his heroism in the fight against racism.

For delusional students to convince themselves that an inanimate rock is a politically incorrect statement of racism because a 1925 Ku Klux Klan influenced newspaper said so is beyond irrational – approaching psychotic.

For a chartered state University and it’s cowardly leadership to take this stupidity seriously enough to dedicate $50,000 of it’s endowment to mollify it’s sadly participation award conditioned students by playing along with a series of bureaucratic hurdles and then actually spending the money to move 42 tons of granite so that it doesn’t offend their sensibilities is beyond irrational.

This alone should convince generations of private individuals to stop endowing and donating to Universities lead by irrational cowardly fools.

A New Epidemic

When you and your tenant sign a lease, you have a legal contract that should be enforceable under our system of law.

When the government steps in and says that that contract is meaningless, you have anarchy and tyranny.

When that very same government ignores a porous border, allowing millions of people to bring uncontrolled disease and invade the territory, you have anarchy and tyranny.

When that very same government defunds police agencies in it’s largest cities, stands down the rule of law and stands back while street gangs and thugs take over to riot, loot and burn city centers you have anarchy and tyranny.

When a branch of government organizes trials to abusively hold and prosecute citizens in show trials for occupying their government’s seat while simultaneously ignoring the anarchy and tyranny they are encouraging elsewhere, what exactly do you have?

This is the vision of an epidemic, but it’s not an epidemic of a virus…. It’s an epidemic of anarchy and tyranny.

The Leftist Propaganda War Heats Up

The average American is going to swallow the Leftist Democrat propaganda and just go on taking government money until they are personally impacted by the crime and unsafe cities that Democrats are unleashing on our nation.

Leftists need the propaganda of show trials (January 6th commissions), and Demagogy (Donald Trump) to focus the hate of their followers while they suckle them on government bribes.

The violent destruction and rioting that the propaganda lied about last summer came close to breaking the confidence of the American people in Leftist Democrat lies… and the evidence is that it lead to unprecedented sales if firearms to people that had never considered it. These are rational people that know that they need to protect themselves and their families.

The problem is that they think that “the gun” will protect them. They believe the part of the propaganda that says “the gun” is the power in our society.

Leftist Democrats have to hide the truth about crime, criminals and how their “social justice” agenda frees convicted criminals from prison and makes cities more dangerous. This is part of their propaganda war too. The worst part, is that the Leftist Democrats use the resulting crime and violence to blame the guns that citizens use to keep themselves safe from criminals – all in an attempt to disarm lawful people.

Don’t fall for the lies. Make sure your friends and relatives understand the con going on, and don’t fall for he propaganda. It’s strong, powerful, repeated every single day, and very dangerous.

Washington Journal: John Lott Discusses Gun Violence in the U.S.

Secession is on The People’s Minds…

Recent stories indicate 2/3 of Southern Conservative Americans want to secede from the Leftist Utopis that is Biden’s (keeper’s) America. Many Leftists in California and on the West Coast want the same.

As you can see, deep political divides over core issues affecting our lives and property can divide the nation. Unlike the issue of Slavery that was at the center of “states rights” and motivated the Civil War, today’s “issues” that divide the nation are false flags, and the worst kind of fakery. BLM wraps itself in “social justice warfare” but it’s only a front for Leftist control.

For this reason, the adoption of severe Leftist rhetoric, and the actions to grow a huge (think Trillions versus Billions – a 1,000 fold increase in impact) Federal government that will overwhelm states in our federated republic; division starts to look attractive. Just the thought of not having to deal with the trash coming out of Washington makes many of us consider this.

But now, look at where these divisions based on cultural issues divide people. Look at the European Union. Their divisions are severe and in spite of a common currency most of the nations involved have become weak.

The Soviet Union failed, allowing a “strong man” autocracy to rise in Russia and then influence adjacent nations by grabbing land and leveraging Russians that occupied them before their breakup.

A divided United States (Leftist West coast states; Conservative Southern States, Blended Midwest and North East states) would quickly become an easy target for International enemies. As we fought among ourselves for resources, they would slowly work to dominate us using guerilla fighters that could hide in adjacent nations just a border (instead of an ocean) away.

Leftists in America have figured out how to control the independent State governments within our Federated Republic through manipulating of controls granted by the 14th Amendment, and compromising the integrity of a free (but very human) media. The levers of power in our system are there to use.

The behavior of the Left in the Democrat party is an existential threat to our republic. Their willingness to change the basic tenants of our system are the evidence of that. These calls for secession are further evidence of the impact of the Left’s behavior.

We must survive this intact – and do it in time to eliminate the Left from our governments in the upcoming elections.

God help us all if we cannot come together to protect our republic in the election booth. The alternatives are too awful to contemplate.

Symbols and Reality

If it is your symbol, it is part of Leftist sport to disrespect it and see if you do anything. 

Because of media and politician agendas, you’re wrong if you react, and your’re wrong if you don’t. 

All the “racism” and “critical race theory” and rest are artificial race baiting designed to divide our nation, and polarize people into voting for the right “Leftist” candidates. It’s nothing more than that, and polluting the educations of our children for more generations. It’s being used to drive social welfare programs that make more people dependent upon government. 

It’s serving to “confirm” the doubts that citizens have about the fairness of a culture that creates opportunity, but also requires responsibility – by making it possible for people to fail. 

So… you’re reacting to the media agenda in the way that they want you to. Proof? Just try disrespecting the symbols of the race baiting leftists… Stomp on their Marxist values and leaders. Tear down BLM flags, posters and shout down and interfere with their events… See how far the “agenda” would let you get with that… 

It’s all false, and an evil attack on the responsibility and liberty of the American people. Supporting evidence: 

  1. Leftist attacks on “gerrymandering” – but only in states with Republican lead legislators. They’re perfectly happy with gerrymandering in Leftist dominated states. 
  2. Long going tolerance of destruction of downtown business districts in Democrat controlled major cities
  3. Rising crime rates in Leftist dominated Democrat controlled major cities
  4. Constant lying about violence by falsely attacking the tool criminals use as the issue, instead of the criminal intent
  5. Fighting against voting integrity – as if the greatest risk to our culture and republic is the destruction of a citizen’s faith in our elections
  6. Manipulation of extensive government programs to support “buying votes” with government dependence
  7. Destruction of our nation’s border security, using “immigration” as the false narrative for illegal invasion

The entire accusation that the American system and culture in 2021 is “racist” is a lie. 

The entire accusation that the American right to bear arms causes or even contributes to crime is a lie.