Witness the Aikido Principal in Politics

Aikido is the marshal art of using your opponent’s momentum against them.

In this age of Corona Derangement Syndrome, the story of Ukrainian money and “Hiden’ Biden” seems to be completely lost.

Something tells me that the media agenda to bury it won’t be the way that one ends… Considering Biden’s obvious mental issues, I’m beginning to wonder if he will end up the candidate – but we’ll see.

I doubt any of those looking into the Ukraine story (feet on the ground over there) have been idle… just quiet. For now…

But… considering the complete shift of media focus… it’s yet another motivation for the media “Corona Delusion Syndrome” agenda on Covid-19.

President Trump is a one man media agenda wrecking ball. He toys with them; tells them what he thinks of them; pulls out the rug from under them; and sends them on their way. Kind of amazing to watch, isn’t it?

Now we’re watching him twist the Democrat machine’s media partnership to make lemonade out of lemons.

I wonder how the Democrats and their candidates will stand up to properly timed crisis after investigation after scandal disclosures as they roll out to match the media attention cycle? By November all they’ll remember about Joe is “Hiden’ Biden”.

Fighting Media Borne Diseases

Well now, this is interesting…


It would seem that the media agenda contains several mutant versions of their virus:

It started with “Gun Derangement Syndrome” the ultimate model for media agendas that are not evidence based – just emotional manipulation.

then came several mutations of “Trump Derangement Syndrome”  including the “Russian” strain, “Kavanaugh” strain, and “Ukranian” strain and “Impeachment” strain…

Next was “Climate Derangement Syndrome”, also backed up by bogus science that is widely disputed and not backed up by evidence.

And Now “Corona Derangement Syndrome” in it’s first version – with a good chance that it’s linked to the RNA pattern of all election manipulation media viral agendas.

In God We Trust, All Others Line Up Behind The Legacy Media…

The American media has always proceeded with an agenda. The agenda morphs periodically, but is almost always used to sensationalize their presence in society and force the rest of us into paying attention to them.

What do we do with a child that behaves that way? One that doesn’t respect anything or follow any of the rules of civil society? One with a big loud mouth that constantly interrupts us? One that never has enough attention, feeding on our reactions until they are again the center of everything?

Spoiled children hit a brick wall at some point in their lives. The American legacy media never does.

But we are gun owners. We have been sensitive to what is said about us in public. We have been the target of an intensive broad media agenda since at least 1968.

The narrative never changes. The lies never change. The character assassination never changes. The attempt to associate us with the most reprehensible violent criminals in society never lets up. We were the constant, consistent agenda driven target of media lies before the rest of thinking America discovered what fake news was all about.

Now, falsely manipulating the public is so ingrained into the attitude of media reporters, producers and editors that they can’t behave any other way. I honestly believe that many of them have become so tone deaf that they don’t know they do it… every day… every story… every event…

When it comes to the “crisis” of Covid-19, they happily turned it into “Corona Derangement Syndrome” faster than a sneeze spreads droplets full of virus.

Right now, as I write this, they are using the rapidly increasing number of cases testing has identified in the US and in cluster centers like New York City to emotionally manipulate their audiences and turn fake news into fear faster than a panicked crowd can empty Walmart of toilet paper. Yes – the numbers are going up. Of course they are. We’re testing thousands of people that were exposed to the virus but who didn’t have symptoms, or that didn’t suffer serious illness before their immune systems created the antibodies that naturally stopped the virus.

Lost in the ever increasing count of exposed people is the fact that the more slowly rising count of lethal cases (generally caused by co-morbidity of another disease complication) keeps dropping the rate of morbidity of the virus to well below the seasonal flu. Yes. The fact is that more people caught Covid-19. That is loudly screamed by the media. No is it not that lethal. That is somehow ignored.

As gun owners, we’re experienced enough to not fall for the media’s lies. Respect the pandemic, but don’t irrationally fear it. Let’s help the rest of our friends understand that sometimes truth is hard to find in the face of someone with an evil agenda that wants to manipulate and misinform us.

Knowing that, it always amuses me when the local stations and networks promote how “trustworthy” they are….. No wonder they have an agenda against guns. They couldn’t be trusted with those any more than the whole truth. In fact, the media owners themselves are the worst abusers of guns and gun violence in our society – if you’re to use what they call “entertainment” as a reference.

Every time I see movies and TV drama showing misuse of fully automatic machine guns, I am reminded that those firearms have hardly ever been used in actual crimes in decades. This report from 1995 claims one firearm trace out of 1,000 involved a machine gun. This 2017 report from California admits that there were no machine guns used in crime. Criminals in movies and on TV ALWAYS seem to have one. Ask any gun ignorant grabber and they’ll tell you all “assault weapons” are machine guns.

Why would average Americans be so misinformed if the media was trustworthy and telling us the whole truth?

I’ll bet they lie regularly about politicians, conservative agendas, and any number of things that don’t trip their truth triggers… “Why?” you ask… Simply because it’s good business. The country and safety of our society be damned.

You know that Right To Bear Arms Stuff?

Just for jollies, our Sheriff in Wake County, North Carolina just suspended processing all pistol purchase and concealed handgun permits until after April 30th.



So much for the right to keep and bear arms. At lease until his office decides to start processing things again. The process (used here instead of NICS at the time of purchase) is a completely unnecessary infringement in the first place, costs taxpayers about $9 million in expenses (over the associated fees) annually and is completely surprising the leftists and arm chair liberals that think it’s so easy to buy over the Internet or walk in and buy a handgun.

All business as usual except for one horribly inconvenient truth. The law.

§ 14-415.11. Permit to carry concealed handgun; scope of permit.
(b) The sheriff shall issue a permit to carry a concealed handgun to a person who
qualifies for a permit under G.S. 14-415.12.

§ 14-415.15. Issuance or denial of permit.
(a) Except as permitted under subsection (b) of this section, within 45 days after
receipt of the items listed in G.S. 14-415.13 from an applicant, and receipt of the required records concerning the mental health or capacity of the applicant, the sheriff shall either issue or deny the permit. The sheriff may conduct any investigation necessary to determine the qualification or competency of the person applying for the permit, including record checks. The sheriff shall make the request for any records concerning the mental health or capacity of the applicant within 10 days of receipt of the items listed in G.S. 14-415.13.

As to the pistol purchase permit permission slip:

§ 14-404. Issuance or refusal of permit; appeal from refusal; grounds for refusal;
sheriff’s fee.
(f) Each applicant for a license or permit shall be informed by the sheriff within 14
days of the date of the application whether the license or permit will be granted or denied and, if granted, the license or permit shall be immediately issued to the applicant.

It’s especially interesting that this level of contempt for the law would be reserved for times of civil rights infringement and declared emergencies.


No, It’s Really Not Quite That Easy…

In this time of state declared civil emergency, Illinois, Connecticut and Indiana have declared that gun shops are essential businesses.

Here in North Carolina, many frightened to their core liberals and average people with the sense to know they may need to defend themselves and their families are discovering the leftist lies about how easy it is to get a gun.

The sheriff offices have sent home most of their clerical employees. This means that the people that normally process pistol purchase permits and concealed carry handgun permits here are not working, and those left in the office are doing other things. We’re not even supposed to go down to sheriff offices to submit applications for the permits, much less come in close enough contact to be fingerprinted.

Most people don’t know that the local sheriff has to give you permission to buy a handgun in North Carolina through one of those permits. They are showing up at gun shops and being turned away, somewhat bewildered that the media and leftists have been lying to them about “buying guns over the Internet” and how easy it is to get a gun. Infringement has it’s costs.

We’ve been trying to eliminate this inefficient system for years. This may turn into an opportunity next legislative session.

In the meantime, people are returning home to sit without self defense handguns that they wanted but were not allowed to buy. I guess they’ll have to settle for something really scary like an AR-15 “assault rifle”.

It’s not that I’m a mind reader or cynic, but this just came to pass:


When the Circus is Dangerous

You are far more likely to die in a car wreck than from the Corona-19 virus. Yet the media circus and widespread Corona Derangement Syndrome panic has reduced international commerce to dust, created the steepest rise in unemployment in history and given everyone a case of cabin fever. Watching this circus is dangerous.

It’s sometimes hard to decide on what risks are important. The numbers for this year’s seasonal flu in the USA alone are stunning.  It’s estimated between 32,000 and 56,000 dead from the seasonal flu. It’s been this way for several years, yet we have not shut down our economies.

Of course, the seasonal flu is not a “novel new virus” (even though we know quite a bit about the Covid-19 virus in China thanks to the WHO report I’ve already posted here). In fact, the seasonal flu is an avian flu (crossed over from birds) that entered human hosts in 1918 and has been mutating ever since. Yes. It’s DNA confirms that this is the same flu that caused the 1918 pandemic that killed millions. The difference is that we’re used to dealing with the seasonal flu. The same mitigation steps apply to both the seasonal flu and Covid-19. We don’t have a vaccine for Covid-19 because it’s too new, so mitigation is basically all we have. Since it’s not that lethal (unlike Ebola, a virus that attacks and destroys organs efficiently) it really isn’t necessary to progress to “suppression” and this isn’t wise in any case.

Covid-19 is not the first Corona class virus that humanity has dealt with. It’s not that novel, since the common cold is also a corona virus. The cold virus mutates more quickly than Covid-19 making vaccines for the cold impractical. The thing that saves us is the natural immunity we build up after being exposed to a cold virus.

Vaccines are not a complete solution to Covid-19 because vaccines are only effective a portion of the time. Perhaps 55% of the time with this year’s seasonal flu vaccine. The fact is that our best defense against a widespread Covid-19 pandemic is our natural immunity. Every one of the 99 percent of the cases of Covid-19 that recover (with the majority asymptomatic or not requiring medical intervention) leaves the person with effective immunity. That is ultimately what will stop this virus over time.

Vaccines are useful because they slow the transmission since most people that get them won’t catch the disease itself if they ever encounter it. This is why development of a Covid-19 vaccine will be helpful. But. If we suppress the virus too much, the natural immunity will not build in the population. Stopping transmission now could actually be more dangerous since herd immunity won’t build.

The media is focusing on the most extreme and lethal cases of this virus in order to scare us. They know that properly manipulated, we’ll spend hours glued to their repetitive, skewed, false reporting. Yes – it’s based on facts, but the impressions being left are anything but accurate. They simply know people won’t take the time to actually look into the facts.

Is it a more scary thing that, thanks to widespread access to test kits, a huge number of people are now testing positive for Covid-19? Would you rather not know if someone was sick? Is knowing the truth actually bad or scary? Yet the media is using the building numbers to scare you, leading with them in every newscast.

Are the raw numbers actually important? The truth is that the per capita rates are more useful. By per capita rates, the USA is toward the bottom of the actual pandemic exposures. third nation from the end. https://www.statista.com/chart/21176/covid-19-infection-density-in-countries-most-total-cases/

Why is this? It’s not because we’ve flushed away our economy. It’s because of isolation and the fact that we often don’t live in close clusters. In cities where we do live closely, the transmission rate is much higher. This is why New York has a problem. It’s mostly New York City – not the rest of the state – but Cuomo and the media don’t tell you that either.

I am not frightened by Covid-19. I respect the disease, and avoid being exposed to it. I minimize contact with others in case I have it and don’t know it. Expanded testing (where everyone whether sick or not gets tested) would tell us much more truth about Covid-19.

Until then, the circus is in town, the clown car is in the ring and like all great magicians, the media is misdirecting us with expertise and effect.

What, Me Worry? The Disturbing Truth: Covid-19 versus Corona Derangement Syndrome

Here’s the disturbing truth behind the current Covid-19 initiated Corona Derangement Syndrome that we’re all both witnessing and living through right now.

First, medicine is practiced as an evidence based science. Medical knowledge has evolved from witch doctors and quack cures to effective treatment of disease through rigorous testing and evaluation that requires proof of effectiveness and proof that something does no harm. That is how science works.

Second, social engineering and manipulation doesn’t require facts, evidence or truth. It just requires an agenda.

Third, when given a serious challenge, politicians deliberate, and tyrants broadly restrict civil liberties – often without any evidence based justification.

Fourth, it’s all about the money. Where exactly is Two Trillion Dollars ($20,000 for each an every American adult, and $40,000 for every American taxpayer) supposed to come from? Overnight, we are placing Two Trillion Dollars into the hands of politicians without a second thought.

Fifth, this virus doesn’t transmit through a community by itself. It is only transferred in a very small number of situations where people live in close contact. An even smaller number of cases were transmitted in casual public contact.

There is no evidence to justify the emergency orders being issued by politicians, the government advise to close businesses, gyms, meeting places or events. None. Absolutely none. We are flushing away our economy, preparing to put Trillions of dollars into politician hands and destroyed investment without any evidence to prove it is necessary. “We’re scared” isn’t evidence. The actual health benefits of closing down America are not really known; and neither are the long term economic impacts. This article discusses this at a high level, and is based on this article, which accurately charges the media with focusing us on the wrong meaningless metrics.

This is very similar to “Gun control” and studies of “Gun Violence”. These things proceed without any evidence of an impact that will reduce crime or violence, and without any regard to the self defense value of guns. If “gun control” legislation had to be evidence based, there wouldn’t be any.

These two things clearly indicate how gullible, emotional and delusional our population is, how easy we are to manipulate and how politicians and government agencies turn first to curtailing civil liberties in today’s America. That is an outrage.

Let’s look into some evidence and facts.

Covid-19 is not transmitted efficiently in public places where people have casual contact, and particularly if you keep your physical distance from other people, clean surfaces and avoid touching things and transferring the virus to your face.

Outbreaks of the virus are highly clustered, involve human to human (generally not community) transmission contact, and are worse in closed and medical treatment settings where people are routinely living in close contact.

The WHO China Covid-19 study is scientifically evidence based. It shows a very low transmission rate (10%) for people that live in close contact with someone who has the virus, and a minuscule transmission rate for those in casual contact with people that have the virus.

When testing becomes available in a regional “hot spot” where people are presenting with fever, sore throat, breathing difficulties, the number that test positive for Covid-19 is 7%. 93% of the people tested have some other illness like the seasonal flu. Of those that have the virus, only a very small portion progress to severe disease, and most of those are already compromised by serious disease.

The United States has not deployed widespread testing for the virus. This is not because our government or leadership (political or medical) is incompetent, it is because the virus was first detected in November, 2019 (4 months ago) and was not widely transmitted until January. It takes time to create tests that are accurate and reasonably easy to administer and analyze. These are coming online now, and being distributed widely.

The number of cases identified will broadly increase, not because the virus is being widely transmitted now, but because tests are detecting it. This is a good thing, not something to become alarmed about.

This virus will not transmit directly through the air. It requires water droplets to be sprayed into the air, and can survive for hours when those droplets coat surfaces. If you touch those surfaces then your face (eyes, nose, mouth mucus membranes) you can transfer the virus. If you inhale water droplets directly from a coughing sick person you it can transfer the virus.

The vast majority of people that catch this virus don’t get seriously sick. 80% have mild to moderate disease. Some have no symptoms at all.

Those that get very sick are generally also dealing with other diseases. Smoking and other things that impair lung function are often involved. About 75% of the most severe cases recover. While age over 60 is considered a risk factor, younger people in their 20’s catch and present moderate to severe cases of the virus. They are not immune.

While there is no vaccine, catching the virus leaves you with immunity, just like other viral infections. Given time, this herd immunity alone would protect humanity and new case transmission would subside. We don’t know how far along this natural progression we are because the population has not been widely and randomly tested. We only will be testing people that are already sick. The vast majority of them have something else.

China (an authoritarian centrally managed society) contained the virus through cooperation of their population and measures that stopped travel in and out of hot spots where the virus was spreading. The people were told to keep their distance in public, and businesses that concentrate people together were closed for about a week. People wore face masks in public to protect others in case they had the virus and did not yet present symptoms.

China first isolated virus patients, then exhaustively traced the chains of transmission back to their sources. Anyone in close contact with those people was quarantined.

China did not shut down their entire nation’s economy, attempt to centrally manipulate the population into panic through their state media or needlessly impact daily life in the vast majority of their nation. In America, the Corona Derangement Syndrome did.

The media has manipulated fear in the American population to the point of panic. This is for any number of reasons, none of which actually are contributing to the health and welfare of the nation. Facts are useful. Manipulation of their audience with sensationalist propaganda and brainwashing is destructive. It may keep us watching, but the legacy media agenda is anything but evidence based. Regardless of their impact, the media will always claim the high ground, and to have been both right and justified for their reckless actions. That’s the long term part of the manipulation.

Over and over, meaningless statistics are used to justify sowing fear and anxiety. For example, a rise in the number of cases detected through testing is a good thing, not indication of sudden widespread uncontrolled transmission. When we know who has the virus, and how they got it (via research into the chains of transmission) the population can be protected more efficiently through evidence based solutions. The media response? Spread panic!!!

If the media’s goal has been to politicize an illness, they may be less effective than they think. Politicians have taken up that mantle, and are using it to create Two Trillion dollars worth of centrally managed power and influence. Money that the nation can only spend by going deeper into debt or diluting the value of our currency further.

Reporters are constantly badgering the administration about availability of needed supplies and medical equipment is an attempt to make the President appear incompetent. He plays into this by freely riffing what he remembers about things his aids and reports have said, giving reporters endless ways to show inaccuracy and disagreement within the administration’s leadership. President Trump is simply responding to media abuse by manipulating them. He’s surrounded by a team of people that are doing their jobs efficiently and effectively. Remember, the policy of shutting down the nation didn’t originate in the administration, it originated in the deep state (CDC) in overreaction to the early information about the virus. Most of the suppression of civil rights was not necessary in the vast majority of the nation.

The media whipped up panic. The administration and politicians responded by asking the deep state “experts” what to do. They probably gave a range of options, and out of that came orders to shut down the nation, destroy the economy, and destabilize finance. All because of a disease with magnitudes less impact than the seasonal flu. Is that rational?

The political agenda of tarnishing and thrashing President Trump’s administration may prove ineffective in the end. All experience in China shows that in a matter of a few weeks, general transmission will be well under control. Limitation of the disease to transmission in a few hot spots of infection may prove entirely due to President Trump’s early actions to temporarily close the borders. The administration requested that private industry manufacture the medical equipment and supplies the nation needs. Industry immediately responded and production quickly accelerated. Research immediately began testing known medical responses, and working to find new ones including a vaccine that will accelerate herd immunity worldwide.

Bottom line. You’re probably not going to catch this. The economy will be hurt but will restart quickly. By November, we’ll be back running on all cylinders.

Here’s current Covid-19 Virus information:


If you really want something to scare you, compare that to:


In the meantime…. Where’s Joe (Biden) Hiden’ ?