On Second Guessing the Founding Fathers…

Our original bicameral government was designed to protect the rights of states while balancing the rights of individuals. That all changed a few years ago when the Warren court found for “one man – one vote” in Reynolds versus Sims in 1964. This ruling has actually done damage to the fabric of our nation because it has given inordinate control of government to concentrated and violent urban centers.

I think that it’s clear from the careful structure of government in the constitution, including the use of the electoral college to elect the republic’s executive, and the establishment of “Senate” chambers to protect the rights of states from the tyranny of the majority – the framers did not trust individual citizen to control government as you would in a direct democracy.

They probably were too well aware of the abuses of media in their era (witness Jefferson versus Adams and the use of hired media guns… ) via hatchet “reporters” like James Callendar. They also understood the dangerous influence media repeated lies could cause a nation. They are, after all, the tools of tyrants.

Early in the United States, the rural and urban centered populations were more balanced. Just a few years ago, my own state North Carolina was the last to shift it’s population to a majority in urban centers. There is a long range trend in the USA to populate urban centers, and it’s probably not a healthy one from the results in places like LA, Chicago, Detroit and New York.

The founders wisdom would have preserved our nation’s safety from violence concentration by continuing that balance of power, instead of succumbing to it.


You’ve got an Important Job in 2020…

Our nation’s citizens have lived for several generations within a cocoon of safety created by an effective defense and insular families.

The expectation generations have been raised with is that government (like their parents) will fix all the bad things that might have an impact on them.

The last generation to engage a risky world was the “Greatest Generation” that fought WW-II. We’ve had limited skirmishes since then, and horrible regional conflicts, but American Defense has prevented any meaningful engagement on American soil.

This is one reason that successful limited actions by foreign powers (including irregular terrorist actions) gets so much attention. With the flames fanned by the media, we’re conditioned to be outraged when New York City is attacked or the integrity of our voting is violated by a foreign power, or an individual lone actor taking advantage of the asymmetric tactical conditions created by politician implemented supposed “gun free” massacre zones.

With spectacularly poor judgement, politicians take advantage of every such incident to push bigger government and civilian disarmament.  They leverage irrational fear that they use the media to disseminate throughout a well conditioned timid and unprepared population.

The grind of destruction propelled by politicians driving their secular socialist machine and lubricated by money and power continues on, slowly eroding American liberty.

Don’t let the bastards grind you down…

Motivate the conservative vote in 2020, and make sure we don’t continue to hand power and control to self-centered cynical politicians that have already proven their destructive intentions.

It’s Time to Write President Trump…

Mark Walters has penned an excellent overview of the relationship between President Trump and gun owners…


As cynical politicians know, the barely acceptable often trumps the bad. Walters’ depiction of a House of Representatives “Clown Posse” (bringing up images of “Insane Clown Posse:)

which is” being lead by an aging progressive, gun hating whacko“… (Pelosi) certainly strikes a vivid tone. It’s not far from the truth when you consider their embrace of avowed socialists in the name of the Democratic machine. Their power expanding “big government” is obviously more important than the failure of a nation.

There’s obviously no place for you, the lawful gun owner, in this melee…

What’s a gun owner to do in 2020. President Trump obviously thinks that warming up to the NRA exempts him from ramifications that result from supporting 2nd Amendment infringement like bump stock bans and suppressor prohibition.  He must figure that when we vote, we’re forced to support him and he can write us off.

That simply is not the case. Many dissatisfied gun owners may elect to skip the polls completely, allowing a dangerous ripple effect down ballot.

The GOA is running an active Email campaign right now to let President Trump know we’re not happy with his abuse of our rights. Don’t forget to write.


Simple, Direct Truth you won’t get from Legacy Media…

Simple, direct truth.

Show this to everyone considering voting for one of the “Gun Control” disarmament movement candidates:


Cynical politicians that play on the fears of citizens (in delusional “safe” cocoons)  kill people with supposed “Gun Free” massacre zones.

In Virginia Beach, one employee that decided to follow the rules instead of concealed carrying her handgun to protect herself from an apparently dangerous co-worker, ended up dead.

It’s Still 2019 – Witness The Democrat Secular Socialist Machine on Steriods…

Word has it that President Trump has been effectively campaigning for 2020 for at least a year. This has triggered the competitive instincts of the Democrat secular socialist machine in the form of a Volkswagon load of clown candidates erupting in Iowa.

It’s interesting to already see the mistakes Democrat presidential candidates are making.

I use an isolated but active email address for opposition research, collecting the trash and lies that the liberal socialist opposition uses to attract their supporters.

In recent months, they apparently sold their mailing lists to every single candidate (including early congressional bids) and each of those candidates is blanketing those addresses with appeals for money (at least 2 to 3 per day) and blatant misinformation (lies) about their competitors.

The “bold and innovative” concepts that they are pedaling are nothing short of fantasy and self delusion. Perhaps the most magical is Williamson’s “Department of Peace” – I guess something to go with the “Religion of Peace“… After decrying the American Department of Defense budget, this is a direct quote from her materials, “I will work to transform the United States from a war economy to a peace economy, and from a country known for its violent conflicts to a country known for its culture of peace.” Nice thought, but complete self-delusion in a dangerous world.

The gross level of these SPAM emails is remarkable – and enough to many anyone that’s rational sick and tired of hearing their constant appeals for money. I expect that the reaction of many targeted “true believers” will be to reject most of them. It’s obvious already that they are well funded.

The entire Democrat secular socialist machine will be spending huge amounts of money to saturate media (the broadcaster’s best customers by far) with negative character attacking ads and special interest agenda fueled lies just like those used against gun owners for decades.

We’re used to the attacks and to identifying the falsehoods – the fake views and the fake news.

Help everyone you know become just as discerning.

Well, well… Contrast Obama versus Trump Justice Department on Gun Crimes…

The Syracuse University operates an information tracking clearing house on Federal criminal prosecution that keeps track of actual enforcement of the myriad of Federal gun laws we deal with as lawful gun owners.

With the understanding that these laws impact the exercise of constitutionally recognized rights of 330,000,000 people, and use complex statutory language to do it, it should be easy to figure out that only laws that are enforced will mean anything.

Here’s what prosecutions look like over the last several years:

Click this bar to view the original image of 686x382px.

Notice a trend? Lots of rhetoric and noise from the leftist secular socialist Democrat political machine, but not much will to actually work to take the criminals involved in crimes with firearms off the street.

Note that these are NOT convictions. Just prosecutions mounted by the Justice Department.


The total number of firearms related Federal prosecutions in the United States from October 2018 to April 2019 is 6,526.

That is the highest rate in 20 years, matching the level in 2004`.


The breakdown of prosecutions by criminal violation is quite interesting. Considering how “important” the due process violating “Red Flag” laws are to our politicians, only 137 prosecutions were initiated against people violating the Lautenberg amendment’s prohibition of Domestic Protection Order targets acquiring firearms.

If you discount the firearm possession by a felon prosecutions, only 2,200 prosecutions were undertaken against all other category firearm law violations.

Let’s see… Out of a population of 330,000,000 that’s only 2,200 potential violations of Federal gun law prosecuted or about a 0.0013334% potential failure rate for gun possessing citizens. Of course, we almost all have background checks regularly, so you would not rationally expect anything different.

Do you suppose this country has a “Gun” or “Gun Owner” problem, or a “Criminal” and “Gang” problem?

Think someone should tell the legacy media that they are lying when they promote “gun crime”?

In fact, it’s likely that there are very few crimes committed by the people that have guns in America. That and very few crimes associated with acquiring the firearms themselves. A number of those prosecutions have been abusive.

This puts the complete lie to the utility and value of “background check” laws. Normal people don’t need to acquire firearms in clandestine ways. Criminals intent on committing violent crime do that.

A law that is not enforced is worse than no law at all. There were many more than 4,000 crimes committed using firearms by felons in the United States. In fact the latest FBI stats show that we have a violent crime problem mostly in large cities – it’s decreasing more in other places where people commonly have guns. This is a policing problem, not a gun problem.

Successful criminals don’t acquire firearms through processes that rely on NICS. The system is a paper tiger, only impacting lawful people with falsely based delays. Criminals steal guns, buy them on the black market, use “straw purchasers” and completely bypass background checks. Background checks can never become “universal”.

With enforcement of existing laws, and elimination of politician initiated massacre disarmament zones crime will be reduced even faster.

Prosecutors simply do not followup on police investigations that show violation of Federal gun law. In many cases, competing agencies don’t cooperate with each other. If we had 100% enforcement of existing law instead of plea deals we’d see more criminals stopped before they can commit violent crime. Putting the millions we waste on NICS into prosecution of Federal gun violations would result in more prosecutions and more convictions. Taking a no compromise position on plea deals would too.

It’s clear from the 2018 FBI statistics that increased prosecutions do suppress violent crime. The places where politicians blame “guns” instead of “criminals” for their violent crime problems are the ones that are not getting better.

Things are Getting Genuinely Interesting…

Media stories are starting to tear apart President Trump’s insistence on making Mexico’s irresponsibility over border integrity painful to them through tariffs.

Of course, the legacy media exists in service of the Democrat secular socialist machine.

None of the stories they run about economic impact of conservative political actions are ever true. There are more than enough “analysts” and “economists” to give them opinions that support the corrupt political machine that is keeping Democrats in office.

We have no farther to go than our witness to the way the media and politicians treat lawful gun owners in our country.

Once you understand this, you start looking for other more reputable sources of information. Thanks to the Internet, you can get direct information instead of something manipulated and second-hand.

This would be a good start:


It would look like prosperity is broadly spreading across all sectors of our economy, benefiting those at lower income levels the most.

The one thing missing from this (and almost every major economic surge) is the controlling (or rather stifling) influence of government interference.

When an executive like the President decides to act, the first thing they do is thoroughly understand where their power and control lies. Some of it is influence, but this President wisely knew that informal leadership and influence means nothing to machine politicians. Those politicians depend on corrupt influence over government “favors” to a select few and not American citizens that broadly value liberty.

What actual powers reside with the President? You can be sure, President Trump has advisers that have thoroughly determined what he has the authority to do, and that he’s willing, able and motivated to use those powers.

Are punitive tariffs good for the American people? To the extent that they can help deal with problems being irresponsibly left unaddressed by congress (whose leadership is more concerned with their own machine power than anything else), it’s hard to tell. There are certainly winners and losers within our nation, but the net overall impact is likely good.

Businesses burdened by tariffs will return jobs to the USA. Foreign governments may choose to behave more responsibly. Products may temporarily get more expensive. Export of domestic products may slow down.

There is a very simple solution that would make everyone but the congressional machine politicians happy. Simply fix the problem with illegal invasion of the United States through eliminating the currently corrupt system that favors immigration lawyers and their big fees (and subsequent donations to congressional candidates). The one that ensures government support of shady companies setup to house and maintain detention facilities full of invaders.

But, of course, that is big business and a genuine “perk” when it comes to political donations to candidates that want their machine to stay in power.

No wonder they are so mad at a President that has thrown the entire machine into disarray and disrepair. Why some people could lose their power over all this.