More Confirmation: Gun Control Is Not About Stopping Crime

Liberal leftist thought leads to some real traps. This is one of them.

This article confirms that the leftists are not interested in stopping crime, just confiscating and prohibiting guns.

They want it both ways. No incarceration, no prosecution of felons for possessing guns. Leftist politicians interfere with prosecution at the local level, so the DOJ moved prosecution to the Federal level and started ramping up law enforcement.

But this doesn’t fit the leftist program against incarceration. Too many criminals end up in jail, stopped from committing more crimes.

We have a local problem in Durham discussed earlier.

Now the report from a gang unit about the fact that 53% of felon gun violations there don’t get prosecuted is criticized as not well researched (I know… gun violations are plea bargained away…):

But these stories are just puff pieces for background check law expansion and registration of guns for future confiscation…

It would seem that leftists just want to pass laws, not enforce them…. and it’s policy from central casting at the secular socialist Democrat political machine puppet masters.

I guess all this must just be racist on the part of law enforcement:

Read the Report – Think for Yourself

The DOJ Report into misuse of FISA warrants has just been released:

The DOJ Overview page is at:

The actual report is at:

The legacy media in collusion with their leftist controllers are going to do their best to spin this report as if it means nothing. It’s long and involved, but I think it’s worth reading what the DOJ actually found.

What “Winning” Looks Like…

Modern American Feudalism Won’t Cut It…

The real goal of Socialism in American Politics is to establish a long term elite and a nation run on the feudal system.

This is a long essay, but a good one with perspective on what Conservatives need to do to win this important battle:…t-realignment/

Make no mistake, it’s only with an effective coalition that we can protect gun rights, liberty and individual freedom with responsibility in this nation.

The article ends:

“There are three choices facing Americans who recognize and resist the drift towards feudalism. Surrender. War. Persuasion. The time for persuasion is not over. In our quest to form alliances, the probability of success is greater when logic is expressed with love, when fear is countered with calm, resentment with friendship. The truths we fight for are timeless and inviolable. The manner in which we deliver them is completely up to us, and will make all the difference in the world.”

Next time you hate someone for seeming to “break the rules”, think carefully. They may also make a good ally. Just because you don’t understand someone or their behavior (that doesn’t hurt or even affect anyone else), don’t reject them – they may value liberty and freedom as much as you do. They may also need the practical ability to defend themselves.

Tolerance and Judgement

We’ve just witnessed a Saudi Arabian military officer attack his disarmed fellow students at the Pensacola Naval education facility he was attending while representing his government and their joint interests with the United States. It appears to be motivated by Islamic Jihad Terrorism.

Modern democratic republics are fundamentally incompatible with tribal based government, especially when it’s structured around an individual religious sect like Saudi Arabia. It doesn’t matter if it’s Islam or another religion, there are fundamental differences in how tribal people live their lives.

Democratic republics and monarchies tend to be very protective of fixed geographic borders. Tribal societies are the exact opposite. The reason that fixed and well marked geographic borders evolved in Western governments is to help stop conflict. Tribal societies thrive on conflict, and often the disagreements are based on dominating and controlling land.

Why exactly do countries in the West have friends in the Middle East tribal nations? It’s quite simple, “Oil”. The wealth this has created and concentrated tends to get politician attention worldwide. The power of controlling the commerce in a basic commodity like oil is just too much to ignore.

The unfortunate problem this has caused is to bring together peoples with completely different religious beliefs. Western culture isn’t interested in just being left alone so we tend to form alliances and conflicts with tribes in the Middle East. We want their resources. They want the trappings of our way of life – but without challenging their supreme religious power over their people. This leads to a careful controlled balance in those tribal nations, and conflicts with the Western democratic republics.

Add to this the religious obligation of cultural domination that Islam requires of it’s believers and you’ve got the match to light a century of conflict. Peaceful co-existence is not in their interest, and neither is isolation.

It’s naive and dangerous to invite infiltration by such people into your own country. Remember, the founding fathers had not dealt extensively with people of alien religious beliefs at the time the Constitution was written and the nation was founded. Religious freedom for them involved freely choosing among any number of Christian oriented churches, many of which were founded in America to escape domination by state religions in Europe.

America’s first experience with Islam happened quite soon after the nation was founded. Beginning in 1801 (just 12 years after our nation was founded) we were at war with Islam:

And yes, they attacked us first.

Our system boasts “religious freedom” and it’s a principle that we take seriously. This needs, in practice, to be implemented quite carefully. The constitution prohibits us from establishing a state religion, but it doesn’t stop us from dealing with violent and dangerous beliefs.

I find it quite curious that we could have over 22,000 infringements of the right to keep and bear arms, but have always kept our hands off satanic religions and those that include the belief that we must be destroyed as infidels.

Leftist “Political Correctness” is destroying education

Right in your own community, you have public school boards that are actively working to destroy our education system, and put our students in danger as well as at a disadvantage in world competition` This translates into lower prosperity, decreased income over lifetimes, increased risk to leftist tactics to “buy” voters, and long term damage to our nation.

They work quietly to hide the negative impact of their politically correct interference with education at the primary and high school levels, but ultimately when standardized admissions testing is done for college entrance, their failure becomes clear.

If you understand how reckless their prejudice against self defense is (supposed “gun free” massacre zones put our school children in the cross hairs for violent attacks) you also know it’s just the tip of the bad judgement iceberg.

Here is a summary of the result. A remarkably small minority of students is qualified to enter college after 12 or 13 years at the hands of leftist educators, and even fewer manage to graduate (my own University is now touting a 45% graduation rate – with the vast majority owing thousands in school loans, graduating or not).…her-education/

Words matter…

Dean Weingarten has written an excellent explanation of why progressive prejudice has no place in our American system:

Most specifically, bogus references to “Gun Violence” are, in fact, an attempt to reassign responsibility for violent crimes from the criminals that choose to commit violence to the tools that they use. In this case, one specific tool that they choose. The gun.

There is a big difference between opposing violent criminals, and assigning all responsibility for their actions to blameless citizens who you then dedicate yourself to disarm. This is the essence of the leftist term “gun violence” – a made up concept for intolerant emotionally driven haters.

Murder, sexual assault, armed robbery and any number of other crimes are bad for society, and it’s in the government’s interest to stop the criminals that commit these crimes, regardless of their weapon of choice.

Justified homicide actually helps society because it’s how the worst of violent criminal attacks is often stopped by a victim. It’s in society’s and government’s interest to not interfere with a citizen’s right to defend oneself. That self defense needs effective means, and that means protecting the right to bear arms. Everywhere progressives have interfered with this basic human right, order has broken down and criminals have grown in power.

“Gun control” is against our fundamental constitutional principles for good reason. It interferes with self-defense and stopping criminals.

Progressive Intolerance and Judgement

It occurred to me that the most intolerant groups of people have always been associated with the Democrat party and their secular socialist political machine.

But, it’s intolerance without judgement. These “progressives” pick and choose those that they actually do tolerate. This choice is not rational.

For example, leftists profess great tolerance for those that are mentally ill, and have worked for decades to eliminate residential treatment and re-integrate patients into communities. These patients are left to their own devices, and professionals assume that they will voluntarily comply with their medication dosing needs.

Democrats have been systematically intolerant of black for the majority of the existence of their party, depending upon and supporting slavery through the Civil War and reconstruction. Once they “woke” to the evils of suppressing blacks and discriminating against them, they became intolerant of other groups. Gun owners, for example. Without any rational judgement involved, they didn’t increase their tolerance of others in society, they transferred it to another group.

Progressive leftist tolerance of the mentally ill has had horrible unintended consequences ranging from homelessness to the destructive behavior of mass shooters. Psychopaths know how to manipulate progressives and everyone else. Since they are so charismatic, typical emotionally driven leftists will leave the psychopath alone, often encouraging them and becoming intolerant of anyone that would stop and contain such mentally ill people. When they become troublesome, leftists disengage, either doing their best to ignore the problem, or expecting someone else in authority to take responsibility for them. But leftists in government often don’t do their job or fulfill their obligation to society because there’s generally inadequate oversight in managing government employees.

Psychopaths start small, slowly testing the waters as they proceed to escalate their damage and domination of others. As children they torture insects, and then move up to puppy dogs and other pets. In school, they charm teachers while they organize bullying of peers that they perceive to be weak. As adolescents, they progress to add sexual abuse to their repertoire.

When you don’t detect and use force to control a psychopath, they will progressively become more and more violent and dangerous. But leftists that allow psychopaths to progress through school, work and life without any bounds or controls just encourage their violence to escalate. Doing nothing is the wrong response. So is preventing others from defending themselves. Thus we have supposed “gun free zones” which have been the massacre target of choice for America’s psychopaths.

Why do leftists routinely tolerate psychopaths? Why to leftists hate responsible citizens? Why do leftists routinely remove the effective means of self defense from law abiding citizens?

It’s intolerance without judgement. Driven by emotional demons more than rationality and responsibility, leftists expect others to solve the problems they’ve created through their politically correct education system, absentee parenting, lack of setting or enforcing limits to their children’s behavior, and destructive attempt to take down law enforcement when police eventually are forced to do the job, and stop violent criminals.

Now, we watch as one of the most intolerant tyrants to ever appear on the American political scene launches his campaign by working to eliminate responsible self defense against the monsters that leftist progressive tolerance has unleashed.