The Stimulus “Voter Bribe” Gone Wrong…

I imagine that 8 or 9 million or so people taking their stimulus checks and buying guns are putting the fear of people power into the minds of the Leftist politicians. That’s why gun owners are now being associated with “domestic terrorism” in the media. That war of words is real.

While many people are dependent upon government payments to live during this time, a huge number remain employed, and this “voter bribe” is available for buying things like guns when they hear Leftists talk about “defunding the police”.

The amazing thing is that nobody seems to understand that “serve and protect” is a police motto. Good marketing. The Supreme Court made it clear years ago that police are under no obligation to protect any individual. That is a personal responsibility, and to defend yourself effectively in today’s world takes a gun.

9 million new gun owners can’t be wrong.

535 Senators and Congress members with a majority of them Leftists are most certainly wrong.

The two faced political double standards are so obvious as to be tragic. The Leftists want to defund police and take away your power to defend yourself and your family by eliminating your choice to own guns and learn to use them safely. At the same time, they want to protect a woman’s choice to abort pregnancy. Anyone see that as hugely hypocritical??? Yet almost half the nation buys into those lies.

I guess it was the stimulus “voter bribes”… too bad we’re not using the money the Leftists want us to… I guess thaat darned freedom and liberty has to be rebranded “domestic terrorism”…

The latest is to start referring to the people that invaded the Capitol and scared the politicians on January 6th as “armed”… The implication is that they were armed with guns, which isn’t true. The only people with guns in the Capitol invasion were Capitol protective police officers, and the only shots fired killed an unarmed woman who was a retired Air Force officer. More media lies to get the politicians support for their power grabs, and national gun registration.

It’s Time for Coalition Building

Remember Virginia!

At any given time, all of us are basically ONE election away from what happened this past year in Virginia. Why is that important? Because when the leftists got control in that state (Governor and both legislative houses) the very first thing that they did was pass draconian gun control laws.

We can celebrate the fact that four Democrats refused to support a semi-auto gun ban. That turned out to be too extreme for even them. But that’s not all that happened.

The efforts of VCDL and 28,000 people showing showing up with guns peacefully at their general assembly may have made their point and had their effect, and 91 of 95 counties declaring themselves “Sanctuary” for gun owners may have made their point, but the simple fact is that today FIVE new gun control laws are on Governor Northam’s desk and ready for his signature, or already signed.

This includes another state that is falling to the folly of Red Flag gun confiscation legislation.

This is called “LOSING” your rights through encroaching infringement. It’s not victory. You can’t stand as a minority (gun owners) in a democratic republic like ours and expect to defend your rights.

We can rail against the influence of Soros’ and Bloomberg’s money, but the simple fact is that we blew it. Now that we know how to lose, lets start talking about how to win.

It was interesting to see the unvoiced prejudice and discomfort among the Democrats, and the language they sometimes used about Pete Buttigieg. In private it was sometimes base, coarse, crude, offending language.

Let’s think a bit about why this all came about, and how it affects us as gun owners trying to win re-election for conservatives.

I should mention that based on my life experiences, the people I’ve met and the institutions I’ve supported I am a fiscal conservative and social moderate. I think that HATE and HATRED is one of the least useful human emotions. My mother was abused as a child, and instead of becoming an abuser herself, she became a protector and nurturer. She taught me not to hate, but to listen and learn.

The vast majority of American are born heterosexual. A US Department of Health study done in 2013 found the numbers and they are somewhat consistent with long term work done starting in the late 1940s. This makes people like Buttigieg a clear minority in Americans.

Anyone that thinks that being a widely hated and discriminated against minority is a voluntary choice needs to check their reasoning. I can’t imagine someone choosing to subject themselves to ridicule, physical attacks and the most vile of name calling.

It’s equally interesting that while we condemn religions like Islam for condemning and motivating the murder of people (including gay people), many of us feel it’s our righteous duty to do the same thing. The Bible teaches us to discriminate and destroy many things. Today, we selectively choose to only condemn a few of them because we now know why things like pork spoil and become deadly, and that some marriages can never be reconciled. Do we eat pork and get divorced? Why does religion teach us to hate homosexuals and murder Jews?

Today it’s understood that sexual orientation is something that is born into people, not learned or effectively changed. It’s the same for other things like right or left handed preferences or left or right eye preference. It’s also something that isn’t considered all or nothing, and is thought to exist on a continuous range with people falling somewhere between completely heterosexual to completely homosexual.

Some babies are born “intersexed” They can be physically born one sex on the inside and one on the outside. Years ago, I knew a doctor named John Money who specialized in “correcting” these extreme rarities in nature. You can’t imagine the lives he destroyed when he picked the wrong sex for his surgery. While some consider him a pioneer, I saw his re-assignment of some patients as monstrous. In truth they were experiments on living human beings. Should we hate these people?

It’s the nature of some rare individuals that they are born with a sexual orientation that doesn’t match their body. Should we hate them?

Gay people like Pete Buttigieg are invisible if they choose to be. Many that help you and make a difference in your life will never trust you enough to discuss themselves with you. This is because of prejudice. It can extend to even the relationship between father and son, mother and daughter. Sometimes they can’t live with you, and can’t live without you. It’s a major cause of suicide in young people.

OK… I get it. Hate is a real emotion and generally something that is taught by parents, religious leaders, peers, or some other institution. How useful has hate been in your life? And if it’s based in your religious belief system, it may be time to ask yourself why. People are different in many ways. The human animal survived in pre-history by instinctively selecting members of it’s tribe carefully, and violently driving other tribes away. Much of that selection was done on visible characteristics, and yet the invisible ones were more threatening. Something as basic as sexual orientation is both invisible and very difficult to understand, so it’s easy to build hatred on that. Never forget that the most potent wars place God on both sides.

Do the people we are taught to hate have a right to defend themselves from physical attack and harm? When I teach a student gun safety in a NRA class, I don’t ask them if they’re gay or have certain religious beliefs. I do make sure that they comply with the laws of our nation, and turn away anyone that doesn’t. That includes illegal invaders – not because they are foreign, but because they flaunt and violate our laws (many of which are bad laws).

I’ve taught classes that were all women. I’ve taught classes that were all black citizens. For all I know, I’ve taught gay students how to defend themselves. I frankly don’t care. It’s not my job to hate any of them. They all have a right to self defense, and many of my students need to exercise that right every day. As you can see, I’m socially moderate.

As gun owners, we’re literally fighting for our rights, and one election away from losing them big. REMEMBER VIRGINIA!

If you really want to win, it’s time to stop hating people and start building coalitions. Starting back in the 1960’s civil rights movement, the Democrats have been smart enough to build up their power in this way, and have been doing it now for decades. In fact, every conservative social policy I’ve seen our Republican party lead with has driven people into the Democrat coalition, all while we watch them destroy our nation economically and in international position. Embrace legal immigrants, embrace Black citizens, welcome the gay citizens – many of them are actually quite conservative too. Many support gun owners and our Second Amendment for very personal reasons.

If gay people represent 8 to 10% of our population, why would you voluntarily drive them away and give up their votes to the Democrats? All because you were taught to hate them? That’s not rational. It may be comfortable, and safe, and something friends approve of, but it’s not how to win the election. That 8 to 10% of the population (many of whom are, I expect, politically active and actually vote) could make the difference in electing conservatives this fall.

We all have a choice in November. We cannot stand alone in a country like the USA. And don’t think for a moment that we can continue to divide and somehow win.

The Gun Won’t Protect You

A member of one of the forums I frequent online was bemoaning the lack of availability of quality revolvers in gun stores. He saw salesmen push inappropriate semi-auto handguns on customers that ended up not being able to cycle and shoot them for a variety of reasons ranging from medical conditions to inability to control the recoil of lightweight compact semi-autos. As one handgun is found to be inappropriate, the salesman is more than happy to steer the customer to the next inappropriate handgun.

The selections are often being made based on appearances rather than the characteristics needed for reliable self defense based on an individual’s needs.

Now you’re seeing the impact of fake media and it’s convergence with marketing.

What you don’t see is a number of students that I have show up in Basic Pistol classes that show up with completely inappropriate handguns that they are unable to operate. They are always the one that the student trusted the sales clerk to sell them. Or the trusted relative to select. Very few of these selections are actually based on the needs of the student.

I do what i can to show students the adaptive approaches to actually using what they bought. In some cases, where they bought the cost reduced versions of products, the brand new handguns mechanically fail. In one case years ago, the trigger of a brand new S&W Sigma a student brought in was so sloppy and inconsistent that he (and ultimately I) couldn’t accurately fire it. In others, brand new guns have jammed or repeatedly failed to cycle / eject / load properly.

Understand that the vast majority of buyers never bother to go to a class. The incidence of this kind of thing I have seen in classes implies that there are quite a few guns in drawers in homes that the owner may have fired once or twice at a range, and then put in the drawer thinking that the presence of the gun (instead of the skill shooting it) would protect them in the awful possibility that they would need to use it.

With that done, it’s back to watching people misuse handguns and fully automatic weapons on television.

We’re Energy Independent – Why Worry About Iran?

As the president mentioned today, the US is now energy independent within the world. We don’t need Iran’s oil anymore.

So, why is Iran important to citizens of the United States?

Iran isn’t just a normal nation, plying it’s way through the world and time. It’s an active exporter of terrorism motivated by Islam and the establishment of Sharia Law worldwide.

Iran is important to the USA because they have numerous terrorist cells here, in the United States, in place as sleeper cells waiting commands from their controllers in Iran.

This is a terrorism fusion report from Virginia. It’s ten years old:…sessment_b.pdf

In it you will see detailed assessment of these Iranian financed and controlled activities. A state under attack, and about to do everything they can to disarm lawful citizens, preventing effective self defense.

We should care about Iran because of the violence that they export and specifically target against us. They have been actively at war against us since they occupied our embassy in 1979.

Go with the Flow of your Money…

How do things really work in Leftist Liberal Progressive La La Land (otherwise known as the “Deep State”)?

Money is, of course, needed to keep the machine lubricated and running inefficiently. It’s the same with “Big Government” everywhere,

This article is the story of how lucrative contracts for the Federal “Job Corps” program get fulfilled, and how the money flows.

What’s the “Job Corps” you ask? It’s a multi-million dollar program that serves under performing youth with job opportunities full of perks and interesting things once the American education system fails you… You know… a bureaucratic employment service for failed Liberal Arts majors…

It’s legacy is the Lyndon Johnson hatched “Great Society”. It serves about 45,000 young students a year.

Thanks to big government, the fix is in and the scam is set!

It’s got everything. Racial preferences; Shady employment relationships, and a Federal time and materials based contract that isn’t performance (as in you do what you promised) based…

So… read the article. Go with the flow of your money.

Facts keep trumping the Democrat alternate “reality”…

I teach firearm safety because I think it’s important. Here’s more evidence that our education efforts are important and relevant to today’s societal needs.

The full report has the details.

httI tinps://

While these numbers and the consistent trend outside restrictive states like California and New York approach 10% of our population belie the propaganda from the media and politicians, it’s important to know that a small percentage of firearm owners have actually had formal safety training.

That said, it’s better to be part of the solution!

While millions of guns are being sold every year, so few new gun owners have had any formal safety training. I expect many that have it took the classes because it was required by state law for concealed carry permits.

We’re now approaching ten percent of the population with concealed carry permits plus 16 states that have some form of permitless concealed carry.

Do you think it’s magic that the increase in guns on the street has resulted in a decrease in crime? Guns are tools for safety and sustenance. Like all tools they can be used constructively or destructively.

It’s time to cut through the legacy media and politician lies and see responsible gun owners for what we really are. Pillars of a society that is teetering on the sand of socialism and false foundations. If we don’t stand up and defend the America that much of the rest of the world envies, I assure you that few others will.

Why the Lying Legacy Media is Dangerous

Ammoland today featured this commentary about the mis-reporting of a clear self defense incident in Atlanta recently:…ight-be-legal/

It would seem that when the truth is inconvenient to the legacy anti-gun owner agenda, they must still spin the story to put a clear self-defense incident into question, ensuring increased anxiety and fear in the general population that bothers to read their drivel.

Any lawful gun owner clearly understands how unfairly they will be treated in any incident. The danger is that when attacked, such reporting would make a defender question their actions long enough to die at the hands of their violent attacker.

That situation would, of course, be spun into more fear mongering by the rabid lying press that covered it.

The Day Lives Changed in Florida…

Last week, an incident recorded on video lead to the conviction of a man for homicide. I think that the incident is a teachable moment for gun owners.

The fact is that this case likely had nothing to do with “stand your ground” or “Castle Doctrine” laws because both parties to the incident had a right to be where they were. The media is lying about this aspect of the incident.

There is a concept of “Escalation of Force” in most self defense / lethal force statutes. We teach this in our Concealed Carry classes.

Briefly, if you are the one that escalates the level of force, you become the instigator, and the other person becomes the victim.

Even though the incident took place in Florida (under different laws), it may be useful to see NC’s actual statute:

§ 14-51.3. Use of force in defense of person; relief from criminal or civil liability.

(a) A person is justified in using force, except deadly force, against another when and to the extent that the person reasonably believes that the conduct is necessary to defend himself or herself or another against the other’s imminent use of unlawful force. However, a person is justified in the use of deadly force and does not have a duty to retreat in any place he or she has the lawful right to be if either of the following applies:
(1) He or she reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another.
(2) Under the circumstances permitted pursuant to G.S. 14-51.2.
(b) A person who uses force as permitted by this section is justified in using such force and is immune from civil or criminal liability for the use of such force, unless the person against whom force was used is a law enforcement officer or bail bondsman who was lawfully acting in the performance of his or her official duties and the officer or bail bondsman
identified himself or herself in accordance with any applicable law or the person using force knew or reasonably should have known that the person was a law enforcement officer or bail bondsman in the lawful performance of his or her official duties. (2011-268, s. 1.)

Levels of force include:

1. Physical presence
2. Verbal
3. Soft Hands (push, slap)
4. Hard Hands (fists)
5. Chemical (Mace, pepper spray, wasp spray)
6. Impact Weapons (sticks, clubs)
7. Deadly Force

The video of the incident clearly showed an escalation of force. The beginning was physical presence and verbal force. The shooter was the initial instigator.

You can find various versions of the video at:
Next came an escalation of force when the deceased exited the store, and pushed the shooter to the ground. This was “Soft hands”, and it allowed the shooter to regain the right of self defense.

The gray area in this case was whether or not shoving the shooter to the ground involved lethal force. “Soft hands” is not lethal force. It is often in these gray areas (manipulated by media propaganda, prejudice and any number of unknown risks) that juries and judges can be influenced to find either way. The fact that one was armed and the other wasn’t is irrelevant because you don’t have to have a weapon to project lethal force.

The fact that the deceased did not continue to pursue the shooter, but stood back and did not attempt to further injure the shooter argues in the direction that lethal force had not been used. Simply knocking someone to the ground is not lethal force. Following it up with a further beating might have been, but that is not what happened.

The shooter could argue that, due to disparity of size, he feared for his life while on the ground, and felt he had been attacked with lethal force. In this case, I doubt that was actually true. Being afraid for your life might be unjustified if it is not a rational reaction.

From the video, and knowing the “reasonable man” standard of juries, I thought that the shooter was in trouble the moment I saw the videos of the incident.

If the shooter had drawn his firearm to potentially protect himself, but not shot I believe he would have been justified, but I think in panic he was the one that escalated to lethal force, losing his right to self defense under the law. I think that he probably shot in panic, and possibly shot based on prejudice based assumptions.

In any case, the jury and judge though he was not justified in using lethal force. The results are the same in any case. Homicide conviction.

Carrying a firearm without getting the proper education about how the law works in your state can be very dangerous and at minimum very expensive. This is why I teach, yet I’m amazed at how few gun owners bother to get the proper training.

Today’s Media “Guilty Gush” of Love for Guns…

I know it’s hidden in plain sight, but has anyone noticed today’s media “Guilty Gush” of love for guns?

Every network has, at great expense, sent their lead anchors and crews to France to stand on the liberated soil of France with President Trump and the leaders of France and England. More important, they are standing on that soil with the last members of the world’s “greatest generation” that actually put their lives and family welfare at risk to take back France from socialist tyrants.

Every one of those that sacrificed their lives and fought for the liberty and freedom of France and the rest of Western Europe, shielding those back home from the expansion of German aggression, did so with the effective means made possible by guns. Handguns. Rifles. Artillery. Tanks.

Practically every soldier storming Normandy beaches carried a gun. A gun of superior design. The “M1 Garand Rifle” or the M1911a1 .45acp pistol. Or the “M1 Carbine”. Or the “Thompson SubMachine Gun”. Or “Browning Machine Gun”.

They didn’t carry guns because it was “a good idea”, they carried them because they were forced to by well equipped German troops that were defending the territory they stole from the French.

Many of the more effective rescuers of liberty in France learned to shoot guns accurately and effectively well before they entered the armed forces. They learned as civilians. The better ones taught inexperienced civilians and helped select the most effective ones to lead others.

Not one media story I’ve heard or seen on this 75th anniversary of the rescue of Liberty in Europe has discussed the history of the guns used to make that rescue effective. Instead, they focus on the misuse of guns when criminals, terrorists and psychopaths use them to take advantage of the massacre zones politicians have created here.

Guns are the tools of freedom and liberty. They are the tools of self-defense. Guns save lives. By honoring America’s “greatest generation” on this anniversary, we must necessarily honor the means of accomplishing their task. By lying in their omission of the truth, the politically correct media can’t tell the entire story. In truth, they really don’t want to because it would interfere with their socialist secular agenda.

An Interesting Statistic and Opportunity in North Carolina

In past years, NC made the names and addresses of CCH holders public, allowing newspapers to publish details about private citizens that would better have been kept private – if only to prevent thefts.

The last time they were able to do this, GRNC made sure that the home address and contact information for the media reporter that ran the aggressive anti-gun owner article got widely distributed over the Internet.

Two things happened. The state legislature added legislation that made all CCH permit holder details private, and the news media didn’t oppose the action.

That was goodness, but it also allowed our state statisticians to completely stop revealing how many NC citizens had CCH permits.

Getting that information has taken a long effort, involving one of our GRNC leaders work on FOIA Freedom of Information Act actions.

The NC SBI finally released summary numbers to us, and the information is revealing.

NC CCH permit holders now account for 7.2% of the adult population, meaning one out of every 14 adults in our state has a CCH permit.

– – – – – –

News alert – with over 650,000 trained and qualified citizens available to help protect themselves and fellow NC citizens, take a look at letting us help secure all the supposed “Gun Free” massacre zones like the University of North Carolina at Charlotte…

Riley Howell might be alive today if he were allowed to exercise his right to self defense. Politicians are standing directly in the way of progress to making NC citizens safer.