Yes, Virginia, Concealed Carry Reciprocity is Important

Panicked posts are talking about Virginia’s revocation of concealed carry reciprocity in the wake of the election of gun grabbing Democrats to majority status in Virginia’s legislature and governorship. But, before you cancel plans to visit… note one thing:

That article describes an action taken in 2015 that was eventually reversed thanks to actions taken by VCDL.

The point is made that the changes were attempted by Democrats as they ascended to power in Virginia four years ago. Now that they have full power, I expect nothing less than a series of draconian and dangerous infringements on the Second Amendment.

But. The focus by the legacy media on this issue and article is just designed to do one thing, and that – like all propaganda – is meant to emotionally manipulate you. Such things make gun owners angry, and cause us to fear more encroachment upon liberty and rights.

It also tells the leftists that the Democrat political machine is winning by achieving the complete confiscation goals of their anti-gun owner agenda.

These are lies. Damned lies. False lies.

If reciprocity is again interfered with in Virginia, the only solution is to work to reverse the bad statutes that tyrannical politicians have passed into law. You do that by electing people that respect you, your liberty and a moral sense of right.

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