The Virtual Coup

We have witnessed one of the greatest manipulations of free citizens at liberty in the history of he world.

  1. People in their teens, twenties and thirties have somehow been convinced to elect a man that channels their great grandfathers to lead our nation.
  2. Faced with years of the greatest opportunity and success for minorities in the history of our nation, we have convinced select minorities that they are the victims of “racism”.
  3. Faced with repeated “woke” signaling, we have convinced innocent and well meaning people that they are “racists” based on the actions and beliefs of their great-grandparents and grandparents.
  4. We are about to hand the Nuclear football codes to a man that may owe his election itself to financing and corrupt practices originating in China. A man that may soon not be able to manipulate the device itself in time of emergency, instead preferring to delegate it’s care to others.
  5. Criminal illegal invaders of our borders have been portrayed as innocent immigrants, and guilt has been projected  on the rest of our nation for wanting secure borders in a time of Islamic inspired terrorism.
  6. One political party has supported Leftists, organized by Communists, in the destruction of our great city centers, and used the violence permitted by their party’s political leaders to destroy the security of our population.
  7. People intent on destroying our nation’s police agencies and then disarming innocent civilians to prevent them from defending themselves are about to be in control of the Executive and possibly the Legislative branches of our Federal Government, including the ATF, an agency in the Justice Department that has already embraced arbitrary and capricious rule making.
  8. One political party supported by deep state agency operatives has leveraged hatred of a President through malicious unrelenting and unjustified attack on him made successful by his unusual and discomforting personality.

We are witnessing a virtual coup, brought about through the manipulation of our population by force, misdirection, and constant propaganda. Look to history and understand the implications. I suggest we start at Germany in about 1930. They lived in a Democracy at the time, but didn’t value it because it was imposed upon them after WW-I. The result was a tragedy of historical proportions.

Through the manipulation of the education of several generations of America’s youth, just enough our nation does not value liberty, and has chosen to become subjects instead of citizens. They believe the lies. They believe the legacy media. They believe the politicians. They believe the lies.

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