The National Gun Registration Smoking Gun Surfaces

If there is any doubt in your mind about the fact that “Universal Background Checks” must necessarily lead to a system of “National Gun Registration” in the United States, look no farther than this January, 2013 (Obama Administration) report from the then Deputy Director of the National Institute of Justice, Greg Ridgeway:


This memo summarizes the “Gun Control” strategies being actively pursued by the Obama White House, and forms a road map for future (if delayed) “Gun Control” efforts.

In this memo from Ridgeway, none of the disclosed details of these strategies involve support to improve enforcement of existing laws or to convict the criminals already violating them.

In this study, Ridgeway first complements the Australian confiscation and buyback program, then states:

“Universal background checks
Twitter summary: Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration and an easy gun transfer process.”

“Gun registration and continuous checks for possession eligibility
Universal checks are insufficient for ensuring that firearm owners remain eligible. Convictions, health issues, and restraining orders can develop after the background checks.”

“The challenge to implementing this more broadly is that most states do not have a registry of firearm ownership. Currently NICS background checks are destroyed within 24 hours. Some states maintain registration of all firearms. Gun registration aims to 1) increase owner responsibility by directly connecting an owner with a gun, 2) improve law enforcement’s ability to retrieve guns from owners prohibited from possessing firearms. Gun registration also allows for the monitoring of multiple gun purchases in a short period of time.”

This makes clear the necessity of a comprehensive National level central gun registration scheme in order to make “Universal Background Checks” effective. Any questions?

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