The Creed of the Righteous Gun Owner


Creed of the Righteous Gun Owner

  • As a Righteous Gun Owner, I am subject to ridicule and criticism from an agenda fueled legacy media and power obsessed politicians who constantly mislead their audience and lie about me. I will not compromise with these ignorant and dangerous hypocrites.
  • As a Righteous Gun Owner, I have have invested in the knowledge and skills needed to safely possess, operate, carry and use my firearms. I maintain them properly, train to develop and retain skills and apply the knowledge required to responsibly own them.
  • As a Righteous Gun Owner, I value my liberty and freedom enough to know that citizens needs both the will and means to defend themselves. I will not compromise with those that would strip me of my means of self-protection.
  • As a Righteous Gun Owner, I take responsibility for my actions, my safety and the protection of my family and loved ones. I know that no government can individually protect me from danger.
  • As a Righteous Gun Owner, I know that by condoning supposed “Gun Free” zones, politicians actually create massacre zones that attract criminals, terrorists and psychopaths. I do not voluntarily enter these zones, or do business with people that establish them.
  • As a Righteous Gun Owner, I know that no background check system can ever be effective at stopping acquisition of firearms by criminals, terrorists and psychopaths. To establish “universal background check systems”, it will be necessary to also establish a central registry of firearms and ownership. The mere existence of such a system is a manifest clear and present danger to American liberty.
  • As a Righteous Gun Owner, I know that no system of “Inadequate Notice Gun Confiscation” can ever be implemented without being subject to abuse by those that fear guns. Such systems are already being abused, have killed police and citizens and can never be effective at stopping violent incidents. “Red Flag” laws will simply silence their targets, who will simply attack without warning.
  • As a Righteous Gun Owner, I reject all false flag political appeals to “Common Sense” and the need for politicians to “Do Something” in response to violent incidents. The laws that exist today are not being properly enforced, with charges routinely dismissed when prohibited people are caught carrying guns illegally. I expect judges and district attorneys to enforce existing laws before anyone considers passing more.
  • As a Righteous Gun Owner, I know that systemic “Solutions” that only act to burden and restrict Righteous possession of guns and their commerce can never stop criminals, terrorists or psychopaths. Politicians must stop politicizing violent attacks and start funding proper police investigation of crime, streamlined judicial action when crimes are committed, and assured punishment and isolation of criminals upon conviction.
  • As a Righteous Gun Owner, I demand an end to the legacy media’s emotional manipulation of the American people and their reliance on fear mongering to maintain the American people’s attention. To serve their own ends, their anti gun owner agenda inaccurately focuses attention and inflates the perceived danger associated with rare violent incidents. This increases the potential for future incidents, motivating criminals, terrorists and psychopaths.

I am the Righteous Gun Owner. I stand for liberty, freedom and responsibility. I will not compromise my means of protecting myself and those I love.

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