Pistol Brace Lawsuit Tracker

The first was from the FPC.

Mock v. Garland – FPC Lawsuit Challenging the ATF’s Pistol Brace Rule

Filed in the 5th District (Texas), the docket is tracked at:

Docket for Mock v. Garland, 4:23-cv-00095 – CourtListener.com

Mock V. Garland Amended Complaint:

Here’s the second lawsuit I’ve heard of against the Pistol Brace rule:

Military Veterans Sue Biden Administration to Protect Second Amendment Rights | Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty



This suit comes from Wisconsin.

And a third lawsuit has been filed in Florida:


Colon v. ATF

PDF is here: 


And the Fourth lawsuit filed by SAF and Rainier Arms in the Northern Texas district court:


And a Fifth lawsuit by Blake Watterson in the Eastern District of Texas:



Sixth Lawsuit filed in Connecticut state court:

Here’s the next lawsuit, filed in Connecticut. It is different in that state because of state “assault weapons bans” which prohibit “SBRs” and the Federal rule which forces existing pistols into that class or destruction of property. 

Citizens Rights Group Seeks Emergency Restraining Order Against “Weapon” Ban

The case tracking is at: 


with the PDF at: 

State of Texas and GOA V. ATF:


Firearm Accountability Coalition v. Garland (NRA Lawsuit, Richard Cicero, West Virginia DA, B&T, SB Tactical)

Blake Watterson Request for Injunctive Relief

Connecticut TRO


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