Patriot Games

Impeachment looms over the nation, with accusations of wrong doing that can’t be proven. It’s important to step back a bit, and consider what America really has in it’s leader.

On reflection, I think that all politicians are liars. They practice the “art of the possible”, not truth or reality. With constituents tugging at them from every direction, they eventually take the path that donations, favors, influence and lobbyists carefully guide them on – and ultimately act in the way they want to.

Some act with corruption as the basis of their self-interest.

Considering that all politicians are liars, and that President Trump lies regularly, and without guile, I consider President Trump an agile liar. One that slips quickly from lie to lie leaving everyone in his wake.

But President Trump is different. he had power, influence, and position before he ran for President. It’s likely that nothing less than his ego drove him to run for office.

President Trump’s style is an acquired taste for those of us that are on the outside looking in. He practices the fine New York art of “tweaking” and “manipulating” people to get his way – and in the case of his current office, uses things like Twitter to irritate his opponents into emotional overload. It’s a clever and effective technique. When I lived in New York, the natives called it “Busting Chops”, and would readily admit to it to your face. President Trump has been “busting chops” on the leftist Democrats since the day he declared his candidacy.

Just lik e Joseph McCarthy surrounded himself with people like Roy Cohn (who – incidentally – was one of President Trump’s life tutors), President Trump has people like Rudy Giuliani and Michael Cohen – all lawyers either defining or steeped in New York culture and know how to sail close to the wind… Who can accomplish anything in the normal lane everyone else uses?

Even if you suffer from an advanced case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s hard to argue against the fact that President Trump has been good for America. Most of the active criticism of Democrats and the legacy agenda infused media has been inconsequential, intensifying their frustration and clearly driving them to make serious mistakes like Russia Probes and Impeachment Proceedings. Some day they may choose to win and plan “Patriot Games”…

The Democrats know that they have to do more to dominate and control elections.

And… the long game by the Democrats (under Eric Holder and Obama’s current leadership) is to fight against gerrymandering ONLY in Republican dominated states. They have launched a multi-million dollar effort (All on the Line) to do just that, and have used liberal courts to throw out the redistricting maps in North Carolina false calling them racist (one of the few ways courts will reverse redistricting).

The rally efforts are GREAT, but the politicians know that they have no direct impact, and frankly laugh at us looking out through the legislature windows. They know that our visible vocal protesting can influence lots of people, and motivate them – but they also know that these efforts are more symbolic than effective. I lobby legislators directly here, and I know what they say about us, and do… They are savvy enough not to challenge you to your face, but they won’t tell you they disagree with you.

Sanctuary county movements are the same. They don’t end up affecting the statutes of law, and are impotent as a result. Virginia has already funded state level police agencies to hire additional people and step in where their sanctuary counties won’t enforce their laws.

Remember – rallies like Richmond ARE good for our cause, and useful because they motivate people and give the cynical media material that is very hard to twist against us. They will execute their agenda by reporting facts about the rally once, and then quickly running to the next “be afraid, be very afraid” agenda topic. They will do everything to spin the story negative.

For example, most of the reporters opened their coverage by basically saying they were surprised that none of the expected violence happened at the Richmond rally. But think about it. Who expected violence? A cynical Democrat gun grabber that wanted to make a point by getting a liberal court to issue a preemptive disarmament order? Cynical agenda driven legacy media reporters that were told by Bloomberg’s minions to run stories about how it’s inevitable that there will be violence when so many people bring guns to an event? Reporters burrowing out stories about violent extremist groups that were foiled in their intended violent disruptions of this event by the FBI – an assumption the media made simply because the FBI said that “the base” planned on attending the event? Again – complete advance fabrication of “fake facts” by the agenda driven media.

So, no violence happened. The media didn’t report on their fantasy reporting run-up to the event by saying they had faked it, and were completely delusional… Instead they played the “can you believe it didn’t get violent” card. They basically said that despite everything they had told us to expect, it didn’t happen that way in the end, and nobody could have predicted it. Now on to the next story…

We’re dealing with a number of very well entrenched forces, all of whom are more than willing to fake propaganda against gun owners, and reinforce the behavior of criminals, terrorists and psychopaths by associating their violence with us because they misuse guns (like the media portrays in movies and video games – brainwashing everyone that consumes them).

We have one viable approach to stopping this gradual erosion of American liberty. Vote. Get everyone you know that is conservative into the voting booth too. Stop this clown car full of tyrants and zealots.

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