Stopping school shootings – Responsibility Edition…

The issue is “responsibility”.

While Cruz was the psychopath criminal in this incident, there are a large number of people that didn’t fulfill their “responsibility”.

Time and again (dozens) police were called to stop him. Not one time did anyone insist on prosecuting him for a number of probable crimes. Not once. This is why he had a clean record.

Mental health councilors, social workers and administrators were all satisfied that Cruz signed a pledge to take his medications. They took no responsibility to follow up.

Neighbors that suspected him of burglary and observed him stealing things from the yard didn’t bother to confront this difficult child, leaving the responsibility to deal with him to others.

The school administration kept not confronting an obvious problem for politically correct reasons, eliminating the “school to prison” pipeline. Their prior approach had been to have “zero tolerance” and take away staff judgment rather than allow them to use their experience to do their jobs responsibly. When too many of their undisciplined wards ended up in trouble, they balked.

Why were these children undisciplined? It’s clear that parents shirked their responsibility to set limits and seek help for truly damaged and mentally ill children.

When the parents that took in Cruz after his mother’s death were interviewed, they claimed that they didn’t have a clue that he was dangerous. Their blind generosity apparently didn’t include taking responsibility for their actions. Like many psychopaths, Cruz was apparently charismatic enough to fool those closest to him.

Finally, the one hired armed security “resource officer” responsible to protect his school’s children didn’t enter the building where he heard multiple shots being fired. He shirked his responsibility and did not due his duty. While police and government agencies do not have a duty to protect individuals or groups of citizens, an armed security guard hired for the purpose clearly does.

Cruz is clearly responsible for his crime. Everyone that had an opportunity and reason to stop him before the event failed to do so.

Now we should take away the right to defend yourself from similar psychopaths from law abiding people that do take responsibility for their actions and self-protection? Poppycock.

It’s not the gun. Cruz had one because, in spite of his serious problems,  he had a clean record.  Clearly, these tragic deaths were caused by the perpetrator and everyone that avoided responsibility by not stopping him sooner.

We have more than adequate laws on the books to stop violent crime and the misuse of firearms. Passing more laws will not solve any problems, especially in a world of people that don’t take responsibility for their actions.

Repeal the Second Amendment?

The Twitter Storms are calling for fundamental change in the USA. They forget that the prefix of “Twitter” is “Twit”.

You can expect numerous emotionally driven short sighted draconian efforts to stop lawful gun possession and self defense in the United States. One strategy will surely be to repeal the Second Amendment to make it easier to be “like Australia” and “like Great Britian” and “like the rest of Western Civilization” – all places that the Liberal Progressives don’t really understand and would never move to or the problem here would be solved.

Power motivated politicians will be seeking every advantage to stay in power, something that tends to make backbones slightly bent in practice. Don’t expect them to stand straight and refute the lies, assumptions, false statistics and fake agendas of the gun grabbers. They represent votes, and if enough of them impress Politicians, they will vote for things that will eventually destroy our culture and system of Democracy.

Many people would prefer to be subjects free of responsibility rather than be citizens. Unfortunately, by the time they start suffering defenseless and government dependent lives, it will be too late to ever go back.

The founding fathers suffered a revolution and war to establish the freedoms we’re founded upon. People here have both the freedom to excel and the possibility to fail. That has now devolved in a vast generation of those that would give up freedom in order to be controlled by others that promise easy resources and quick gratification.

Forget history at your peril. What they need is to viscerally understand the position of disarmed victims of governments. There are numerous and ample examples in history and in today’s world.

Perhaps we need video games depicting first person participation as “The Rohingya Experience” “The Krystallnacht German Jewish Experience” or “The Guernica Experience with Franco and the Condor Legion”… These young and impressionable minds might get the picture of what it’s like to be a victim disarmed by your government. As awful as they are, these supposed “Gun Free Zone” targeted shootings pale in comparison.

Senator Rubio suggests warrant authorized gun confiscation as shooting preventative

An article in the New York Times about the Florida School Shooting claims Florida’s GOP Sen. Marco Rubio – facing withering criticism over his acceptance of $3.3 million in career campaign cash donated through the National Rifle Association – is going a step further now:

Rubio said on a Sunday morning show that state legislators should “absolutely” consider enacting a law enabling family members or law enforcement officials to ask a court to remove guns from a person who poses a danger. Rubio, who once served as Florida’s House speaker, told Miami CBS affiliate WFOR that it’s an “example of a state law” that could have helped prevent the Florida shooting.


We have such a procedure. It’s based upon due process. It involves prosecution, judges and an increasing scale of penalties.

The main “fail” in this case was the school administration that chose to push their problem off on greater society in the deeply flawed “politically correct” attempt to interfere with their perceived “school to prison pipeline”. Dozens of times the police were called to deal with Cruz, and then charges were not pursued through prosecution to conviction.

In this case, their efforts succeeded. They successfully avoided any action that could have actually stopped Cruz, washing their hands of him when he graduated from their care.

The problem is that (lacking any legal reason to stop him at that point) the subject had a clean record, bought his rifle legally and proceeded on his cowardly psychopathic response to their political correctness.

It wasn’t the gun, or the FBI, or the police, or any of the excuses people are trying to use to justify their broadly emotional response to his actions.

The core problem is that people today don’t take responsibility for their decisions and actions.

Take the money and run?

Money talks. In the Washington swamp, money has considerable influence on policy.

Very wealthy people are generally concerned about armed violence for very personal reasons. They do hire security for good reason. In some cases, when the money is ill gained, they have to deal with very real threats from business associates and family.

This one is probably a “Republican” because he understands and agrees with conservative fiscal management of government, keeping the politicians out of his pocket. He pays for this privilege.

He’s probably a “progressive” on what he sees as social issues that directly impact his personal risk.

This is an example of what is going on right now in the minds of probably 20% of the electorate that are more comfortable with Republican fiscal conservatism and vote that way.

When we have no voice opposing these delusional proposals to disarm people after a violent incident (and thus put even more people at risk for violent attack they can’t defend against) just gather more and more of the middle 10% that actually decides elections.

It’s the “excuse” that the Liberal Progressive Democrats were looking for to propel them back into control.

The President makes an error when he blames the attack on FBI inattention due to investigating the Russians. The true responsibility for this incident is not guns, or the FBI, but the school administration that tolerated this psychopath student’s violent acting out again and again without stopping him, and until they graduated him out into the public sphere to continue his crimes. All in the “politically correct” theory of stopping the “school to prison” pipeline. Those policies just push the responsibility of stopping problems like this onto others.

Without pressing assault charges, the police (who were called dozens of times) had no choice but to release him. Never prosecuted or convicted, this violent psychopath had a clean adult criminal record. The school’s goal of stopping the “school to prison” pipeline from working certainly succeeded.

In this case, he came back and attacked the people that never stopped him.

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