Some Lies are an Existential Threat to our Nation

It’s becoming pretty clear that everything about Leftists and their “woke culture” is fake and built on lies. When they claim something bad about someone else, it’s usually because they are the experts on that bad act, and were probably pioneers on perfecting it.

The current attack on Free Speech by working to both expand Leftist propaganda about “Domestic Terrorists” and blame “White Supremist” for social unrest represents a potent attack on our nation. Recent reports that organizations like BLM currently have over $42 million in assets mean that they have the ability to leverage these threats as they see fit. This is happening as Leftists deploy their own domestic terror squads to attack the integrity of our courts, intimidate Supreme Court justices working on active cases and abusively incarcerate their political opponents

For example, the murderer in Buffalo relied on Leftist political acts in order to carry out his crimes because he is a Leftist, deep into Communist theory and practice. He chose his target because Leftist gun control made it easier to kill people.

As to these acts being primarily a “White Supremacist” problem… That’s demonstrably a lie.

Biden’s own Justice department couldn’t back up the lie with any real facts in a 32 page “study” which is more of a policy rant:

Click to access National-Strategy-for-Countering-Domestic-Terrorism.pdf

Here is a list of “Hate Crime Examples” from the DOJ:

Here are details of all reported hate crimes:

It’s certainly not a perfect world, but a close look will show you that half the offenders in 2020 were not Caucasian.

Politicians that lead with lies about bias and racism just make this problem worse by creating more division in our nation. They do not deserve to be in office, and they are not worthy of acting in the name of citizens.

The Leftist Platform – Read Between the Lines

Every Leftist political ad is built around a small number of themes. Here they are, simplified and easy to understand;

That’s a remarkable legacy to focus your leadership on:

Enact polity that encourages living without responsibility
Convince everyone that eliminating integrity somehow affects their rights
Spend money that nobody has, and that can’t be paid back in 4 generations
Destroy your nation’s productivity and drive jobs overseas
Kill the innocent unborn, and focus this genocide on minority races
Suppress free speech and the right to defend yourself and your family
There you go – the corrupt Leftist Democrat Platform in six simple points.

Time to vote

The Leftist double standard is visible here.

Civil insurrection anarchy is the tool of the Leftists. It was part of activating their masses during the 2020 election cycle, and was broadly supported by Leftist city government leaders across the nation as well as their media partners through widespread coordinated propaganda efforts.

Those propaganda efforts continued in the period after the election and to this day. There are coordinated primary campaigns running now that are all promoting Leftist candidates using “voting rights suppression” themes to try and activate their supporters. These are universally based in the racism that was used to motivate the anarchy in 2020. The themes are deep, consistent and continue to recycle the same propaganda.

The double standard comes in labeling their opposition’s January 6th anarchy as “insurrection”, prosecuting it with all the power of government as an organized plot against the nation, and committing widespread violation of civil rights in the name of the people in the wake of the incident. Neither the anarchy and rioting of 2020, nor the January 6th invasion of our capitol were justified, nor should be tolerated. Both represent crimes against our liberty because they attack our system – but both are the result of the long term actions of hypocritical Leftists manipulating our system, it’s judicial systems and our citizens – putting all of our safety at risk.

It’s now quite clear that our Federal justice department and law enforcement agencies have been compromised by the Leftist political leadership and the deep state that supports them to maintain their long term power within government. That power is not earned, is not appropriate, and is dangerous to our nation. The risk of this deep state, and the vast system of Federal patronage jobs runs back to the forming of our nation – was decried by Abraham Lincoln when he took office and was formalized in the late 19th century. Agency jobs are secure, influential, persist from administration to administration, survive on the graft of industry and lobbyists and were what President Trump worked to disrupt. That is why the Leftists hated him so consistently.

Today, you can be fairly certain that everything the Leftists accuse conservatives of doing, they have perfected and been committing for decades. All the lying, corruption and unscrupulous behavior. All the worst things humans do to one another. Everything that they can imagine and blame their opposition of doing.

We’ve now seen clearly that Leftists will stop at nothing to pervert our system of government to punish anyone that opposes them, and that includes compromising our justice system, nominating unqualified leaders (including judges that have been consistently reversed by higher courts because they keep “getting it wrong”), and weaponizing law enforcement to destroy individual citizens.

As gun owners, we are more familiar with this political bad behavior than most people because the Leftists have been targeting us for over 60 years. Help your fellow citizens by guiding them to get out and vote the Leftists out of power, and put some people into office that at least have a chance of destroying the entrenched destructive deep state operatives once and for all.

You may not have liked President Trump’s bullying personality, but he was on the right track on this.

Gun Violence?

The American people watched as an incompetent Leftist deep state took power just two years ago.

Leftists used their typical techniques to steal power. Unrest. Fraud. Power and influence pedaling.

Failure after failure is explained by excuse after excuse, all accompanied by attempts at misdirection and obfuscation. Yet the simple fact remains. Leftists are destroying our nation.

As gun owners, we are one of the targeted explanations Leftists use for their excuses. Crime is our fault as gun owners according to Leftists. Not gangs. Not millions of illegal border crossing invaders. Not weak on criminal Soros supported District Attorneys. Not defunding the police. Not widespread street rioting encouraged by racist insurrection supported by ignorant politicians. Not broken families without parents to raise children (see their street gang role model substitutes)… Not the ambulance and violence chasing irresponsible and lying media…

Look at the numbers! “Gun violence” is out of control”, say the Leftists. From the evidence of their incompact and corrupt “leadership”, I’d say that’s exactly what the Leftists want in America today.

Hoarding Ammunition?

A returning American ex-pat recently asked about ammunition hoarding on one fo the forums I am participating on. I posted these thoughts:

Over the past two years, there are at least 10 million new gun owners in the United States.

NSSF Retailer Surveys Indicate 5.4 Million First-Time Gun Buyers in 2021

First-Time Gun Buyers Grow to Nearly 5 Million in 2020

These are people presumed to have their first firearm and starting with zero ammunition. If each bought 100 rounds of ammunition, that represents new demand for one billion rounds of ammunition from new customers in the Untied States.

This occurred at the time when Remington bankrupted. The holding company that included Remington also had an ammunition manufacturing plant in Arkansas. It’s one of the three major manufacturers of ammunition in the USA, and it closed down. That restricted supply at the same time the demand skyrocketed.

In the absence of supply, the distribution chain quickly emptied of product, especially of the most popular calibers.

This is not an unprecedented situation. I am a Ruger stockholder, and their financial people showed us a long term product demand curve at a recent stockholder meeting that traced demand back to the company’s inception. It showed a steady growth with sporadic peak spikes that could be associated with highly publicized and politicized events.  Each of those peaks generated gun sales, and each of them generated ammunition sales and another draw down of the distribution chain.

So… a rational person would prepare for those periods of peak demand by stocking enough ammunition to last over those market draining peaks in demand. Each usually lasted between six months and a year, and they were always followed by higher demand along a smooth predictable curve (when prices continued to rise regardless of economic conditions).

In those conditions, a prudent person would look at their normal usage and store away two to three years of anticipated needed ammunition stock. That involves building the safe storage space for that stock, and protecting it from access and misuse – so it involves taking responsibility for what you are doing.

Some of us learn to reload ammunition and recycle the brass boxer primed cases with new power and primer and bullet components. That conserves resources, and lets you make very high quality precision ammunition from common resources. I tend to stock those components in more depth than loaded ammunition.

“Hoarding” is a term only used with prejudice by people that want to criticize patriots and gun owners. Buying ammunition in anticipation of future peak demands and your normal usage is just plain sensible and responsible behavior. It doesn’t stop anyone else from doing the same thing, especially when you ignore the media propaganda and panic fear they are trying to genreate.

Time to Stand Up and Be Counted

In our representative republic, “the people” are reserved a great deal of “power”. It’s that power that the politicians irrationally lust after. Many would do anything to steal as much of that power as possible.

Never forget that, as a free citizen in our system, you are powerful.

The media, working as the cynical partner of egocentric self-centered politicians, works overtime to make you feel powerless. Nothing can make you feel more powerless and overwhelmed than the combination of the media’s broad swath of bad news every few hours and the echo chamber we now call big tech’s “social media”.

But, never forget that, as a free citizen in our system, you are powerful.

The first step is to turn it all off… All the negative messages, all the lies, all the division, ,all the coercion. Shut it off and start making your own decisions.

As gun owners, we’ve been abused by these trolls for a lot longer than the rest of our population – and we know the difference between citizens and “subjects”. We’ve already had to make the hard decisions that most people routinely avoid. We understand that the power of an individual is not for sale to lying politicians in a free society.

When the noise of social media gets too loud, shut off your phone for a few hours, ignore the constant interruptions from social media’s attention signaling and start focusing on something rewarding and interesting. Do something to help solve problems that you can control.

Understand your power to influence others, use your freedom to make decisions, spend money where it’s most effective and support people that support you.

Vote like your nation depends on it… it does.

This is My America

The founding fathers of the United States chose a representative republic because they did not inherently trust government, and wanted it to stay a small part of the individual citizen’s life. 

There is nothing “liberal” about growing the presence of government in an individual’s life, if  that individual is a citizen that values their freedom. In fact, a true “progressive” government makes itself as scarce as possible. 

We’re now witnessing the violent breakup of the People’s Convoy in Ottawa. When Canada involuntarily gave up it’s right to bear arms, they took a major step toward making government a much larger part of their lives because they gave up their right to effectively protect themselves. They probably felt that they were so safe that they didn’t need the tools that any sane person would want to have to be able to act in their own defense. That was a serious error. 

“Racism” has been the most impactful criticism of the United States since it’s formation – specifically “racism” associated with the origins of slavery in our nation. We fought a civil war over that issue, then imposed another 100 years of oppression in the South called “Jim Crow”. Some of the oppressive laws associated with Jim Crow continue to live on in the gun control laws that continue on the books in the Southern United States. 

When Russia, China, Venezuela, or Iran wants to criticize American culture, they start by pointing at endemic Racism in the United States. Still, people of all races, religions and cultural backgrounds want to immigrate to the United States both legally and illegally in spite of that criticism. The reason is that America still represents the opportunity to take responsibility for your life and improve your personal circumstances and that of your family. That dream still trumps all the negative media lies, politician rants and what little true racism still exists. 

How do I know? I go shooting with my next door neighbor of 23 years (who happens to be black), and my new next door neighbor, now a US citizen, who immigrated legally from Columbia 9 years ago, and is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. He is working overtime and raising 2 children and caring for an elderly mother as his wife also works commuting 50 miles to manage a retail store. He is studying now to become an EMT so that he can serve his community better with the volunteer fire department he’s a member of. 

This is my America. 

Witness the People’s Convoy in Amerika

In the upcoming People’s Convoy, you’re seeing civil disobedience that is a direct reaction to the core and persistent attitude of “the elite” about “the people” who “the elite” actually distain instead of serve.

Political elites see “the people” as something to manipulate with their cynical media partners, rather than to cherish and optimize. They see “the people” as incapable of constructive initiative, requiring “the elite” in order to do anything significant in society. This is the culture of division – and it’s more pervasive in Democratic Leftist bigots than race baiting. And no, America, you are not part of “the elite”… just there to serve them and ensure that they maintain their power.

That attitude is pervasive in “the swamp” and dangerous. It reduces “the people” to “subjects” of “the elite”. Unless you bring money, resources, influence or power you are not worth their time.

As Biden continues to “cry wolf” about the Russian bear, consider the deeper issues involved with massive energy investments by the elite in Ukraine that have been put at risk, massive shipments of arms to a corrupt Ukrainian government, a complicit military industrial complex ready to sell government military arms, technology and resources that recent reduced budgets have suppressed, and the potential for continuing to spin conflict in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

And as Biden continues to “cry wolf”, the complicit media salivates for “bear”…

Welcome to “Biden’s Amerika”. How’s that “temporary inflation” and “defund the police” goin’ for you, eh?

Patriots Still Have A Job To Do

Biden and his elite cable of tyrants have permanently changed America and our culture. Even if they are effectively stopped, the nation itself is horribly divided by constant propaganda, an unprecedented destruction of our international reputation, the imposition of abusive regulation and executive orders, inefficiency and at least three generations of our nation’s youth with destroyed opportunity and delayed dreams.

The problems initiated by these Leftists and their deep state agency minions are corrosive, a cancer on our culture. This cancer itself threatens responsible citizens and their liberty with an overreaching government that exists to benefit itself and not the people. Big government and a self styles class of political Leftist elites is a potent vector for society’s sickness.

Volunteer to serve as election judges and workers for the 2022 election. Observe the polls to help keep them honest.

Identify and work for candidates that will resist corruption, value liberty and respect the people they are supposed to serve.

Show Leftist elites the door, then work to keep the politicians we elect honest.

I could be a pessimist and give in to the tide of destruction we’re witnessing, but then these destructive socially irresponsible people would just accelerate their activities. It’s time to resist their self-serving cynicism and work to win back what’s left of our nation, then rehabilitate it.

Echoes of Sandy Hook

Insurance companies paid off the gun grabbing bigots today in spite of common sense and the evil done by a boy that killed his own mother to access and misuse firearms.

The lawsuit plaintiff family members are broadly appearing on media today claiming victory over “the only industry that has been protected by Federal Law” that makes “lethal products”… The fact that automobiles kill many more people every year is lost on them. The gun grabber bigot sees guns only as “killing machines” and doesn’t see any value to the protection that they can provide in properly trained hands, or the value of hunting, marksmanship training discipline or even military defense.

The coverage is all anti-gun owner and all emotionally over the top. This “victory” took place in a state court which permitted the lawsuit to proceed in spite of the Federal law prohibiting such lawsuits.

“Military grade weapon” was used in interviews this morning by one of the plaintiff family members, so that new “branding” for “assault weapons” seems likely along with an attempt to dissemble from the difference between fully automatic and other types of weapons. The intent is clearly to confuse average people about the difference between NFA controlled firearms and GCA firearms. The goal is obviously to enact more “assault weapons bans” based on new anti-gun owner propaganda.

Any “win” will be heavily exploited in the media, using highly emotional interviews with people that lost their small children. This exploitation is immoral in a number of ways, but that doesn’t matter to the gun grabber bigots.

You can count on much of the money being “donated” to the gun control bigots as well. And yes, through higher liability insurance rates, the money will come out of gun buyer’s pockets.

The gun grabbing bigots see this “settlement” win as the path forward… But…

Insurance policies can be modified to include clauses eliminating this kind of liability, making future lawsuits “unprofitable” to the lawyers. They will quickly lose interest without profit in the picture.

The internal Remington documents will be extensively misused by the “gun control bigots” who will be given access to them. A new branding “military grade guns” will emerge from all this. This will be used to imply that the average subject should not have access to them… That is, of course, the way Leftists are conditioning people to think. Especially people that can’t handle freedom with responsibility because they are so unfamiliar with living that way.

Just remember, the Second Amendment exists so that citizens can guarantee their freedom. That is what separates “citizens” from “subjects”, and that uniquely balances a government’s perverse tendency toward “control”, making America the one destination for the world’s oppressed peoples.

You must always ask Leftists, “why wouldn’t a people at liberty need military grade weapons in a dangerous and oppressive world?”