Only Rich People Have IRAs!

If you have saved tax deferred money in a IRA, 401K or similar government defined savings program, prepare to fund Democrat political machine dreams when you try and withdraw the money.

You may have avoided paying the roughly 18%-25% income tax you would have paid when you earn it, but remember that it’s all “on the record” and considered low hanging fruit by money hungry politicians bent on transfer payments to others.

When you withdraw it, expect the Democrat politicians to have increased the income tax you’ll pay at that time to well over what it would have been.

It’s just too tempting a source for them…

Here’s their analysis claiming that the money really should be the governments from all the rich people that actually saved:…ement-savings/…ipe-for-reform

Even the most cynical politician won’t wast time squeezing turnips. They are like Willy Sutton, robbing the places where the money is…

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