Definitions – how to understand the legacy “has-been” media…

The legacy “has-been” media’s branding reference follows each actual concept:

  • Legacy “has-been” media = Yesterday’s “mainstream media”
  • Illegal Invader = “Undocumented immigrant”
  • Massacre zone = “Supposed ‘Gun Free Zone'”
  • Criminals, Terrorists and Psychopaths = “Gunman” or “Shooter”
  • Incidents with more than one possible victim including the perpetrator = “Mass shooting”
  • Person the media agenda disagrees with = “Racist”
  • Personal possession of more than a box of ammunition or more than two firearms = “Private arsenal”
  • Modern semi-automatic sporting rifle = “Assault Weapon”
  • Any semi-automatic handgun = “Glock”
  • Cleverly slanted lies, unvoiced assumptions and misdirection = “Truth”
  • Organized violent destructive rioting = “Protest”
  • One that establishes government programs dependent upon other people’s money – “Progressive”
  • Transfer payments using other people’s money – “Welfare”
  • A concept everyone is supposed to understand, but nobody really could define and you’re expected to agree with = “Common sense”
  • Someone considered open minded as long as they agree with the presented agenda = “Liberal”
  • A person that enters public service for power, position and individual financial gain = “Politician”
  • Two wolves and a sheep vote for dinner plans = “Democratic socialism”
  • Widespread support for government transfer payment programs based on credit and the use of taxes to pay for the interest = “Mouse Trap”
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