How a “Universal Background Check” system might be useful…

I think that there is a good path out of all this “Universal Background Check” stuff. A properly implemented two phase encrypted token based “Universal Background Check” system could actually be useful to people selling firearms.

That is to completely separate the firearms transaction from identifying that someone is qualified to acquire and possess a firearm.

The key is that the system may not stop criminals from acquiring and possessing firearms, but it will protect anyone that wants to sell a firearm from turning it over to a prohibited person.

That helps responsible gun owners, and potentially could reduce workload and record keeping for FFLs.

Technology today could permit construction of such a system. The key is that nothing about the transaction transferring the firearm itself needs to be known or recorded in any central place. In fact, the only record that’s needed is a legally verifiable document that the person transferring the firearm would keep. This could be used later to prove that you followed the law when handing over a gun to someone else.

What’s particularly important is that there is no central record of the transfer of a firearm. No potential gun registration point. No accumulation of records except the information used to determine that someone is prohibited.

How would such a system work?

The creation of “Real ID” (which is about to be universally used in the United States for all air travel verification of a person’s legal identity) makes a system possible that is much better and safer than the way it’s being done today.

This updated system will also help solve some of the real problems with the currently inaccurate state of NICS records.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t reduce the workload on police, court, judicial and other investigative agencies that must populate a NICS prohibited persons database. That remains an unfunded mandate from the Federal Government whether things are changed or not.

What a revised system would do would be allow every individual to privately and independently check their NICS status in advance of any firearms acquisition.

The change would make NICS a two part system. The first part would allow any citizen or green card holder to request a digital encrypted “Token” from NICS that indicates that they are not a prohibited person, and that contains details of their identity. That token could be issued with an expiration after which a new token would need to be obtained from the system.

If you are not prohibited and requested a token from NICS and it responded with a negative or wait response, you’d have time to contact the FBI / NICS administrators and request that they clear up your lawful status. This request could take place from an App on your smart phone or a Website using a browser. The response would be an encrypted QR Qualification Token (that could be image scanned, printed and scanned or even emailed).

No transfer has taken place, and nothing would be retained by the system. The only record is the token that you personally hold in your smart phone or printed on a sheet of paper.

When you want to acquire a firearm, you show your Real ID to the seller (which contains your legal address) and let them scan your QR Qualification Token using a second smart phone app, or type the token number into an online Website.

At that time, the app or the website responds with details of who the buyer is (to be matched to the Real ID) and their current Qualification status to acquire and possess a firearm. As the seller, you retain an electronic or printed copy of the “Proceed with Transfer” record issued by the NICS system.

in the future, if there is ever a question about whether or not you transferred the firearm to a prohibited person, you have legal proof that you did everything right. There is no central record of the system issuing a “Proceed”, and no record of what was transferred.

This protects private and business sellers.

It has no effect on actual criminals, but it could help police catch prohibited people that carry guns.

Such a two part system could even be used later to determine if someone in possession of a firearm remains qualified to do so. If you retain the qualification token, and were stopped by police while carrying a firearm, the code would prove then and there that you are not a prohibited person.

This could be used to establish true concealed carry reciprocity nationwide.

Such a system could even be used to qualify voters as they arrive at the polls. The code would confirm that you are who you say you are, that you are registered to vote in that precinct and that you have not voted before in that election.

Code Words for Tyranny…

Always remember, they are using “Code Words”…

Always remember that when the politicians refer to “Universal Background Checks” they are really talking about establishing Universal Gun Registration, which is always preparation for Civilian Gun Confiscation (since that is the only way such background checks can actually become effective).

Always remember that when the politicians refer to “Red Flag” or “Extreme Risk Protection Orders” they are really talking about eliminating “Due Process” to stop you from opposing Gun Confiscation Orders until it’s too late. This also gets people killed when police come unexpectedly to seize firearms, and supports actual “racist” actions to disarm scary people, regardless of what makes them frightening.

Both these things represent tyranny in a society based on that depends on liberty.

You’ve got an Important Job in 2020…

Our nation’s citizens have lived for several generations within a cocoon of safety created by an effective defense and insular families.

The expectation generations have been raised with is that government (like their parents) will fix all the bad things that might have an impact on them.

The last generation to engage a risky world was the “Greatest Generation” that fought WW-II. We’ve had limited skirmishes since then, and horrible regional conflicts, but American Defense has prevented any meaningful engagement on American soil.

This is one reason that successful limited actions by foreign powers (including irregular terrorist actions) gets so much attention. With the flames fanned by the media, we’re conditioned to be outraged when New York City is attacked or the integrity of our voting is violated by a foreign power, or an individual lone actor taking advantage of the asymmetric tactical conditions created by politician implemented supposed “gun free” massacre zones.

With spectacularly poor judgement, politicians take advantage of every such incident to push bigger government and civilian disarmament.  They leverage irrational fear that they use the media to disseminate throughout a well conditioned timid and unprepared population.

The grind of destruction propelled by politicians driving their secular socialist machine and lubricated by money and power continues on, slowly eroding American liberty.
Don’t let the bastards grind you down…

Motivate the conservative vote in 2020, and make sure we don’t continue to hand power and control to self-centered cynical politicians that have already proven their destructive intentions.

What part of “ghost guns” don’t you understand?

The artificial media “ghost gun” branding and related false controversy has brought out some interesting things…. Think about the gun grabbers’ real motives and the media’s agenda….

The point is that this artificial “outrage” triggering their emotional response (branding and publicizing the supposed danger of a lawful person doing something that they are, by constitutional right, guaranteed the ability to do has actually uncovered the core defect in their overall and long term strategy. Prohibition never works.

It is impossible to levy gun control against people making their own firearms for their own usage or (heaven forbid) making their own ammunition to put in those firearms. No micro-stamping, waiting periods, registration schemes, feature restrictions, or other infringement will stop it. Even prohibiting civilian firearms altogether will just drive it underground.

By publicizing the “problem” they actually tell criminals that there is another way (beyond stealing, black market and straw buyer sales) for them to acquire guns to use in crimes. The only risk to society of their “ghost gun” branding effort is in promoting crimes.

This now comes down to the likelihood that things like GFZs and “ghost gun promotion” are wholly designed to convince average people that gun rights should be completely eliminated for civilians in the USA. GFZs arguably created the situation with the “unintended consequence” of attracting school shooters and creating unacceptable carnage. Same thing if “ghost guns” start showing up in mass at crime scenes.

A very small number of lawful gun owners probably make guns from 80% lowers or using 3d printers or computer controlled milling machines. The only consequence that the “ghost gun” branding can possibly achieve is make it more popular.

And, of course, we all know the certain “unintended consequence” of eliminating the 2nd Amendment in the USA.

Can we fix this by rubbing the gun grabbers noses in their trash? Can we alert politicians to the only consequence of the gun grabber’s actions? I think we need to do that.

There is truth to our observations and arguments, even if the politicians want to pander to the media’s agendas and their following.