The Propaganda Ministry and the Experts

Today’s January 6th capitol attack propaganda features constant attempts to cast all conservatives as “extremists”… nice.

Lots of “experts” that are expressing “worry” about how everyday family people just can’t accept things and sound like they are willing to resist being oppressed.

Of course, the summer of 2020 featuring statuary rape nationwide, the occupation and destruction of major urban business districts, massive increases in violence due to Soros funded District Attorneys refusing to prosecute violent criminals, and serious questions about election integrity are lost on the “experts” who constantly repeat deep state propaganda about “fair elections” while ignoring the potential if not real experiences of fraud that occurred in 2020 due to widespread potential abuse of mail in balloting and electronic voting systems.

I’ve seen lots of push back about the possibility of “election fraud” in 2020, and very little transparency in the operation of key Boards of Election at the state level in key states.

The unvoiced objective of Leftist Democrat “voter fairness” bills is to enable more election fraud through massive distribution of mail-in ballots and requiring post election day submission and tabulation of those ballots. These operations are ideal for ballot harvesting operations, especially where people are concentrated in institutional settings like nursing homes and public housing.

Same day registration opens up the potential for massive “motor voter fraud” operations where busloads of “voters” with fake addresses cross state lines.

The media is tone deaf to the fact that their constant lies and propaganda are no longer resonating with the citizens of our nation that are free to think for themselves and act with responsibility. Accusing people that require election integrity in our voting systems of being “extremists” is simply folly. Claiming that this interferes with the right to vote is false, and anyone that evaluates the potential for election fraud knows it.

The same process that declared a drug overdose a murder because of how the aftermath was handled is at foot here. People that act responsibly understand the reality of an abusive prosecution and it’s impact. So do the emboldened criminals.

Seeing another abusive prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse rejected by a jury, and the very correct prosecution of a lying actor that arranged a fake attack to increase his publicity and cast police in his community as racist has the propaganda infused media suddenly silent. Citizens at liberty that act with responsibility have taken notice of these things as well, and the cultural as well as real impact they had.

I have only one message for the “experts” declaring conservative citizens “extremists”. HOW DARE YOU!

It’s Time to DEFEND the Police

Don’t forget that the Leftists are about to be seriously distracted as their lying narrative about George Floyd falls apart in court. Opiod overdose in the “victim” tends to establish reasonable doubt in cases where a police officer is forced to subdue a violent perpetrator. Watch that case closely next week:

Andrew, whom I know, tends to tell the factual truth that cuts through the propaganda, politics and media agenda lies. 

It’s so sad when a political manipulation and media malfeasance falls apart… 

We Will Not Compromise Fundamental Enumerated Rights

The right to voting is no more or less important to our American system than the right to effective self defense. In fact, most would realize that the right to survive a lethal criminal attack is what makes the right to vote possible. Politicians that advocate continued infringement on the right to effective self defense as well as attacks on the integrity of the voting process are acting as tyrants in search of power.

Evidence? Opposing Voter ID on the grounds that it disenfranchises a population that can easily obtain drivers licenses and state IDs is a false flag. “Voter suppression” sounds good to Leftist supporters, but it’s a fabricated lie. It does serve election manipulation and the destruction of election integrity by making vote harvesting operations easy., Opposing effective self defense rights while applying the false dual standard about violent street rioting that Leftists supported all summer across our nation, while aggressively prosecuting those that invaded the Capitol and frightened the Elite is also pure hypocracy representing the worst of the “double standards” constantly invented by Leftists. Both actions serve only thing: the power of the tyrannical elite.

Each logical example below it absolutely true. The list represents simple unadorned truth. A cynical media that publishes continuous propaganda opposing constitutional rights is not trustworthy, and all their pronouncements should be disregarded.

Republicans in the Senate are now working to amend and “improve” two draconian bills championed by the Democrat Leftist tyrants. Use this link to let them know that any compromise of the right to effective self defense is a serious error and betrayal of their oath to the constitution:



Please pass this on as broadly as possible to others that care about liberty and freedom.

In our own state, GRNC is in the process of promoting bills through the legislature to permit churches that also happen to host schools during the week to allow concealed carry during Sunday church services. This can only protect our vulnerable faithful from opposing religious motivated terrorists. We are also working on permitless concealed carry and a number of other improvements and elimination of infringements to our rights.

While Leftists are working overtime to cast conservatives as “domestic terrorists” and turn to “armed insurrection” none of this is true. It’s all as fabricated as calling America a “racist” nation. Actions to ensure effective self defense and ensuring police agencies have the resources to stop violent civil unreas are anything but “racist’ In fact, Democrats invented “Jim Crow”, established our state’s pistol purchase permit system to allow disarmament of black citizens and their disenfranchisement. I personally had to to locate the 1937 language of the Durham County anti-black gun registration scheme in law books at the state law library downtown Raleigh in order to help write the language to repeal this vile racist legislation a few years ago, ensuring the shredding of the registry itself. Prior to them being shredded, I was given the registration card of one of the most anti-gun legislators in Raleigh who carries a S&W revolver.

Make no mistake, the America that worked to responsibly become great and offer opportunitiy to all citizens is under attack by vile Democrat Leftists that would contol subjects in the name of their own power and elite status.

 1 – Eleven teens die each day because of texting while driving.
Maybe it’s time to raise the age of Smart Phone ownership to 21.

2 – If gun control laws actually worked, Chicago would be Mayberry, USA.

3 – The Second Amendment makes more women equal than the entire
feminist movement.

4 – Legal gun owners have 300 million guns and probably a trillion
rounds of ammo. Seriously, folks, if we were the problem, you’d
know it.

5 – When JFK was killed, nobody blamed the rifle.

6 – The NRA (National Rifle Association) murders 0 people and
receives ($$$$ zer0) nothing in government funds. Planned Parenthood
kills 350,000 babies every year and receives $500,000,000 in tax dollars annually.

7 – I have no problem with vigorous background checks when it comes
to firearms. While we’re at it, let’s do the same when it comes to
immigration, Voter I.D., and candidates running for office.

8 – Folks keep talking about another Civil War. One side knows how
to shoot and probably has a trillion rounds. The “elite” control America’s military. The other side has crying closets and is confused about which bathroom to use. Now tell me, how do you think that would end?

The Time has Come….

I have been working with other state wide gun rights organizations, and existing groups like GOA which are being much more active than the NRA in responding to the current crop of “gun grabbers” in Congress.

We have only a very narrow hope of stopping the current crop of “Gun Grabber” bills in the Senate. Joe Manchin (of West Virginia) is literally our last hope in stopping further infringement.

I am hopeful that the Democrat Leftists will overplay their hand, stirring up irrational fear of “domestic terrorists” in their one-sided double standard approach to civil unrest this past year. Where were they when it was appropriate to condemn and stop Leftist rioters that destroyed our city centers across the nation? It wasn’t until their Elite castle was threatened by the “wrong” side of these issues that they acted… and they acted to “cancel” more than half the real voters in this nation.

I hope that they will write an outrageous number of infringements into their bills. Eliminate due process (“Red Flag”) and further violate the trust of American citizens.

And when they do this, it will be time for our last hope as a conservative Supreme Court acts to “cancel” Leftist infringements on the Second Amendment. The new ones, and the ones that have had around for awhile in the Federal district courts. The time is coming for the Supreme Court and Federal District Courts to do their jobs.

The Leftist Mortgage on American Freedom

In order to achieve total power in the short term, the Leftist Democrat secular socialist political machine has taken out a mortgage… a very costly mortgage in a social sense that will ultimately defeat them.

This mortgage comes from the “bank” of the “double standard”. It’s embodied in the unfair “special” treatment of an entire segment of our national population – American conservatives. We all know about “special” treatment from history in places like Rome (versus the “Christians”), Germany (versus the “Jews” and just about everyone that opposed them), China (versus the Uighurs”), The American 19th Century South (versus the “Negros”, “Colored”, or “Blacks”) and any number of other cultures and societies.

We all know how this works. The “double standard” forms the basis of a deep and irreconcilable divide in society. One is “deplorable” and the other is “insane”. You get to figure out which is which while every cultural, social and governmental institution is employed to enforce the “double standard”.

Propaganda is used to establish and reinforce this “double standard”. In fact, it is so necessary for propaganda to dominate any conversation that part of the Leftist Democrat’s mortgage is being spent to completely silence opposition while amplifying the “double standard” interpretation of events.

Now that the propaganda has had it’s short term impact, positioning “truth” as “lie”, and “lies” as “truth”, the Leftist Democrat secular socialist political machine and their media partners are proceeding to silence their opposition. No more social media for you, Luddite!

In the “double standard” truth is made to appear to be lies in a number of subtle ways. Innuendo, assumption, and a number of imprecise techniques are used to ensure that the opposition is disenfranchised, minimized and suppressed.

Prejudice is the payoff of this investment. Deep seeded, irrational, unjustified prejudice. It’s focused on the opposition, amplified in the social media echo chamber and honed to homicidal perfection.

The “double standard” has been used to enforce control of power by neutering opposition to the election fraud that likely lead to the election of Leftist socialist Democrats. The fairness of elections has been added to the “mortgage” they have taken on.

Like all mortgages, they eventually come due. Through the 19th Century, the American South enforce the “double standard” through the institution of slavery, and immediately upon elimination of the occupation by Northern troops in reconstruction. After that point, there was never again a fair election in the American South. A number of tools were used to disenfranchise “the wrong side” to deprive them of power and to enforce unfairness, social disadvantage and abject poverty. In places where negro citizens established business districts to serve the citizens Americans discriminated against, those thriving business districts were destroyed by their cultural opposition through jealousy and greed.

Eventually, the mortgage of the “double standard” has to be paid, even if the principle principal is ignored. It’s based on the ultimate truth that the “double standard” is fundamentally unfair, morally wrong and demonstrably prejudicial. Those tools are useful to tyrants, but will be slowly and effectively opposed by the targets of their actions.

If you’re a conservative patriot, you are now the target of these tyrants. You have the advantage of truth to help you cope with their oppression; an oppression that most conservatives in America have never experienced before unless you’re black, gay, or some other prejudicial reviled and suppressed group. Of course it’s unfair. Tyrants that steal power are never fair. Tyrants that wield power are always destructive.

You are hated for your thoughts… your “attitudes”. You are suppressed because you threaten the Leftist elite. You are stopped, prosecuted and killed because you frighten the Leftist elite. Your actions are amplified in the echo chamber with extreme prejudice. You are actively associated with the lowest and most hated dregs of culture and society. This is what disenfranchisement is all about.

As an American Conservative, you have two advantages. The first is the absolute truth of the unfairness of the “double standard”. As the loan of power comes due, that “double standard” slowly corrodes the power stolen by Leftist socialists. It is based in the core immorality of their actions. It’s never “right” to steal, conspire, manipulate, or unfairly suppress people in a society that values freedom, choice and individual initiative.

The second advantage is your invisibility. Unlike racial discrimination, it’s impossible to determine if you are “one of them” based on how you look. You can take on the trappings of one side of the divide or the other, with bumper stickers, memberships, and social association – but nobody can easily guess your conservative principles, and you can always act on them. It’s impossible to suppress a patriot that is dedicated to freedom, free will and responsibility. You can “concealed carry” your conservatism without a government issued permit, and always will as long as our republic survives.

But remaining silent and accepting the Leftist power grab is not an option. The way back to power is long, difficult and requires dedication and commitment. Never give up. “We will not compromise” with tyrants. The “double standard” mortgage is a permanent burden on Leftist tyrants. It is guaranteed that it will come due, and it’s taint of immorality will never leave the Leftist Democrat secular socialist political machine.

Conservative energy needs to be aligned and focused to prevent any attempt to change the core structure of our American system of governance. Every attempt to pack courts, change constitutions and manipulate the rights of Americans needs to be fought While the pain of a stolen election is acute today, manipulation of the system is a much more dangerous action than violating the system as it’s designed. Make no mistake. The American system of government is self-correcting, has dealt with corruption and manipulation attempts for two centuries and will remain the world’s stalwart opponent of tyranny.

From a Seed of Truth, David Slayed Goliath

Back in 2018, I quickly acquired a copy of one of the most dynamic speeches I had hear supporting our Second Amendment. I cleaned it up, edited it and posted it to YouTube. To date it’s had over 400,000 views.

It was by Mark Robinson – at that time not a gun owner and it was an impassioned argument against Greensboro North Carolina’s Leftist mayor and plans to close their convention center to the regular gun shows held there for decades.

This fall, Mark Robinson was elected Lt. Governor of our state. The media likes to make a big deal of the fact that he is the first black Lt. Governor of our state and is, in fact, the first black member of our council of state since reconstruction.

This past weekend, the New York Post ran an article on Mark and the campaign – literally a David fighting Bloomberg’s Goliath. North Carolina sent several conservative representatives to congress; kept both our Senators conservative; kept our majority in the North Carolina assembly and senate, and elected conservative members of the council of state.

I believe that the original seed of his speech as a concerned citizen, our gun rights group’s action to get that word out to the world, and his approach to office as a citizen first, and not a politicians, can make a difference for gun owners nationwide. The attention from the New York Post this weekend confirms that belief.

Rational Thoughts on the Ammo Shortage

The factory manager is tired of getting hammered in social media…

In the wake of all the criticism, several factories have opened for video tours:



SIG: (The SIG plant is new)

And older video on S&B:

It should be clear that you can’t setup one of these factories overnight to satisfy peak demand.  But, the profits from selling higher margin ammo (+P sells for double that of standard velocity, but costs about a penny more to make) should finance some new plant facilities.

Consolidation (multiple brand distribution chains owned by the same company, and manufactured in the same factory) is clearly one of the issues causing more shortage than might exist if they were all independent.

Also, if you manufacture components like Primers, Cases, Bullets and Powder, and you can make more profit assembling them all into completed ammunition, would you even consider selling components to the reloading market? Yet – limited quantities seem to be available…

I expect that with new employees in training and working the lines, additional shifts are being staffed at the factories, and will be for the next year or two. Just keep your eye out for quality issues on new ammo.

Freedom in the Face of “Slovid-21”

“Slovid-21” the Slow Viral Disease that attacks liberty.

For the past 50 years, “gun control” has been approached by the Leftists as a slow, gradual “death by 20,000 cuts”. It wasn’t long after those 1970’s and 1980’s editorials that President Clinton and his gun grabbing congress delivered the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. The cosmetic attempt to neuter those evil “black rifles”. After 10 years without a single impact on crime, the law expired. It was a “trial baloon” in constitutional terms, and it stood until it expired.

This has the potential to change quickly for the worse, especially if the Leftists are handed the US Senate along with the House and Executive branches. Emboldened by “running on the gun control issue”, they will start using new strategies (when did you first hear about “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws – Stoneman Douglas High School…) and doubling down on old ones like “assault weapons” bans for sales, and cosmetic reclassification into the NFA for guns and magazines you already own.

They have brainwashed enough people into fear and anxiety about “gun violence” attacks that the majority will likely not oppose these infringements. They will “empower their base” as they erode liberty. Never mind the gangs, criminals and despots behind the curtain…

It’s only through decades of constantly fighting against these infringements that the 1980’s predictions didn’t come true, and Leftists didn’t proceed to repeal the 2nd Amendment. Don’t forget, the legacy media has an agenda, has jumped on the Leftist propaganda train, and never covers gun related issues fairly. Never.

You can talk as much truth as you want on forums, but the people are not listening. Manipulation of the population in the last election cycle is clear evidence of this.

Given this erosion of liberty, we may soon only have one way to redress draconian infringements soon to come down the legislative path. That is a brief window when President Trump’s appointed judges will help defend liberty. Make no mistake. This is the slowest, most expensive and riskiest path to stop gun control schemes.

You can sit back and watch liberty crumble until we’re standing on the sands of tyranny. Liberty and freedom is hanging by a thread today. It really is. Ten years ago, I took action and have helped pass several major pro-gun owner protections in my state by directly lobbying politicians in our legislature and supporting the pro gun rights state organization GRNC. Every state has one. Get involved.

The Confiscation Propaganda in a Nutshell

I listen to all media sources because it is important to know what activist politicians are “up to”.

This morning on NPR, they featured stories that characterized this weekend’s Washington DC pro-Trump rally as violent and racist, with examples given of burning pro BLM banners hanging from churches as “racist” and violent. A direct association to KKK cross burning was suggested. They further positioned the “Proud Boys” response to being attacked as, instead, being rioters attacking BLM protesters that had their own approved protest that day.

This is further evidence of the “divide and conquer” Leftist approach to permanently achieving control of the United States government.

In these stories, they characterized Conservatives as being “radicalized”. AND – that the radicalized conservatives have guns. The “former national security officials” warning of “mass radicalization” “and they have guns” are Obama machine deep state operatives. This is intended to further divide the American tribes using irrational fear as the motivation.


Ex-National Security Officials Warn Of Mass Radicalization

A group of bipartisan, former national security officials are warning that the ever deepening political divisions in the U.S. are a true national security threat.
All this is evidence of media brainwashing being turned on Americans to convince them that patriot citizens are “dangerous” and the government must stop them to protect average people.

These delusions are, unfortunately, taking hold and starting to motivate the average middle of the road person to fear free citizens and turn to government for protection. It is in that context that gun confiscation will become acceptable to Americans – who will feel safer as government “subjects” than free citizens.

Many of us, traditionally in the American majority, are not used to being discriminated against. Through the Leftist divide and conquer strategy, the backbone of American success – the responsible and moral family oriented citizen – is being radicalized and prepared for such discrimination. And it is using the system now controlled by politicians elected by the secular socialist Democrat political machine. Remember that it only seeks power, and tasting power makes machine politicians more confident and dangerous.

I only advocate working to correct these things within the framework of the greatest political system ever conceived. Threatening statements on publicly accessible forums will only be used by the media to “prove” how violently radicalized people that own guns have become. This will be used to marginalize free citizens and accelerate the Leftist takeover.

Gun owners are about to endure a gross and unfair manipulation of our system. We are about to be discriminated against in the most potent and overwhelming way Leftists can conceive. It may feel good to “vent” on a public forum, but it will not solve this problem.

Working smart and working together is the first step. Motivating an overwhelming conservative vote to elect the last two Republican US Senators in Georgia is critical right now. It’s literally the thread that our gun rights is hanging on.

It does not good to complain that the NRA is “missing”… We need to pick ourselves up from the November election carnage and take care of business – and do it within the terms and conditions of the system we want to save.

The founders knew that citizens could be irrational, deluded and weak – yet they designed a self-correcting system that has addressed every attack for over 200 years.

Conservatives are the fundamental basis of our system’s strengths. Like the Leftists, we have been compromised by politicians seeking power and spending money that the nation simply does not have – driving us into unfathomable debt. America is divided into tribes that do not trust traditional institutions or each other. Media continues to spin propaganda and accelerate the divide.

We’re seeing an American problem – and the only response has to be to stand firm, cool the public rhetoric and let the current outrages play themselves out. Be prepared for discrimination that, as bedrock conservatives, we are not used to. Resolution is going to take time, and the tribe conservatives don’t trust or agree with is in ascendancy.

Patience… but be Prepared. Not just politicians take advantage of these conditions. Criminals thrive on chaos and lies. The propaganda will be used to associate “mass radicalized” conservatives with crime.

Don’t play into these peoples’ hands… especially on a public forum.

Two Reckonings…

Predictions for the next two years: 

The weak supplicants will thrive. 

The dependents will be irresponsible. 

The lucky will survive. 

The unlucky will die. 

The politicians will use their power toward tyranny. 

– – – – – – – – – 

Elections matter. Election fraud matters. Voter ID matters. 

America is divided into two warring tribes. The division is wedged by distrust. Cooperation at this point is impossible, even though political power is now assumed. Only those that have created this mistrust can fix this, or step out of the way. 

The media is now being leveraged over time to produce “optics” (perceptions) that Conservatives lead by President Trump created this problem. This is the “big lie”. It’s the biggest lie ever foisted on the American people by tyrannical politicians. 

Conservatives are not the source of this grand tribal divide. Leftist Democrats influencing the secular socialist Democrat political machine created this divide, and the majority of centrist Democrats let them do it in order to divide and conquer America. 

Tyranny of this magnitude cannot stand. Until trust is restored to America, I fear for our nation. Only an externally originating existential threat against America can bring us together, and our nation’s enemies are content to sit back and watch our tribes destroy each other. 

The alternative is to start finding centrist or conservative Democrats that we can trust, and ensure that they are the ones that influence and dominate their party. More than half the new American gun owners are the place to start. They haven’t drunk the Leftist KoolAid yet… 

The wedge is to begin to focus on economic issues and civil safety. Time Conservatives spend on flogging social control issues will just be wasted. Significant issues in that area can be addressed once Conservatives are back in power. And we will be back in power. They may be in ascendancy now, but the reckless wreck that is the Democrat party will ensure that. When they lose their Trump target, there won’t be much to bring them together again. We can fill that void. 

If half then nation loses the whipping boy that has effectively brought them together, and the other half gains a new grievance against the other tribe to bring them together, what do you think will happen?

While we’re dividing more viscerally, we need to ensure we bring more action into our tribe and increase our numbers to dominate those that have struck at us by gaming the system and attacking our Republic itself.

President Trump will spend the next years bringing Conservatives together, while the reckless wreck of the Democrat party works to destroy America one debt, program, treaty, and power grab at a time.

It’s not so much that Democrat supporting Americans want to support Iran, Venezuela, China, illegal invaders, and lying politicians… they are basically irresponsible, lazy and violent when stimulated.

Political power may seem to be shifting, but the damage to the Republic itself is more the threat. Meanwhile, the media will crow in joy as their lies have been working for their political partners. And the media owners are comforted by the billions of dollars spent on advertising from both tribes.

There is now a “Circular Firing Squad” operating within the Democrat party political machine. The Democrat tribe is losing it’s whipping boy at the same time they turn their power grab on each other. This is the time for conservatives to grab the high ground, and come together in strength with a commitment to act and win by healing the Democrat’s damage to our Republic.