Leftist America in Full Bloom

As you watch the immature Leftist reaction to recent Supreme Court decisions, take note because you haven’t seen anything yet… I think you can count on this kind of tasteless official mis-behavior. It’s a specialty of the Leftists ever since Alinsky wrote “Rules for Radicals” and they used it to claw their way to power.

The media is acting as the Left’s propaganda partner, and deep state agencies including law enforcement are acting as their enforcers.

The Leftist power brokers have been hiding behind secrecy and a series of laws like the Patriot Act that allowed them to operate in the shadows while working to destroy liberty.

Laws like the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act passed in 1990 (with the full support of Biden) were authored and pushed through Congress with the full knowledge of their impact on school safety. They sound good on the surface, but create celebrity seeking psychopath attracting massacre zones – effectively sacrificing our children on the Leftist alter of gun control. I now believe that the Leftist politicians that promoted these laws did it with the full knowledge of what this impact would be – knowing that htey could use future deaths to promote their agenda. Despicable.

As the truth about Uvalde slowly comes out, I’m beginning to wonder about the truth behind the delays that caused almost an hour of freedom for that psychopath to kill those people. The police in body armor waited, the defective door was always unlocked, and one officer was even disarmed when he tried to save his dying wounded wife. Why? And why did a Texas Senator subsequently lead the passage of a big money “gun control” bill? Much of this makes no sense on the surface. And now, after more than twice as many people are killed in a nearby border incident, the media glosses over the tragic deaths and ignores it. That is clear evidence of an agenda at work.

Leftists will do anything to achieve and maintain their power. They will impeach and impede a standing president then hold Stalinist style show trials to try and prevent him from returning to office. They will cover up and lie for their agendas. They will use propaganda and brainwashing to promote their agendas. Given the motivation and opportunity, they exhibit the worst of human behavior.

Lies and Compromise

In compromise both sides walk away from the “deal” with something. Do you see anything in this exchange with the Leftists that helps gun owners in any way? Didn’t think so…


50 plus years of “gun control” abuse of lawful gun owners has been tolerated by patriots including considerable infringement of the Second Amendment.

Very bad and dangerous laws with safe sounding names (for easy passage to confuse the ignorant) have been passed in the name of “gun control” by Leftist Democrats. “Background Checks” “Gun Free School Zones” etc… “Emergency Risk Protection Orders”… each new strategy more infringing and unconstitutional than the next – each infringement more impossible for law abiding citizens to deal with.

Very good and effective laws are fought every inch by Leftist Democrats, and proven to save lives by making guns and gun owners more commonly available to defend themselves and those they love. Constitutional (permitless) concealed carry in half of the United States has made each state more safe where it is passed. Fought every inch of the way by Leftist Democrats.

When celebrity seeking psychopaths attack supposed gun free massacre zones, ignoring all gun control laws and violating felony laws against violence, Leftist Democrat District Attorneys routinely drop firearms related charges and fail to prosecute the criminals that have committed firearm related crimes.

Highly publicized violent criminal attacks with firearms are routinely propagandized by mass media propelling a lying agenda to make such attacks appear more common driving brainwashing and irrational fear of guns in the general population. Lying mentally ill “victims” are heavily promoted as celebrity seeking psychopaths of a different sort, many of whom were never at risk in incidents they are associated with. Constant months long barrages of propaganda drive justification for further infringement of fundamental enumerated citizen rights.

A true compromise would eliminate all this manipulative behavior first, then eliminate bad laws that enable it, enforce laws against violent criminal actions and separate mentally ill criminals from the general population. I don’t see any offers of this nature from Leftist Democrats, and mere mention of this is immediately rejected by the fake “negotiators”…

There are no compromises or negotiations going on. Just more lies. The tail end of 50 years of gun control lies.

You’ve Been Warned

Death by 1,000 cuts… You’re the target and have been the target for 50 years. The target of propaganda and brainwashing.

Thankfully, some of the newly empowered Leftists are bold enough to be clear and warn you:


Now that you’re clearly warned, you see all the political agitation and fear. This will hopefully result in defeat of these repeatedly introduced and Democrat passed gun grabbing bills. That becomes political red meat for use in the November mid-term elections.

I imagine that Leftist minions will continue the drumbeat of mass attacks through November, just like Antifa thugs did on our streets in 2020. Anarchy is a tool of Leftists, and always has been. Democrats created the vulnerable school massacre zones in 1990 (Biden himself was an author of the law) when they passed the “Gun Free School Zones Act” to make our children the targets of fatherless celebrity psychopaths. 96% of these attacks have chosen these places ever since (CPRC).


That has been true since the 1950’s and so was clear when Biden worked to pass this terrible act:


Leftists and their elites – obsessed with power – are evil, have no interest in protecting citizens at liberty and see you standing in their way. This is why they want to disarm you.

They care nothing about children’s lives. Over 260,000 fetuses are aborted every year, the majority of whom are minorities – I guess black lives really don’t matter to them. Neither do the lives of our school children – obviously just pawns in their gun control agenda.

Cowardice in Texas School Shooting? I don’t think so…

Here is an example of how badly the lying media narratives get things wrong.

Much of the recent press has started leaving the impression that, with an hour of delay in the police response to the recent Texas school shooting tragedy, police cowardice must be at fault.

But there is a fact that is being left out of that narrative.


I seriously doubt that officer was waiting outside that school out of cowardice knowing his daughter was inside and at risk.

Only the media created celebrity psychopath that was killing children was at fault in that tragedy.

The incident commander at the scene might not have had the proper experience and training to deal with that situation, but the heinous murderer was the one committing the carnage.

I guess that the lying media didn’t have time to tell everyone the full story about the police response.

Recognize the Leftist Pattern Yet?

Real solutions are already off the table, especially if you listen to the Leftist “experts” being brought before the broadcast cameras and microphones. They say that arming teachers and school staff certainly can’t work, and should not even be considered. But wait… some states already permit this, and they are not experiencing these “celebrity psychopath” attack tragedies…

GRNC supported a bill called the 2018 “Arm Teachers – Support NC H1039 The School Self Defense Act” four years ago that would have effectively addressed these “celebrity psychopaths”:

Here’s the legislation itself. 


Leftists cry crocodile tears and wring their hands in the media for days after these school “massacre zone” incidents, but they raise re-election funds on the bodies of children in schools and in the womb. That’s despicable. Leftists created these “massacre zones” and their media partners create the “celebrity psychopaths” that attack children repeatedly. Politicians lie about how common these attacks are (they are more rare than lightening strike injuries).

More people were shot in Chicago in May than at the school attack… but Chicago already has draconian gun control, so promoting it in the media isn’t useful… so… not a peep from the liberty attacking politicians.


 “The right” isn’t emphasizing “gun rights”… we’re fortunately obsessed with personal liberty. 

Politicians are lying constantly about the United States being more dangerous because of the Second Amendment. A quick look at just one area can confirm this. In just the area of Islamic Terrorism, you can see that over 300,000 people have been murdered since 2001, and most of those attacks have taken place against civilians outside the United States because the victims are easy to kill. They are tracked here: 


This list is just focused on religious motivated attacks, and starts with the most current, monitoring reports world wide. 

Here are actual mass shooting rates calculated internationally: 


Despite all the political hysteria, you’ll see that the United States and it’s Second Amendment are not the most dangerous place in the world. It’s Norway. 

Repeating The Same Behavior And Expecting A Different Result Defines Insanity

I suppose that it’s also time to remind the President, his administration, all the Leftist Democrats in Congress and the rest of the politicians loudly calling in magical unison for “Universal Background Checks” and more “Gun Control” that repeating the same failed policies and actions over and over again and expecting different results is the very definition of insanity.

The truth of this is very obvious this time.

GOA has them by their evidence of clandestine and illegal establishment of a searchable ATF implemented illegal gun owner registration database now being constructed from the 13+ trailers of scanned 4473 forms they’ve accumulated from closed FFLs. As ATF accelerates forcing FFLs to close based on trumped up charges of paperwork errors, one of their goals is obviously more records to enter into their databases. “Universal Background Checks” accomplishes further documentation of firearm ownership – all in preparation for future universal gun confiscation.

Here is how the President is abusing your Second Amendment rights today:

Join us.
Yesterday, in Uvalde, Texas at an elementary school, beautiful, innocent children and adults were killed — and scores of others witnessed it happen.
There are parents who will never be the same. To lose a child is to have a piece of your soul ripped away forever. It’s the feeling shared by the siblings, grandparents, families, and communities left behind. I ask the nation to pray for them to give them strength in the darkness.
It’s been nearly ten years since another gunman massacred 26 people, including 20 first-graders, at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Since then, there have been over 900 incidents of gunfire reported on school grounds: Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida; Santa Fe High School in Texas; Oxford High School in Michigan; the list goes on.
And it only grows when it includes the mass shootings at places like movie theaters, houses of worship, and as we saw just ten days ago, at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York. I am sick and tired of it. We have to act — and don’t tell me we can’t have an impact on this carnage.
I’ve spent my career working to pass common-sense gun laws. We know that when we passed the assault weapons ban, mass shootings went down. We know that gun manufacturers have spent two decades marketing assault weapons which make them the largest profit. We must have the courage to stand up to the industry and the lobbies.
It’s time to turn this pain into action for every parent and for every citizen of this country. We have to make it clear to every elected official in this country that it’s time to act. It’s time for those who obstructed the way, who have blocked the common-sense gun laws, to know we will not forget.
We have to do more.
Joseph R. Biden Jr.       
President of the United States

But… it’s very clear that they have no interest in protecting children whether they are in school or still in the womb. In fact, when children are most at risk, they are at the most use to Leftist Democrats politically for organizing and accumulating power. That is despicable. 

Real progress would be to protect our children by making it possible for all people with known backgrounds and training to actively protect our children in schools, and stop such attacks before they even start. These attacks don’t happen where trained school staff and citizens with concealed carry permits have the power to stop vicious psychopaths that would harm our children. 

Instead, states spend millions on the “soft solutions” like school psychologists who are supposed to “detect” the problem children and “weed them out”, but then don’t have the power to “violate their rights” and actually separate them and prevent such attacks. Instead, the psychologists are there to deal with the post traumatic stress that should not be happening in the first place – if citizens were there to stop it in the first place. 

The FBI is finally reporting that citizens DO stop such mass attacks… 

There’s the first report indicating four of them that were stopped by armed citizens. 

In my own state, many schools are too poorly funded to be able to afford a “school resource officer” (police man). They often assign one unarmed officer to multiple schools. They have to travel between schools and, of course, can easily be tracked by a potential attacker who would then go to the other schools.

Knowing this, our legislature voted over $8 million two years ago to fund additional psychologists to staff school systems as part of their Democrat sponsored soft solutions to “school violence”. Not a penny went to authorizing citizens or regular staff so that they could actually stop an attacker by responding with appropriate lethal force.

It was opposed by educators that were entranced with soft solutions and true hoplophobes, but GRNC helped sponsor a real solution back in 2018:

Echoes of Sandy Hook

Insurance companies paid off the gun grabbing bigots today in spite of common sense and the evil done by a boy that killed his own mother to access and misuse firearms.

The lawsuit plaintiff family members are broadly appearing on media today claiming victory over “the only industry that has been protected by Federal Law” that makes “lethal products”… The fact that automobiles kill many more people every year is lost on them. The gun grabber bigot sees guns only as “killing machines” and doesn’t see any value to the protection that they can provide in properly trained hands, or the value of hunting, marksmanship training discipline or even military defense.

The coverage is all anti-gun owner and all emotionally over the top. This “victory” took place in a state court which permitted the lawsuit to proceed in spite of the Federal law prohibiting such lawsuits.

“Military grade weapon” was used in interviews this morning by one of the plaintiff family members, so that new “branding” for “assault weapons” seems likely along with an attempt to dissemble from the difference between fully automatic and other types of weapons. The intent is clearly to confuse average people about the difference between NFA controlled firearms and GCA firearms. The goal is obviously to enact more “assault weapons bans” based on new anti-gun owner propaganda.

Any “win” will be heavily exploited in the media, using highly emotional interviews with people that lost their small children. This exploitation is immoral in a number of ways, but that doesn’t matter to the gun grabber bigots.

You can count on much of the money being “donated” to the gun control bigots as well. And yes, through higher liability insurance rates, the money will come out of gun buyer’s pockets.

The gun grabbing bigots see this “settlement” win as the path forward… But…

Insurance policies can be modified to include clauses eliminating this kind of liability, making future lawsuits “unprofitable” to the lawyers. They will quickly lose interest without profit in the picture.

The internal Remington documents will be extensively misused by the “gun control bigots” who will be given access to them. A new branding “military grade guns” will emerge from all this. This will be used to imply that the average subject should not have access to them… That is, of course, the way Leftists are conditioning people to think. Especially people that can’t handle freedom with responsibility because they are so unfamiliar with living that way.

Just remember, the Second Amendment exists so that citizens can guarantee their freedom. That is what separates “citizens” from “subjects”, and that uniquely balances a government’s perverse tendency toward “control”, making America the one destination for the world’s oppressed peoples.

You must always ask Leftists, “why wouldn’t a people at liberty need military grade weapons in a dangerous and oppressive world?”

It’s Time To Flush The Swamp

So…. Leftist Democrat socialists have setup racist oriented unrest across the nation with the objective of dividing the nation prior to the 2020 election, and gaining some advantage.

They obviously condoned the widespread rioting, looting, arson, murders and criminal behavior in major American cities nationwide through a series of actions (defund the police) and lack of action (catch and release criminals). Labeling it “peaceful protest” was deep state agency misinformation, and compromised the integrity of our national media. Soros inspired and funded District Attorneys in these large cities have compromised the integrity of the Justice system at a critical point as well. Abusive prosecutions proceed based on political motivations, and serious criminal activity is not being prosecuted after immediate catch and release without bond or consequences. This is emboldening major gang criminal activities in our large cities, making them unsafe.

The legacy national media, obviously compromised when it comes to their core integrity and ability to truthfully report a story, is no longer trusted by a large segment of the population. It is now being treated as a propaganda organ by Leftist socialist politicians, and their deep state agencies. There doesn’t appear to be the skill or will to operate journalism in a neutral manner.

Leftist Democrat politicians, after compromising election integrity in many regions and lead by national leadership, are polarizing this divide further by constantly stoking false racist oriented backlash narratives, falsely labeling mainstream citizens as “Radical Extremists” and working to unconstitutionally manipulate our system to their advantage while working to destroy state’s rights to manage elections and ensure their integrity. Using the false moniker of “voting rights” to describe techniques that appear to make voting convenient while completely destroying the audit-ability and verifiable integrity of future elections, Leftist Democrat socialists attack their opponents as if they were violent extremists intent on starting civil war, when in fact their own Leftist operatives initiated the violence.

Does anyone see a pattern here?

Leftist Democrat socialists have consistently presented program after program of government dependence in order to earn the favor of disadvantaged people, while destroying the core of families with these programs over generations. This guarantees the destruction of our society. While destroying opportunity, responsibility and moral grounding in the family, these programs have consistently driven a birth to crime engine that destroys lives. Without a moral reference, the sense of responsibility for one’s own life and family or the will to seek and work to exploit opportunity, entire generations of our citizens have been made into life failing subjects of a big government that is both fiscally and morally bankrupt.

All this is now sold to the recently “woke” generation as the fault of anyone that has succeeded in America. It’s all in the name of establishing big government, a class of elite to run society and a massive underclass of subjects bent to the will of that elite. That, in all the annals of history, defines Democrat Leftist socialists as the most destructive extremists of all.

It can be offensive to have people like that lecture us on “Democracy” after they have bent it to their elite will, doing their best for generations to destroy freedom, citizen’s lives and our culture. But it’s essential to use the lawful levers of power to votes such people out of power, and do it while the wounds of their damage can be healed.

Prepare for the “Small Flush” in 2022 and the “Big Flush” in 2024. Bring integrity back to citizenship, and conservative values of responsibility back to our culture.

Another School Shooting… And We’re Off!

The Leftists will use the parents to demonize all pro-gun people. Leftists will specifically use their political prejudice against guns and gun owners to scare people. “Be afraid, be very afraid”. It’s the boogeyman under the bed…. for anyone that sends their child to school.

Ignore the fact that the boy may have been a bullied child that finally boiled over and the psychopath within him finally acted out with his newly accessed weapon. Ignore the fact that the politicians in Michigan created the perfect supposedly “gun free” massacre zone for him to commit murders.

I think that the parents were as pro-gun as many rational citizens, and probably didn’t realize that their son was capable of doing murders like this. You often never see that side of a psychopath. They are charismatic, and draw people to them until they show the side of themselves that cares nothing for the pain and injury that they inflict on others – actually enjoying the experience of inflicting it.

Knowing how the Leftists and their media lackeys will use this, they will carefully paint the parents’ pro gun stance and conservative positions to demonize all conservatives and all gun owners and supporters. They are already using the mother’s text, “LOL, just don’t get caught next time” to demonize her after he got caught shopping for ammo on his phone in class…

The parents probably bought a handgun for their son so that they could go target shooting together. They probably wanted to teach him responsibility and grow closer to him in doing that. Clearly they didn’t understand their son’s potential for doing the kind of harm he subsequently did. A true psychopath is very good at hiding that side of themselves from others until they choose to act.

Should we have draconian gun storage laws? My own state has them. I tend to agree that responsible gun owners should keep controlled access on them, but also on any dangerous weapon. Yet every kitchen in my state has a rack of knives that can do the same level of damage if misused. Why no knife storage laws? It’s pure prejudice… plain and simple…

Another School Shooting and Time for Change

As the media predictably starts publicizing the latest school tragedy in the wealthy suburb of Oxford, Michigan, the first question is now “who to blame”…

My state has laws in place that also assign the criminal liability of a minor’s actions to the adult that made the gun available to them. If your child accesses your firearm and commits murder, you also get charged with murder.

There is a firearm access law that requires you to control firearms so that a minor cannot access them. A minor is not permitted to use a firearm without adult immediate presence and a parent or guardian’s permission here. Younger children are not permitted to access a firearm at all.

Violent felony crimes here can be charged to minors as low as 13 here if transferred from juvenal court by a judge.

Children today are conditioned by hour after hour of “artificial violence” in the form of television, cinema and especially first person shooter video games that immerse them in the commission of violent acts. This causes some of them to ideate actually putting themselves into real activities like the ones depicted in the games and what they watch.

Governments and schools that prohibit lawful concealed carry by skilled adults ensure that our most precious members of society – our children – are literally penned up in supposed “gun free” massacre zones. Any socially psychopathic potential criminal can easily see that whether they are students at a school, or terrorists planning attacks from the outside. These places are literally tailor made for vicious attacks by psychopaths, some of whom intend to finish in suicide, and others that seek the inevitable high profile publicity that follows. They ensure plenty of time to complete their vicious violence before they can be stopped.

The scenario has been repeated often enough that it’s clear this is exactly what the “gun grabber” gun control zealots, their politician power mongers and media lackeys want. These attacks never happen where members of the teaching faculty, administration, staff or visiting parents might be armed. It’s because potential attackers are also cowards.

It’s beyond time for our schools to allow and encourage school concealed carry by people that have qualified for permits in their respective states. Help the politicians in your own state make the right choice, or choose rational politicians that will when it’s time to pull the flush lever in the voting booth.