To Everything Comes Change…

These unconstitutional laws and ballot measures will continue to be introduced by politicians that disagree with our right to self defense. They are confident that it will be expensive, risky and time consuming to correct their draconian actions in the courts.

Ultimately, the NYSRPA v. Bruen decision will help us correct all of these infringements on our rights because of Justice Thomas’ very clear approach to resolving these issues.

Most people don’t understand how powerful his logic was in the opinion he filed for the majority of the Supreme Court. He observed that for the ten plus years since the Heller decision (in which the court embraced “intermediate scrutiny” of laws that infringed on the Second Amendment), the court witnessed nothing but further infringement on our rights. Slow, sure, steady nibbling away at the meaning of “shall not be infringed” by people with a clear agenda. Justice Thomas said that as of now – June, 2022 – that stops.

Heller had established a two step test for any law passed by legislatures or other governing bodies. The first step was “is this – on it’s face – infringing on the Second Amendment?” If the answer was “yes” ,the court went on to a second step where it asked, “is there a justifiable social benefit at an intermediate level of judicial scrutiny to that infringement?”. This “wiggle room” was where every court kept failing our nation thanks to the gun grabber “gaslight gangster” agenda of the gun controllers. These organized criminals don’t care about your self defense rights, they just hate guns, gun owners and your ability to stop criminals. Why doesn’t matter.

Justice Thomas said, no more two step process. If the law is – on it’s face – infringing in any way on the Second Amendment’s recognized right to keep and bear arms, then the law is unconstitutional. Period. End of story.

Several cases were sent back to the lower courts after the NYSRPA v. Bruen decision. They are now in process. So are others working their way through state and Federal courts.

The standard is now based on the meaning of the Second Amendment when the Bill of Rights was passed in 1791, and when the Constitution was incorporated as applying to the states with the 14th Amendment in 1868. If the law (it’s language and meaning of it’s words) would have infringed on the right to keep and bear arms in those years, the law is unconstitutional. Period.

There were no magazine capacity limits in 1791 or 1868. So, eventually the magazine capacity limit laws will all be overturned.

There were no cosmetic feature limiting laws in those years, so no rosters or commerce limiting laws should be able to stand.

There will also be troubling ramifications. There were no serial number required in those years. A case against a felon has already been dismissed regarding removing serial numbers and crossing state lines with a stolen firearm.

Functional features of firearms were not controlled by law in 1791 or 1868… That could open up an entire area of interesting issues.

There were no controls over making your own guns, or the caliber of weapons you could possess.

There were no rules over firing your guns on your own private property, although there were laws against public disturbance and noise nuisances and going to the terror of the people.

Confiscation of property required due process and the decision of a judge or magistrate, there was no concept of a ex-parte “red flag” proceeding.

There were no waiting periods to acquire a firearm, or any number of firearms on the same day. There were no registration lists, or concept of prohibited persons or background check systems.

There were no Federal Firearm Licenses or FFL licensed dealers or manufacturers.

None of our schools were places that prohibited the carry or possession of firearms, and many older students carried rifles to school so that they could go hunting for dinner on their way home.

There was no concept of “gun free” zones – and thus no place where psychopaths could assume that there were “gun free” massacre zones that they could attack.

You can see that this list is long and potentially has very deep implications. Nothing here implies that the criminal use of a firearm is going to be made in any way legal – just the elimination of some of the thousands of infringements that we are living with today.

Implications of the NYSRPA v. Bruen Decision

Remember that the implications of this ruling may both please and concern us as the ramifications start showing themselves. Already, some cases are starting to cause surprise…

There will be others… but on the whole, it will be an improvement for long suffering and abused American gun owners.

Unfortunately, unraveling the long standing abuse strategies of Leftists is expensive and time consuming  The list of those strategies is long.

  • “Red Flag Laws” which abuse the right to due process…
  • “Background Check” systems and the concept of “prohibited persons” which delay exercising your rights – a right delayed is a right denied…
  • Age related restrictions on adults which reflect unjustified prejudice against people simply because of their age, not because of their behavior…
  • Magazine capacity restrictions, and cosmetic feature restrictions because guns scare irrational hoplophobic people…
  • “Assault weapon” bans justified with agenda fueled bogus “research” wastefully funded with Federal tax money…
  • Tortuously parsing commas to misinterpret the “militia clause” of the 2nd Amendment’s language itself…
  • Permission Slip “permit” systems that inject prejudice, delay and bureaucracy into what should be simple commerce…
  • Suppression of interstate commerce and online commerce…
  • Transfer Tax Stamps, Excise Taxes and Permit Fees that act as unconstitutional rights exercise taxes…
  • Prohibited places for carrying your firearms and exercising the right to defend yourself without disclosing the firearm  you’re carrying…
  • The establishment of dangerous supposed “gun free”  massacre zones…. and especially those at schools…
  • Construction of your own firearm from parts, kits, or raw metal or plastic stock…
  • Use of handguns or rifles of various lengths or designs…
  • Use of sound suppressing mufflers to protect hearing without overarching bureaucratic processes or expensive licensing and permitting…
  • And many other things we’ve been dealing with for decades…

None of these abusive infringements of effective self defense rights existed in 1791 (Bill of Rights), 1868 (14th Amendment incorporation to the States)  nor should they exist today.

There’s danger in Media GasLighting on School Shootings

There is great culture danger in the constant media gaslighting of America on school shootings. Considering that one of the Parkland school students was just elected to Congress at age 25 (youngest possible) on a “gun control” platform in Florida, it’s probably time for gun owners to pay attention. 

Even though the Federal Gun Free School Zone Act has worked to create supposed “gun free” massacre zones nationwide, the actual incidence of these incidents is quite rare. Media propaganda stoked by these events would make you think otherwise:

Some statistics from the article: 

Not once in two hours was the number of mass shootings (133 in 39 years, 3.5/yr) or students killed (1K28/yr) or injured (2.6K68/yr) relative to the number of children in America, 0.004%, mentioned.  Nor were the odds of being shot in a mass shooting (1 in 11K), 1,571 times less than dying from cancer (1 in 7), presented.  No one stated how often so-called “assault rifles” (10% of the time) are used or how many shootings are stopped by armed civilians (49% in 2021).  Nor were gun-free zones, Israeli policy, or the effects of drug use and nihilistic ideologies (that deny God’s existence) on the mental state of shooters discussed.  Perhaps most remarkably, no one mentioned that all public policy is legally constrained by the U.S. Constitution.

Although many on stage were paid to uphold the Constitution and most in the audience were U.S. citizens, the social compact that binds all Americans together was met not with praise, but with challenges as to the 2nd Amendment’s meaning of the word militia and whether the founders envisioned weapons beyond muskets — intimating that semi-automatic weapons (85% of handguns manufactured in 2018) are constitutionally out of bounds.  Instead, the pain of survivors and what that pain demanded were most on display.  In response, politicians added insult to injury by vowing to infringe upon yet more rights without deference to tragedies that have followed national firearm bans as night follows day — for if students gunned down by an evil and deranged person is a horror beyond words, what are tens of millions slaughtered by an evil and deranged government?  

Time to Revisit the Unconstitutional Federal Gun Free School Zones Act

Thanks to the NYSRPA v. Bruen decision, there are a number of gun grabber legislative actions that may be reversed soon. The next one we may see challenged is the one that has established so many lethal supposed “gun free” massacre zones at our nation’s schools, the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act.

This ill conceived piece of legislation has been the main attractor of psychopath ideated murders since it was passed in the early 1990s. In fact, almost every single concentrated mass shooting has taken place at a place where firearms have been forbidden to lawful defenders that would save lives with them, and schools have the most vulnerable targets.

When I was in High School, I learned marksmanship in the basement of my urban Chicagoland high school from my biology teacher using .22LR Winchester rifles provided by the Federal DCM (Defense Civilian Marksmanship) program. We had a team, we worked hard, and we were proud of our skills, responsibility and leadership.

That program was demolished along with the basement range and even firearm ownership in my suburb just a few years after I graduated. Now Chicagoland is one of the most dangerous places in America. Chicago Crime, Murder & Mayhem | Criminal Infographics | HeyJackass!

The Federal GFSZA is an unconstitutional infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. It creates an irrational and dangerous risk to our most precious citizens – our children. It’s long been time that this law be found unconstitutional and all infringement related to it at a state level be done away with so that responsible adults can help defend our future again.

Perspective on China and their place in the world

It’s important to understand that there are many ways for nations and cultures to compete in the world. The most violent and obvious is the kind of conflict represented by war and the regional conflict that we are witnessing in Ukraine. But those are only one part of how nations and cultures compete with each other.

The Middle East represents centuries of tribal competition that has been fueled with increasing levels of technology, some of which have engaged surrounding nations and cultures including the United State’s direct involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq and indirect involvement in Iran and others.

But there are other more potent and less visible kinds of competition. This article talks about those:
It’s easy to dismiss this kind of article as “alarmist” until you look at the source and understand the deep intelligence background of the authors.
They have a film coming that will prove rather interesting:
Remember, the Chinese basically own Biden, his family and much of the American deep state. They have deeply placed assets throughout American agencies, government laboratories, industry and educational institutions. This has been the case since at least the inception of the Communist Party in 1949, and probably has flowed from the American / Chinese partnership in World War 2. Chinese government corporate entities have been investing the capitol that they have been earning (remember the imbalance in the American / Trade deficit is in the Trillions of Dollars) is in American capitol assets like land including huge tracts of Midwestern farmland. Much of the American issued debt is being held by Chinese firms and individuals.

Part of dominating a culture is owning that culture. Imagine how angry you would be if your investments were suddenly worthless, and your debt wasn’t being paid back. You’d probably foreclose the loans, and take over the securing assets.

While the “soft” forms of aggression has been quietly building, the hard forms have been building too. Expertise at mass population surveillance have been perfected within China’s borders, and the Chinese military has been building up with the most modern (American origin) technology available.

Get the picture?

Why us? Why not!

An insurrection in the making starts small and at home…

When the home has no father (or the lack of two parents), who teaches self-control and what is “moral” to children? It’s certainly not going to be the schools, and churches have often receded into the dust of of family history and irrelevance. That is the seed of the problem.

Schools that are so “woke” they are broken offer no serious lessons in life, and often simply grant participation awards instead of actually the rigor needed to stimulate learning and true education. This then ensures an ignorant population that is very easy to manipulate in the same way that Leftist tyrants manipulate classrooms.

Once conditioned to “passing” through these institutes of higher brain washing and indoctrination, how can we expect any reference of morality or understanding of law beyond the law of the jungle – eat or be eaten… kill or be killed? (and no – that is not a “racist” reference, as much as facist Leftists would like to make that false accusation)…

If manipulation of the statutes of law through our politicized police agencies becomes the norm in the United States (and God help us if it does), this nation will cease to be a Republic that respects “the people”. Politicians already cynically disparage “the people” in their thoughts and corrupt self serving selfish deeds of power. This is why we must be a representative republic and stop tyrants now through fair elections with integrity. Anything else is pure insurrection by the Leftists.

Wake Up to the Bullying Leftist Strategy

How’s it feel – sad little Conservative… You’re being bullied by the big kids in the school yard. You used to be one of the regular crowd. One of the kids like everyone else, accepted by everyone. But now it’s different. The unique kids have been chosen by the administration for “special handling” and have some advantages, constantly reinforced by the mainstream in control. They have changed the rules in their favor, and changed the game itself…

Leftist Democrats have weaponized government with the express purpose of bullying Conservatives and destroying liberty.

The problem is that Republicans seem to be doing nothing in response.

Mainstream citizens probably never dealt with bullying when they were younger because most were not targeted. Some witnessed it first hand, and responded by protecting weaker friends, but most just preferred to ignore it and walk on by, trusting that things would work out.

This is what Leftist Democrats seem to be banking on during this 2022 election cycle, while simultaneously reacting violently to even a hint of control or limitation to their bad behavior. Witness the violent threats, rioting and protests after the Supreme Court Dodd decision returning the right to abortion to states. Threats to kill Supreme Court justices seem to be ignored by government just like the rioting in 2020 that killed dozens nationwide have been swept under the political Leftist rug.

But Conservatives have been bearing active bullying from our government and it’s various agencies for the past two years. Republicans seem to be banking on the destroyed economy to get them elected, but I doubt that will motivate voters enough because it misses the point. A silent majority of citizens are sick of being bullied by politicians and bureaucrats that keep increasing their power over everyday activities and commerce. Republicans seem disengaged, and in some cases even part of the problem.

Witness passage of a “gun control” package that enabled a gun registry, abusive treatment of FFLs, increased regulation and funding of gun confiscation ex-parte “Red Flag” laws nationwide. Gun owners should feel quite bullied by government overreach, as well as politicians that actively and simultaneously are openly ignoring the law so recently affirmed by our Supreme Court’s decision in the Bruen case.

Republicans need to recognize that citizens are sick of useless face diapers, school indoctrination, politicized Federal police agencies that commit home invasions and rifle through FPOTUS Trump’s wife’s lingerie drawers, financial harassment of FFL Dealers, “gun free” massacre zones, “assault weapon ban” pornography, and continued government agency rights abuse like ATF (or is it “AFT”?) rulemaking while simple background checks languish for over a year.

The Leftist campaign strategy is about to be launched for the 2022 election cycle – and it will ramp up this bullying starting with Biden parroting speeches this week about banning “assault weapons”… Listen carefully. They now have funded programs to coerce states to pass gun confiscation ex-parte “red flag” laws and weaponize much more of their deep state agencies.

Tell your conservative political candidates to wake up.

Leftist America in Full Bloom

As you watch the immature Leftist reaction to recent Supreme Court decisions, take note because you haven’t seen anything yet… I think you can count on this kind of tasteless official mis-behavior. It’s a specialty of the Leftists ever since Alinsky wrote “Rules for Radicals” and they used it to claw their way to power.

The media is acting as the Left’s propaganda partner, and deep state agencies including law enforcement are acting as their enforcers.

The Leftist power brokers have been hiding behind secrecy and a series of laws like the Patriot Act that allowed them to operate in the shadows while working to destroy liberty.

Laws like the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act passed in 1990 (with the full support of Biden) were authored and pushed through Congress with the full knowledge of their impact on school safety. They sound good on the surface, but create celebrity seeking psychopath attracting massacre zones – effectively sacrificing our children on the Leftist alter of gun control. I now believe that the Leftist politicians that promoted these laws did it with the full knowledge of what this impact would be – knowing that htey could use future deaths to promote their agenda. Despicable.

As the truth about Uvalde slowly comes out, I’m beginning to wonder about the truth behind the delays that caused almost an hour of freedom for that psychopath to kill those people. The police in body armor waited, the defective door was always unlocked, and one officer was even disarmed when he tried to save his dying wounded wife. Why? And why did a Texas Senator subsequently lead the passage of a big money “gun control” bill? Much of this makes no sense on the surface. And now, after more than twice as many people are killed in a nearby border incident, the media glosses over the tragic deaths and ignores it. That is clear evidence of an agenda at work.

Leftists will do anything to achieve and maintain their power. They will impeach and impede a standing president then hold Stalinist style show trials to try and prevent him from returning to office. They will cover up and lie for their agendas. They will use propaganda and brainwashing to promote their agendas. Given the motivation and opportunity, they exhibit the worst of human behavior.

Lies and Compromise

In compromise both sides walk away from the “deal” with something. Do you see anything in this exchange with the Leftists that helps gun owners in any way? Didn’t think so…


50 plus years of “gun control” abuse of lawful gun owners has been tolerated by patriots including considerable infringement of the Second Amendment.

Very bad and dangerous laws with safe sounding names (for easy passage to confuse the ignorant) have been passed in the name of “gun control” by Leftist Democrats. “Background Checks” “Gun Free School Zones” etc… “Emergency Risk Protection Orders”… each new strategy more infringing and unconstitutional than the next – each infringement more impossible for law abiding citizens to deal with.

Very good and effective laws are fought every inch by Leftist Democrats, and proven to save lives by making guns and gun owners more commonly available to defend themselves and those they love. Constitutional (permitless) concealed carry in half of the United States has made each state more safe where it is passed. Fought every inch of the way by Leftist Democrats.

When celebrity seeking psychopaths attack supposed gun free massacre zones, ignoring all gun control laws and violating felony laws against violence, Leftist Democrat District Attorneys routinely drop firearms related charges and fail to prosecute the criminals that have committed firearm related crimes.

Highly publicized violent criminal attacks with firearms are routinely propagandized by mass media propelling a lying agenda to make such attacks appear more common driving brainwashing and irrational fear of guns in the general population. Lying mentally ill “victims” are heavily promoted as celebrity seeking psychopaths of a different sort, many of whom were never at risk in incidents they are associated with. Constant months long barrages of propaganda drive justification for further infringement of fundamental enumerated citizen rights.

A true compromise would eliminate all this manipulative behavior first, then eliminate bad laws that enable it, enforce laws against violent criminal actions and separate mentally ill criminals from the general population. I don’t see any offers of this nature from Leftist Democrats, and mere mention of this is immediately rejected by the fake “negotiators”…

There are no compromises or negotiations going on. Just more lies. The tail end of 50 years of gun control lies.

You’ve Been Warned

Death by 1,000 cuts… You’re the target and have been the target for 50 years. The target of propaganda and brainwashing.

Thankfully, some of the newly empowered Leftists are bold enough to be clear and warn you:

Now that you’re clearly warned, you see all the political agitation and fear. This will hopefully result in defeat of these repeatedly introduced and Democrat passed gun grabbing bills. That becomes political red meat for use in the November mid-term elections.

I imagine that Leftist minions will continue the drumbeat of mass attacks through November, just like Antifa thugs did on our streets in 2020. Anarchy is a tool of Leftists, and always has been. Democrats created the vulnerable school massacre zones in 1990 (Biden himself was an author of the law) when they passed the “Gun Free School Zones Act” to make our children the targets of fatherless celebrity psychopaths. 96% of these attacks have chosen these places ever since (CPRC).

That has been true since the 1950’s and so was clear when Biden worked to pass this terrible act:

Leftists and their elites – obsessed with power – are evil, have no interest in protecting citizens at liberty and see you standing in their way. This is why they want to disarm you.

They care nothing about children’s lives. Over 260,000 fetuses are aborted every year, the majority of whom are minorities – I guess black lives really don’t matter to them. Neither do the lives of our school children – obviously just pawns in their gun control agenda.