Why you should “never trust government”…

Our currency contains the motto “In God We Trust”, not “In Government We Trust” for a very good reason.

Whether by intent, mistake, neglect or incompetence, government workers and agencies often make serious mistake that impact citizen’s lives.

More truth is coming out about Parkland Florida and the FBI:

FBI staffers knew warnings about Nikolas Cruz were related but closed the case, lawmakers learn | Fox News
This is only one aspect of the repeated lack of performance by multiple layers of government agencies responsible for addressing the psychopath’s problems and stopping him before he attacked his High School in Parkland, Florida.

The “Gun Grabbers” core problem is that they mistrust lawful gun owners, and don’t have confidence that we’ll always do the right thing. This is completely unrelated to the facts as observed over many decades – the fact that gun owners, and especially Concealed Carry permit holders are overwhelmingly lawful.

The media and politicians express their anti-gun agenda through constantly repeated propaganda and lies against lawful gun owners in order to establish and constantly reinforce this mistrust.

This only calls into question their motives.

Through all of history, one truth is unfortunately clear. “Never trust government”.

The Gun Grabbers operate under the false belief that “Government is here to protect you”. That is often reinforced through motto and propaganda too. Unfortunately, no government agency or organization is under any duty to actually protect either individual citizens or groups of citizens. This was settled a decade ago in a Supreme Court case.

Without the ability to defend yourself, you’re on your own Oprah… Oh… she hires armed security guards… Never mind…

These people pose a clear and present danger…

The country was at war, and only came to it after being attacked in a cowardly sneak attack that took the lives of several thousand men.

Suddenly, it became clear that it could not have been done without help from within, and the military urgency brought out several unexpected things. If we all have a couple of ways to get things done, the nice way we try first and the ruthless way we back it up with, the ruthless “solution” surfaced quickly.

The most draconian prejudice is easy to exploit when people have easily observed physical characteristics. The race of people that started this war was easy to see – from a distance. There were about 120,000 of them sharing these racial characteristics, and about 80,000 of them were born in the country that was sneak attacked. Even so, they were members of an “enemy race”. The less than 3 percent who were known to be potential problems were mostly already in custody.

Even though the leader of the national police organization objected to taking actions based on “hysteria and lack of judgement”, the civilian leader of the military branch insisted on mass internment in concentration camps. He said, “If it is a question of the safety of the country, or the Constitution…, the Constitution is a scrap of paper to me.”

With that, the nation’s leader signed an executive order and the 120,000 people were forced to sell their property and bused to inland concentration camps guarded by tanks, gun towers and armed soldiers.

This is a cautionary tale for America’s gun owners because the manipulative press and politician agenda against guns is based on lies and propaganda about the nature of gun owners themselves. Before you think, “it can’t happen here”, it did happen here.

The country is the United States of America. The Constitution that was violated by executive order 9066 signed by Franklin Roosevelt on February 19, 1942. With that over 100,000 Japanese American citizens were forced from homes and businesses that they had to sell at over a $5 billion personal loss (today’s money). They lived in brutal conditions within inadequate housing. The task was easy because they went willingly as good loyal American citizens and their racial background was instantly visible.

It must feel frustrating as a lawful gun owner to be the target of prejudice and, at no fault of your own, publicly associated  by the media with criminals, psychopaths and terrorists. Make no mistake, prejudice and lies are driving the “Gun Control” agenda with the complicity of politicians. When the Constitution is just a “scrap of paper” believe that such crimes as confiscation without due process can easily target you. The first was reported yesterday in Washington State.

As a member of a faultless and loyal cadre of citizens, we should be interested in this, particularly since yesterday, guns were confiscated from American citizens in Washington state without due process. This is one of the reasons that the manipulative lying media and press have been working overtime against lawful citizens.

Here’s the law they passed last year to permit it:


Here’s the confiscation law in use:


The target of this confiscation had no right to argue in his defense before a neutral judge. After the order was secretly sworn out in his absence, the police showed up armed and demanded his guns.

The person was “scary” and intimidating people. He had never committed a crime or drawn or pointed a firearm, he just had the “scary” ability to do so – as do all lawful citizens. If he had committed a crime of assault, or harassment or another violation of law, police could take him into custody, impound his firearms and go before a judge. This is NOT what happened.

In case you haven’t figured this out (after passing in five states) this is one of the “Gun Grabber’s” most potent new tools to disarm civilians.

It isn’t necessary to violate due process rights to handle such problems, it’s just much more convenient for accusers and police who don’t have to bother a judge and convene a court prior to taking action. In most other states, things are done the other way around to ensure that the accused can speak for themselves before giving up their right to keep and bear arms.

Since the media has painted AR-15 rifles as “scary” and the Supreme Court has allowed that as a justification for laws that prohibit “Assault Weapons”, just the possession of a “Scary” “Assault Weapon” is justification for non-judicial confiscation without due process.

Of course when the Constitution is just a scrap of paper….

Why “Gun Control” efforts are a Really Bad Idea… “Background Checks”

All “Gun Control” efforts are a really bad idea. There is no escaping the facts when you understand what the impact of 50 years of misguided efforts have taken us.

The core issues are:

  • Personal responsibility
  • Unintended consequences
  • The impact of propaganda lies published by an agenda fueled media
  • Complete failure to stop crime

There are really two separate groups of “Gun Owners”. The first accepts personal responsibility for their actions in society, follows the law and owns and uses firearms safely. The other simply does not. They are not responsible members of society, regularly ignore and violate the law and use firearms to harm other people.

For a law to be effective, it must be possible to enforce the law, and responsible citizens must choose to comply with the law. Furthermore, prosecutors must commit to actually prosecute violations of the law and bear this cost including the impact on the judicial and corrections systems.

You don’t simply pass another law and expect it to be immediately effective and solve the problem being addressed. Passing a law that is impossible to follow, or that can never be enforced creates more problems that often can never be resolved. This is the first core nature of “Gun Control”.

“Universal Background Checks” are an example of a law that can never be effectively enforced without turning to one of history’s most abused “Gun Control” tools – “Central Gun Registration”. Sure, a law that requires all firearms acquisition and transfer to only take place after a central check of a buyer’s background sounds useful until you peel the onion back a bit. In fact, “Background Check” systems never work to stop crime, greatly inconvenience police agencies with seemingly useless paperwork and often delay or completely stop a misidentified individual from exercising their Constitutional right to own a firearm and defend themselves and their families.

The “loophole” often complained about by “Gun Control” advocates that are heavily quoted and covered in the agenda fueled press is that “Private Transfers” at “Gun Shows” currently escape this background check under Federal law. Surely passing a law that requires lawful people to get evidence of clearing a buyer’s background before the sale will solve “The Problem”, right? But what is “The Problem”? And what is the actual effect of a “Universal Background Check” law?

A remarkably small percentage of firearms is transferred between strangers that do not know the buyer’s background already. Many gun owners will not voluntarily sell a gun to someone that they do not know, or that they cannot verify as lawful because that act itself is against the law, and would subject the seller to criminal prosecution and civil penalties. Selling a gun to a prohibited person is illegal, so lawful private individuals just don’t take the chance.

The “40% of Gun Sales are Private Transfers” lie most often quoted by the media and “Gun Control” groups comes from a 1994 survey and 1996 “Study” done before background checks existed. The authors of the study subsequently acknowledged intentional errors of omission and changed their estimate to between 14% and 22%. This study involves responsed from 251 respondents 24 years ago.

40% Private Gun Sales is a Lie

The very idea of extrapolating the results of a 251 person study done 24 years ago to apply to the private acquisition of today’s roughly 300,000,000 firearms and claim that 40% of them were acquired without useless “Background Checks” is absurd to the point of irresponsibility. This alone makes it clear that the media and politicians that support “Gun Control” are operating with an unvoiced agenda against lawful gun owners. It is a lie. A very false lie.

First, gun sellers would have to decide to remain lawful in private transactions for the law to have any impact. In spite of the lies told by the media and “Gun Control” advocates, a very small percentage of gun transfers and sales take place privately without the involvement of a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer or collector. Many responsible people resent the interference of government in the sale of personal property. This is especially so when the transfer takes place between close friends or family members, or as a result of inheritance.

Next, the system must be accurate. The “NICS” instant check system was analyzed recently and found to report “False Positives” (prohibiting lawful people from acquiring firearms) in the mid to high 90% range:

Error rate of NICS Background Checks

“Background Check” systems have practically no impact on violent crime. About 3 percent of violent crimes may actually committed with a legally obtained firearm.

Violent Crimes linked to 3% of legal Firearm Purchases

2% of Crime Guns come from Gun Shows

So it’s clear that background check systems already don’t apply to 97%-98% of the crimes actually committed with firearms by criminals, psychopaths and terrorists. Such a system is effectively useless, and involves the gross waste of resources.

Furthermore, the extremely small number of correct prohibitions always involve a violation of Federal law. To get to the point of a background check, the buyer must sign a form 4473 stating under penalty of law that they can legally buy a gun. In a seven year period through 2015, out of more than half a million background check denials only 254 were even considered for prosecution. Further investigation found that every one of those was a violation of law that should have been prosecuted, but prosecutions dropped substantially after 2012 due to Justice Department policy.

In the face of the almost non-existent incidence of prosecuting violators of these laws, is it any wonder that police agencies (primarily concerned with stopping and investigating crime) put little resource into the mammoth laborious task of maintaining and updating these records. They know “Background Check” systems do not work to stop or even interfere with criminals that violate gun laws. After all the work, the only people impacted are the vast majority who’s lawful rights have been interfered with.

Background Check Prosecution Falls to New Low

Only lawful people will ever submit to a “Background Check” when acquiring a firearm. The criminals, psychopaths and terrorists with criminal or prohibiting mental health backgrounds will simply get their guns somewhere else – principally through theft or alternately through the illegal black market. Some criminals use straw buyers with clean backgrounds who then commit two crimes: acquiring a gun for someone else and transferring it to a prohibited person.

Finally, the only possible way to really enforce these laws is to register all existing firearms in a central database system that keeps long term track of ownership and possession. This registration will require every firearm in private hands to be brought to a police or other government agency and physically examined prior to registration. There is no other way to regulate and enforce private transfers. This is both a herculean effort and one that has the repeatedly proven risk of unintended consequences.

First, no illegally owned firearm will ever be submitted to the registry by the criminal, psychopath or terrorist with a criminal or prohibiting mental health record. Period. They will simply not comply with these laws.

Next, the task of registering lawfully owned firearms will be laborious, unfairly impact people without the means to travel to registration centers, or require costly teams of survey technicians to comb the nation’s urban neighborhoods and rural areas. Even with these costly resources, not every firearm will be located or even voluntarily brought in by normally lawful people. In some cases, civil resistance will drive even less respect for law and order.

Why is central registration necessary? There is no other way to prove that a firearm has been transferred privately. If we don’t intend to do that, why pass the law in first place, or one that we know we cannot enforce? This is the core of the folly of “Comprehensive Background Checks”.

After all the effort to register guns, at best an incomplete registry would be the basis for enforcing “Comprehensive Background Checks”. The unintended consequence of the very existence of this registry is the most dangerous one way slope in history.

Registration opens the door to misuse by those that acquire power in government, and has always lead to tyranny. In fact, the tyranny is of the basest and most grotesque possible kind, often identifying targets for prejudicial actions to disarm specific groups of undesirable people. In Germany, it started with gypsies and lead to Kristallnacht and the Holocaust slaughter of millions of innocent disarmed people.

Similar prohibitions against Catholics and Protestants in 17th century England informed American’s 18th century colonists, who where then subjected to disarmament by the British. This trigger lead to the American Revolution. The founders of our nation wrote the Constitution thinking that every citizen would inherently understand the importance of self defense.

It was only upon reflection a few years later that they felt it had to be codified in the Bill of Right’s Second Amendment.  That calls for well trained citizens that had the individual right to keep, carry and lawfully use firearms for self-defense, defense of the nation, hunting and sporting activities that help train marksmen and keep them in practice.

Firearm ownership requires responsible citizens. The unintended consequences of misguided irresponsible “Gun Control” efforts can only erode a society of responsible free citizens. Police agencies that are focused on stopping and investigating crime hate wasting what little resources they have on useless bueraucratic activities. “Background Check” systems represent an ineffective and expensive waste of scarce resources that can never be justified as stopping crime.

Prejudice and the Modern Sporting Rifle…

What you see and hear in the media about the AR-15 modern sporting rifle is pure prejudice and reflects an ignorant prejudicial agenda.

The rifle and all of us that own them are being treated by the media in the same way other irrationally feared and hated minority groups have been throughout history.

Because of this, “everybody knows” several supposed “truths” about the rifles and their owners:

  • They are “Scary” and should be banned
  • They are “Too Dangerous” and should be banned
  • They are “Tools of Mass Destruction” and should be banned
  • They are “Military weapons no civilian needs” and should be banned
  • …….

The list goes on and on. When you’re the target of such prejudicial propaganda it gets quite frustrating as you hear it repeated for decades, day after day.

Now you can identify with:

  • Black American citizens
  • Legal Immigrants
  • Native American Indians
  • Jews in Wiemar and Nazi Germany
  • The “wrong” sect of Islam in Iraq and Iran
  • Catholics and Protestants in 17th Century England
  • The Irish in 19th Century America
  • ……

The list goes on and on.

Welcome to the club.

Remember that all this media agenda and prejudice is always based on not telling the truth about their target, and fostering inaccurate assumptions about the group they are trying to denigrate. You are being put down because they do not like you as a group, not because they understand you as an individual. You are easy to identify because of your appearance – and in this case because you carry a black rifle that looks like the ones soldiers use.

The thing about being the target of prejudice is that some people that hate you won’t make it clear why they are doing what they do. They will just disrespect you, disable you and denigrate you.


As lawful liberty oriented gun owners, we have been the target of socialist leftist progressive liberals since about 1968 when they tasted first blood with the Federal Gun Control Act. And look at the progress they’ve made since then!

Bans, and registries, and prohibition lists and waiting periods and feature bans and magazine limits… One useful idiot thing after another, none of which move an inch toward solving crime problems. They are dancing on the graves of victims who can no longer speak for themselves.

Never underestimate their ability to make their narrowly cast attitudes appear “mainstream”. They amplify the effect with social media, reinforce their delusions and motivate their emotionally driven agendas.

Prejudice is dangerous. Exercise your power to resist with the truth. Treat their actions accordingly.

Magazine Bans? Yup… that’ll fix ’em…

One of the most instant responses to the Parkland Florida school shooting tragedy was a call for magazine bans. Surely the scary dangerous “Fully semi-automatic” rifle with the huge lethal 30 round capacity standard magazines made the tragedy all the more lethal.

Why, these “high capacity” magazines must be the root of the problem, right?

Now, it seems, the fact that the psychopath appears to have used only 10 round magazines to commit his heinous crimes has come out:


Makes it more obvious that banning high capacity magazines won’t stop crime, doesn’t it?

Never mind……..


The Liberal think tank statistician that left…

Once upon a time, there was a liberal think tank called “538” that published studies about the “33,000” deaths “caused by guns” each year in America, based upon the “Mother Jones Database”….


And lo, it came to pass, that the statistician working for the think tank was tasked to prove the superiority of gun bans, and the relative bliss experienced by subjects of other country’s governments….


Strangely, the data from the most one of the most anarchic liberal organizations in the history of America didn’t seem to justify “Gun Control”….

They have had to conclude that guns are not the problem that needs to be solved….


That, and the statistician working for the Liberal think tank found another job…..


Why don’t our young people understand how Liberals are manipulating them?

The Liberals profess not to understand the 2nd Amendment because they don’t want to. The ones motivated to be “Gun Grabbers” are delusional about their belief.

Very few people think through the real implications of self-defense. Amazingly, when the constitution was written, they didn’t think that something so simple and basic needed to be codified and written down. Later, as part of our Bill of Rights, cooler heads re-thought the issue and documented this and a number of other issues specifically.

Young Americans generally don’t value or study history. Their perspective is completely skewed by being overwhelmed with media stimulation. Since they don’t value it, they really don’t care. They are not told the truth about our system, never tested effectively on it, and expect all good things to fall down at their feet.

Many have been taught unjustified confidence in themselves (as a compensation for never having to work hard to earn their way) and don’t realize that they really are ignorant.

When you disturb their preconception of the world, many react by closing down and withdrawing, or feeling unfairly criticized. It’s the result of parenting without well defined and enforced limits.

While the outside is loud and lashing out, the inside is in the fetal position with thumb in mouth, anxious and insecure and badly exposed.

I think that as responsible gun owners, we owe it to the ones that realize they are missing something (social responsibility) to help educate them. The rest will implode, grow up and be unhappy, or finally work out how the real world works. By then, they may be lost to the liberals anyway.

But why do Leftist Liberal Progressives hate Gun Owners so much?

They don’t just hate you, they mistrust you and are scared of your perceived power because you have the means to stop them.

Liberal Left thinking Progressives don’t understand that they are effectively defenseless when they get what they want – complete civilian disarmament.

Anyone that has put their trust into government has learned how foolish that is since government grows irresponsible out of the spotlight. Of course, most of them are dead by now and can’t protest or make much noise, political or otherwise.

The media certainly won’t be able to stand up after civilian disarmament. In fact, the right to free speech is usually the first to go under these governments. This is a one way street, and suppression of such freedoms gradually becomes complete, replaced with propaganda.

After that, only the groups that have grabbed enough power to dominate others will have the means to resist tyranny.

Liberals that want “income equalization”, significant transfer payments and “free government services” and to rely on government bureaucracy instead of individual initiative will then have a nation of subjects to manipulate.

Term limits, once Left thinking Liberals are in control, why not just do away with them. (China anyone?) There won’t be anyone to stop them.

Guns – there will be plenty of guns, but you won’t have them – only the government, criminals, psychopaths and terrorists will. We’ve seen how well government performs during attacks on civilians. Of course they have no duty to protect individuals or groups.

Universal Background Checks = Registration – making confiscation easy once constitutional changes are railroaded through congress and the states.

Militias – Sure, go ahead and form them. They’ll be a good tool for those in power to use to grab more power whenever defenseless subjects resist. They might even morph into a useful force as a true police state starts to form.

The only thing that can hold back this Leftist Liberal Progressive nightmare is civilian ownership of firearms for self defense and people that live up to the obligation and duty of free citizens.

Listen to how Reporters React…

Live interviews are a bit risky for newscasts and reporters when the network or station has an editorial agenda (like pushing “Gun Control” thought and schemes).

This morning, Steve Inskeep interviewed Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin, and one of the typical media techniques for dealing with “the problem” of a non-compliant interviewee came out again. I’ve heard this many times, and it’s now very clear evidence of a reporter with an agenda.


By the end of the first question, it had become clear that the Governor wasn’t taking Inskeep’s leading questions, each of which focused on steering the Governor to another aspect of the Gun Control agenda. While again repeating and pumping away at the ineffective “solutions” of the Gun Grabbers, Inskeep kept going when the Governor first told him that it wasn’t a good time to enact such legislation, and that past efforts have been ineffective.

That’s when Inskeep started rudely interrupting the Governor. Again, the Governor tried to complete his answer, and again Inskeep interrupted him.

When Governor Bevin stuck to his points and tried to answer the next question , Inskeep not only interrupted him, but began a strategy of taking up the interview’s time with repetition of NPR and Inskeep’s own agenda trying to twist Governor Bevin’s points into something NPR and Inskeep would find more satisfactory.

Finally, Inskeep interrupted the Governor again to tell him he had 20 seconds left (much of it having been taken by Inskeep’s leading gun control agenda based questions).

So… Remember that a live interview is very different from a taped one (which the reporter always can manipulate by editing it prior to broadcast). Whenever you hear a reporter start interrupting an interviewee,  you can bet that the reporter has a specific agenda, and the interviewee is not cooperating with that agenda.

Make no mistake, when it comes to guns, the media has an agenda – and most of the time they control exactly the way “truth” is manipulated and presented.

Take the money and run?


Money talks. In the Washington swamp, money has considerable influence on policy.

Very wealthy people are generally concerned about armed violence for very personal reasons. They do hire security for good reason. In some cases, when the money is ill gained, they have to deal with very real threats from business associates and family.

This one is probably a “Republican” because he understands and agrees with conservative fiscal management of government, keeping the politicians out of his pocket. He pays for this privilege.

He’s probably a “progressive” on what he sees as social issues that directly impact his personal risk.

This is an example of what is going on right now in the minds of probably 20% of the electorate that are more comfortable with Republican fiscal conservatism and vote that way.

When we have no voice opposing these delusional proposals to disarm people after a violent incident (and thus put even more people at risk for violent attack they can’t defend against) just gather more and more of the middle 10% that actually decides elections.

It’s the “excuse” that the Liberal Progressive Democrats were looking for to propel them back into control.

The President makes an error when he blames the attack on FBI inattention due to investigating the Russians. The true responsibility for this incident is not guns, or the FBI, but the school administration that tolerated this psychopath student’s violent acting out again and again without stopping him, and until they graduated him out into the public sphere to continue his crimes. All in the “politically correct” theory of stopping the “school to prison” pipeline. Those policies just push the responsibility of stopping problems like this onto others.

Without pressing assault charges, the police (who were called dozens of times) had no choice but to release him. Never prosecuted or convicted, this violent psychopath had a clean adult criminal record. The school’s goal of stopping the “school to prison” pipeline from working certainly succeeded.

In this case, he came back and attacked the people that never stopped him.