Politicians Simply Don’t Care…

NYSRPA v. Bruen has some of the strongest changes to help resolve Illinois (and other state’s) infringements of gun related rights. The cases will take time to be resolved. They will be expensive. The process will be risky for those involved, and the delays will be frustrating.

Read Justice Thomas’ majority ruling opinion carefully. You’ll see how remarkably assertive and angry he was about the past ten years of abuse.


Page 14 of this decision is crucial to understanding the major change that occurred on May 23rd of this year. This is when the “two step” process of reviewing the constitutionality of gun related cases was thrown out. Cases that were in process were remanded back to the courts for reconsideration. Future cases will be judged based on one thing only – compliance with the simple language of the Second Amendment based on it’s meaning in 1789 and in 1868 when it was incorporated into the states by the 14th Amendment.

This will complicate things for maintaining the kind of bans and infringements being enacted by Illinois and other states. Sorting this out will take time. Leftists everywhere simply DO NOT CARE. They will continue to infringe on your rights as long and as often as they can, because abuse of that power is natural to them. They believe it is advantageous to them. Until proven wrong by removal from office, they will continue to abuse their power by doing so.

If you don’t believe this, look to the history of how politicians have abused their power in other “popular” ways throughout the history of the United States. It doesn’t take much imagination to understand how this has always worked. Robber barons buying corrupt politicians… Check. Civil War Reconstruction… Carpetbaggers… Check. Over-regulation driving business overseas by newly formed executive agencies like the EPA… Check. Jim Crow laws restricting voting through literacy tests and poll taxes… Check. Establishment of a permanent class of subjects dependent on government transfer payments… Check. A “new deal” that favors some industries and destroys others… Check.

The fees you pay to exercise your right to carry a firearm concealed is the same as a poll tax. There is no difference. So are the courses and proficiency tests required by many states. While an excellent idea, they are required in order to exercise a constitutional right in those states. They are not prerequisites to a privilege – but a guaranteed constitutional right. these Things were not required in 1789 or 1868. Now, go back and read Justice Thomas’ majority opinion. There were no practical restrictions on where you could carry your firearm or how you concealed as long as you were not committing a crime or going armed to the terror of the people. “Gun free” violence attracting massacre zones did not exist.

Remember, the politicians taking these actions simply do not care. They are not exercising the people’s power in a responsible way. It is up to you as a citizen to hold them responsible for this. Subjects just accept their corrupt actions continue to vote them into office because they are scared of losing their government payments or benefits. That is just as corrupt.

It is expensive to challenge these abuses in court, and the Leftists are counting on that and the delays involved to overwhelm citizens. Never forget, and never compromise rights.

Gaslight Gangsters at Work

This morning’s “Meet the Press” is having a feeding frenzy on “gun control” and positively salivating on passing more “gun control” and “gun laws” and “blue states progress”…

They opened with a Leftist Democrat congressman from Colorado outright lying about ERPO “Red Flag” laws…

Not one word was mention about the 100,000 annual Opioid deaths being experienced in the US today as a result of Chinese manufacturing of drugs like Fentanyl, and their illegal transport across the porous Southern border with Mexico which the Biden Administration refuses to address. That is roughly 273 US residents a day that are killed through Opioid poisoning compared to the number of people they are obsessing about in firearm related incidents.


All this just goes to prove that the “Gaslight Gangsters” that want to disarm America just want to take your guns, and really don’t care about American lives. They have the characteristics of organized criminals… the violent arm that hurts people, and those that benefit by accumulating wealth and power at the expense of others – all while terrorizing the population and manipulating people with fear.

The False Flag is Flying High

This morning, the media was already parroting the senile ranting about controlling “semi-automatic weapons” by banning them…

The ignorant are blindly following the impaired over the cliff of fear and helplessness. There is only peril at the bottom of their downfall.

But these tragically “woke” can preach from their morally corrupt pulpits because they have hired fully automatic guns paid for by us – the tax payers… They wouldn’t go anywhere without them because they are not naïve about their personal safety – and you shouldn’t be either.

Your choice of firearm type and it’s action should never be dictated by a government – it should be dictated by your personal self defense requirements. That is rational, and responsible.

The same “woke” hypocrites fly massive carbon spewing 747 Jets from Washington DC to Delaware repeatedly every week instead of riding in motorcades – completely ignoring their “climate change” impact. Nobody in the media or UN is complaining about that abuse and irresponsibility are they?

More failing gun control will not stop the Democrat sponsored crime wave that they launched in 2020 and have done nothing to stop for the past two years:

  • Porous borders,
  • illegal invaders,
  • irresponsible prosecutors,
  • emboldened criminals,
  • useless ERPO “red flag” persecution of gun owners,
  • FBI focus on “domestic terrorist” parents at school boards,
  • Trillions of dollars in corrupt government waste and debt,
  • corrupt “Gaslight Gangsters” in executive control of government…
  • questionable election integrity…

The entire executive branch is a “false flag” operation…

Rand Corporation (who basically wants to absorb more government “research” money for studying “gun control” approaches) has recently published criticism of the over 20,000 gun control studies. They found all but just over 100 wanting in statistical relevance. 



Propaganda for indoctrinating school children: 


Criticism of competing “research”: 


Realizing that their objective is to capture the marketplace for “gun policy research” money, and that they are a proponent for policies that implement “gun control”, their criticism of existing sloppy “research” is somewhat useful. 

The fact is that there is a huge body of “junk science” behind the justification of every single “gun control” strategy that has been  used to propel the over 22,000 “gun control” laws and all their strategies now active in the United States. 

About every decade, a new and innovative “gun control” strategy launches from the Leftist tyrants. The most recent is called “Stocastic Terrorism”. 


This is how you – the conservative – is being blamed for the most recent shootings in Colorado Springs even though the actual criminal psychopath that did the murders is a disturbed non-binary person that attacked members of his own cultural diaspora. You will see more of this strategy used to justify Gaslight Gangster operations against conservatives  in the future. 

A Roadmap To Protecting The Nation

Here is the roadmap to countering the “Gaslight Gangster” lies which are driving the narrative against guns:

The media will, of course, suppress the response because they are part of the gaslighting of America on the gun issue. This is how to get in front of the issue…

  • Individual Criminals making bad choices are to blame for the violent crime, not “guns”, the NRA, Republicans, MAGA, or anyone else politicians or the media brainwashing blames
  • You are responsible for your own personal security, and nobody else will ever replace this
  • Rich people and politicians hire people to provide their security for them, so they can and do freely lie about regular people’s risks
  • When hypocrite elite Democrats feel threatened, the first thing they demand is that they be guarded by professionals with guns at your expense
  • People that blame guns really don’t care about violent crime victims, they just want to disarm everyone else
  • Your only option for stopping violent criminals is to adopt and acquire effective self defense – and that includes guns and learning responsible gun ownership
  • Not every effective self defense involves firing a gun during an incident, in fact most don’t
  • Criminals obtain their guns illegally, and ignore the processes that “gun control” put in place – they only affect lawful citizens
  • “Gun Control” has failed for over 50 years, and will not make citizens safer – in fact it has created more opportunities for criminal violence
  • “Red Flag” ERPO laws consistently miss real violent psychopaths, and are vindictively used to abuse regular citizens
  • Democrats do nothing to stop crime, and only use guns to scare citizens and deceive voters
  • Democrat policies that open the border to unchecked criminal invasion and instantly return captured criminals to the streets have enabled a new crime wave
  • Firearms are the only effective and affordable means of security for average citizens
  • Those demanding “gun control” are insensitive and uncaring because they are actually endangering the lives of citizens

The sales of hundreds of millions of firearms in the past two years is evidence that citizens innately understand this. The Gaslight Gangsters (politicians and their media lackeys) are working together to disarm the nation in the face of the constitution and rational citizens that would defend themselves. They use fear to manipulate the rest of the nation into supporting their lies by literally driving irrational manipulated people crazy in order to get their support to disarm the nation.


There’s danger in Media GasLighting on School Shootings

There is great culture danger in the constant media gaslighting of America on school shootings. Considering that one of the Parkland school students was just elected to Congress at age 25 (youngest possible) on a “gun control” platform in Florida, it’s probably time for gun owners to pay attention. 

Even though the Federal Gun Free School Zone Act has worked to create supposed “gun free” massacre zones nationwide, the actual incidence of these incidents is quite rare. Media propaganda stoked by these events would make you think otherwise: 


Some statistics from the article: 

Not once in two hours was the number of mass shootings (133 in 39 years, 3.5/yr) or students killed (1K28/yr) or injured (2.6K68/yr) relative to the number of children in America, 0.004%, mentioned.  Nor were the odds of being shot in a mass shooting (1 in 11K), 1,571 times less than dying from cancer (1 in 7), presented.  No one stated how often so-called “assault rifles” (10% of the time) are used or how many shootings are stopped by armed civilians (49% in 2021).  Nor were gun-free zones, Israeli policy, or the effects of drug use and nihilistic ideologies (that deny God’s existence) on the mental state of shooters discussed.  Perhaps most remarkably, no one mentioned that all public policy is legally constrained by the U.S. Constitution.

Although many on stage were paid to uphold the Constitution and most in the audience were U.S. citizens, the social compact that binds all Americans together was met not with praise, but with challenges as to the 2nd Amendment’s meaning of the word militia and whether the founders envisioned weapons beyond muskets — intimating that semi-automatic weapons (85% of handguns manufactured in 2018) are constitutionally out of bounds.  Instead, the pain of survivors and what that pain demanded were most on display.  In response, politicians added insult to injury by vowing to infringe upon yet more rights without deference to tragedies that have followed national firearm bans as night follows day — for if students gunned down by an evil and deranged person is a horror beyond words, what are tens of millions slaughtered by an evil and deranged government?  

You Are A Media Consumer – Responsible For Your Actions

A free press is a cornerstone of a free Republic too. Free speech and the freedom of Religion are the essence of the First Amendment to our Constitution. Note that the founders didn’t include it in the Constitution but were quick to correct the issue just as they did with the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. 

Just as we are free to say what we want, and the media and politicians are free to say what they want including lie as they want, there are consequences to that lying. First is that as free citizens we do not have to listen to those lies, and we do not have to trust those that do the lying or that repeat lies or lie by omitting the truth. 

The widespread corruption of truth here is the issue. In a free society that cannot determine the difference between truth and lies, we are all at risk because it is so easy to mistake a well crafted program of propaganda and manipulation for truth. When that propaganda and manipulation also bases itself on prejudices, it becomes a potent weapon against liberty, culture and society as a whole. 

This is why the media, as it cooperates with agenda driven Leftists, is a danger to a free Republic at liberty. Their corruption in the name of a small number of tyrannical elites is a clear and present danger to our nation. 

Those that control the free media wield power that is concentrated through money and favor to just a few people. This is why the owners of media empires must be carefully evaluated for their actions, intents and agendas. The more obscure and less transparent they are, the less they should be trusted – and the less their media itself should be relied on for “truth”. That includes the utilization of their “social media” assets as well. 

Each citizen is responsible for their own actions, and that includes the media that they consume and participate in. 

Is Donald Trump Good for America?

Never forget that the deep state is made up of well entrenched civil “servants” that have long careers that depend upon their government positions and funding. That funding comes from cooperation of both Republican and Democrat politicians over long periods of time, and it’s driven by powerful commercial forces that often walk in lockstep with the agencies that regulate them. 

The bridge between the agencies that employ millions of Americans and the politicians that fund them are the lobbyists. Where do politicians go when they leave office? Industry – principally to become lobbyists.  And… there is a huge amount of money, power and influence in this. 

Into all of this stepped Donald Trump. He’s a m an with a remarkable ego. He’s driven by it, defined by it and probably bedeviled by it. Together with his father, he learned his way around government relations on the streets of Queens, New York from a young age – then took his lessons International in scope. If anything, he understands politicians, the deep state of government agencies and the corruption inherent in government systems worldwide. 

He learned manipulation from the best (worst?), Roy Cohn… 

He has charisma, a skill he’s honed over decades of developing a public appearance “face” into a political asset. It is a tool in a potent toolbox. 

He literally doesn’t care about his critics or the criticism they heap on him. He seems to have a laser focus on his objectives, and doesn’t share those with others. 

I once worked for someone like this in New York when I was in industry. He specialized in “breaking things” within the system, and was good at keeping everyone that dealt with him off balance. The manager I worked with had some very clear objectives, and they were not nefarious – but constructive. We got some remarkable things done, and I learned some things from him. It was uncomfortable being around him, and he had a difficult personality, but my loyalty to him was returned; and we accomplished some amazing things. He never “turned” on me or betrayed me, and I grew in the experience of working with him. 

Donald Trump clearly scares many people in the country. Is that good? It’s certainly useful. The deep state has grown dangerously out of proportion to it’s utility in a free republic, and is a growing “elephant in the room” class problem for our governance. Clearly, politicians on both sides of the aisle are obsessed with dealing with the FPOTUS. Some want whatever charm he can bring to their conservative campaigns. Others want to avoid him, Others want to destroy him. All for their own reasons. 

Is he good for our nation? If his power is used to reduce the size and power of the Federal government, and scale back Federal agencies I think it will be good for America. The extent that he can unify us around improving our economy and commerce – especially with Canada, European, Middle Eastern, South American and African nations – is a growth opportunity as production capacity is returned to the United States from overseas. Returning energy independence to the US is important in today’s risky world. Keeping us out of hot conflicts with other unfriendly nations is good for America, especially at a time when our military is weak because of horrible leadership. 

I doubt he could heal the divide that has been sown by the Leftist politicians and their supporters in our lifetimes. Their wound to the American culture and character is deep, and simple solutions will not resolve the emotional manipulation that a combination of corruption of our education system, polarization of our religious bodies and politicization of our judicial system has caused. The unrest launched by America hating Leftists is deep and unquenchable. Donald Trump’s blood will not quench that thirst. 

Donald Trump has been the great unifier in the sense that those that hate him have unified around that one thing. They have no other quest except perhaps now restoring the right to kill unborn fetuses. If robbed of those unifying issues, what would they be left with?  Much of Leftist dogma is pure fantasy spread by tyrants for the consumption of fools. Just watch what happens to tyrants when true power is being wielded… as the old leaders in China are escorted off stage in front of the television cameras…. 

Gun Control = Control

The further truth is that you can never legislate “responsibility”, you can only teach it. In a culture that has a huge percentage of single family homes without fathers, and that has evolved a school system that reeks of irresponsibility and wokeness, we are sorely lacking a population that even understands what “responsibility” is…

Rights are balanced by responsibility. We live in a culture obsessed by personal “rights” without a care about living with personal responsibility to be a contributor to that culture. That imbalance cannot stand. Into that walk opportunist tyrants that would deceive self possessed children of all ages and steal their liberty.

Legislators cannot legislate responsibility, and cannot legislate away irresponsibility. The more they try, the more they create a patchwork of complexity that actually works to destroy any possibility of “justice” within a governed society. This makes any appeal to a “justice system” expensive and risky. The realm of experts, lawyers and the elite – the very antipathy of where a citizen belongs.

This is why “gun control” is really only about “control” and the destruction of “liberty”; the destruction of the free citizen.

Time to Revisit the Unconstitutional Federal Gun Free School Zones Act

Thanks to the NYSRPA v. Bruen decision, there are a number of gun grabber legislative actions that may be reversed soon. The next one we may see challenged is the one that has established so many lethal supposed “gun free” massacre zones at our nation’s schools, the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act.

This ill conceived piece of legislation has been the main attractor of psychopath ideated murders since it was passed in the early 1990s. In fact, almost every single concentrated mass shooting has taken place at a place where firearms have been forbidden to lawful defenders that would save lives with them, and schools have the most vulnerable targets.

When I was in High School, I learned marksmanship in the basement of my urban Chicagoland high school from my biology teacher using .22LR Winchester rifles provided by the Federal DCM (Defense Civilian Marksmanship) program. We had a team, we worked hard, and we were proud of our skills, responsibility and leadership.

That program was demolished along with the basement range and even firearm ownership in my suburb just a few years after I graduated. Now Chicagoland is one of the most dangerous places in America. Chicago Crime, Murder & Mayhem | Criminal Infographics | HeyJackass!

The Federal GFSZA is an unconstitutional infringement on the right to keep and bear arms. It creates an irrational and dangerous risk to our most precious citizens – our children. It’s long been time that this law be found unconstitutional and all infringement related to it at a state level be done away with so that responsible adults can help defend our future again.

An insurrection in the making starts small and at home…

When the home has no father (or the lack of two parents), who teaches self-control and what is “moral” to children? It’s certainly not going to be the schools, and churches have often receded into the dust of of family history and irrelevance. That is the seed of the problem.

Schools that are so “woke” they are broken offer no serious lessons in life, and often simply grant participation awards instead of actually the rigor needed to stimulate learning and true education. This then ensures an ignorant population that is very easy to manipulate in the same way that Leftist tyrants manipulate classrooms.

Once conditioned to “passing” through these institutes of higher brain washing and indoctrination, how can we expect any reference of morality or understanding of law beyond the law of the jungle – eat or be eaten… kill or be killed? (and no – that is not a “racist” reference, as much as facist Leftists would like to make that false accusation)…

If manipulation of the statutes of law through our politicized police agencies becomes the norm in the United States (and God help us if it does), this nation will cease to be a Republic that respects “the people”. Politicians already cynically disparage “the people” in their thoughts and corrupt self serving selfish deeds of power. This is why we must be a representative republic and stop tyrants now through fair elections with integrity. Anything else is pure insurrection by the Leftists.