“Stick to your Guns” Truths about Gun Control

1. Gun Control efforts have one ultimate goal: confiscation and the complete elimination of civilian firearm ownership in the United States.
2. Gun Control strategy is incremental, long term and intends to accomplish long term goals through “death by 1,000 cuts”.
3. 50 years of Gun Control efforts are obviously ineffective at stopping crime, and often make crime problems worse.
4. Politicians cynically accept, compromise, support and pass useless “feel good” Gun Control laws to negotiate other positions and satisfy some constituents while prosecutors regularly plead away firearms law violations when dealing with violent criminals.
5. Studies used to justify Gun Control efforts routinely misstate facts and manipulate statistics.
6. All it takes to infringe the Constitution is a legislator willing to do it, and courts willing to tolerate it.
7. Over 22,000 “Gun Control” laws are active in the United States at local, state and Federal levels.
8. Most “Gun Control” laws only have an impact on law abiding people, and don’t stop crimes.
9. Gross misrepresentation, fear and implied lack of trustworthiness are used to emotionally justify passing Gun Control laws.
10. Passing a law doesn’t solve problems, and often causes several other unintended consequences.

“Stick to your Guns” Truths about the Parkland Florida massacre in 2018

1. The deeply troubled psychopath was well known as violent and dangerous in his community before the event.
2. Over several years, multiple individuals and institutions ignored their responsibility to keep school children safe and did nothing to interfere with or stop the psychopath.
3. School administrators that previously were required to enforce “zero tolerance” laws completely abandoned their responsibility to protect children when they were allowed to apply judgement to situations.
4. School administrators decision to be “politically correct” and not “fuel the school to prison pipeline” lead to not prosecuting multiple prior dangerous and violent incidents.
5. Police were called to the perpetrator’s home to stop him at least 39 times without further prosecution.
6. The people that took in their son’s friend claimed to be unaware of his dangerous background.
7. The one armed security resource officer present on the multi-building 3,000 student Parkland campus abandoned his responsibility and did not enter the building where shots were being fired.
8. Never prosecuted or committed for mental health evaluation, no background check system could have stopped the killings because the psychopath’s background record was clean.
9. Restraining orders prohibited the perpetrator from entering the school grounds.
10. Like other violent criminals, he ignored and violated existing gun control laws and efforts and selected a school because it was a target rich supposed “Gun Free Zone” ensuring no opposition.

“Stick to your Guns” Truths about Prohibition

1. The Second Amendment was explicitly written to leave no doubt about something the founding fathers initially thought everyone should instinctively understand.
2. Prohibition efforts in the 17th century and the experience of America’s colonists being disarmed by the British lead to constitutionally prioritizing the right to have firearms to defend yourself from government actions.
3. The right to keep and bear arms is not granted by the Constitution, but recognized and respected because it existed before our nation’s founding.
4. Unlike a totalitarian society which can control and viciously enforce arbitrary regulation, prohibition can never work in a free society.
5. Prohibition of classes of goods enables organized crime and makes them rich and violent.
6. Prohibition of the means of self defense in sensitive locations attracts attackers who ignore those laws and know they will have more time to commit violent acts.
7. It’s useless to prohibit things based upon their scary cosmetic appearance.
8. Prohibition has never stopped crime, and only created new opportunities for criminals, psychopaths and terrorists.
9. “Gun Free Zones” aren’t and never can be.
10. Well meaning past American efforts to prohibit Alcohol, Drugs and Sexual exploitation have all failed, financing organized crime, fueling violence and created bigger problems in the process.

“Stick to your Guns” Truths about Gun Grabbers

1. Many anti-gun zealots are mentally unstable and frequently display signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
2. Gun Control advocates believe their own delusions.
3. Gun Grabbers are emotionally motivated without rational arguments.
4. Irrational Gun Grabber understanding of issues is weak and often imaginary but trades on supporter’s money for attention and influence.
5. Gun Grabber proposed solutions don’t stop or even interfere with violent crime.
6. Many misguided “Gun Control” efforts have made crime much worse where and when enacted.
7. “Gun Control” is a dangerous social experiment that has failed like all prohibition efforts in the history of free societies.
8. Gun Grabbers seek power over fellow citizens because they don’ trust them.
9. While not true, Gun Control advocates routinely believe that the government is obligated to protect individuals and the general public.
10. Professional Gun Grabbers are routinely forced to lie in studies by manipulating statistics and making up facts.

“Stick to your Guns” Truths about Background Checks

1. Background checks can never work because they only impact legal firearm acquisition.
2. Criminals bypass background checks by stealing weapons or acquiring them on the black market.
3. Politicians setup background check systems to provide a political cover in response to calls for gun control.
4. Background Checks have never stopped crime, and just inconvenience criminals.
5. Terrorists have learned to select and radicalize people with clean backgrounds.
6. “Comprehensive” background check systems would require firearm registration to be effective.
7. Background checks routinely identify lawful people as “prohibited” requiring expensive restoration actions and delaying the exercise of a constitutional right.
8. All mechanisms for prior restraint and eliminating due process are based upon misusing background checks.
9. Law enforcement agencies routinely focus on crime interdiction and not on the administrative burden of updating background check systems, omitting information and leaving the data inaccurate.
10. The cost of Background check systems takes away resources that could better be used for investigating and stopping crime.

“Stick to your Guns” Truths about the Media

1. Those in control of the media have an agenda. They don’t just cover the news, but seek to influence society even when they are wrong.
2. Reporters and editors regularly communicate agenda through the wording of questions.
3. When interviews don’t go their way, reporters routinely start interrupting people.
4. The media modifies every story to present sound bites using editing and focused questioning technique.
5. The social value of investigative reporting is completely negated by ignoring neutrality.
6. By selectively focusing on favored positions, the media artificially leaves the impression of public interest and support.
7. Outlaying positions are presented as normal and normal behavior is selectively presented as unusual, strange and dangerous.
8. The press loves violent incidents, and routinely amplifies the emotional content of reporting.
9. The press implies consensus through repetition of stories even if the coverage is unbalanced and not warranted.
10. Major media routinely focuses on only one side or aspect of a story.

Who is Really Behind the Childrens’ Protests

It costs money to organize mass protests. Big money. The cost of leasing chauffeured buses, days of meals, lodging is expensive and most high school students don’t have that kind of money available on a moment’s notice. While parents can raise that kind of money, and may be motivated to do so, most don’t have the organizational skill to put it all together overnight. Certainly high school students don’t.

So, you must ask, how did 3,000 students suddenly turn into “School Shooting Survivors” and organize, lease, reserve and arrange these complex interlocking things overnight?

I expect that the answer is simply that they didn’t.

(Now – two weeks later – the truth confirms my suspicions…

Astroturfing – Student Style…)

Organizing these trips to Tallahassee and Washington this quickly shows all the hallmarks of professional organizers and long term planning. So do the news interviews displaying the post traumatic stress disorder of hundreds of “School Shooting Survivors” that probably were nowhere near the psychopath’s attack and zones of fire. The high school in Parkland, Florida has a very large campus with a large number of separate buildings. The attacks took place at only one area of one building. Several hundred students simply could not have been there.

All this makes it clear that outside forces with organizational experience and deep pockets have to be involved. That means that these cynical opportunists almost instantly swooped down on the traumatized victims and all the other students and staff associated with the school and started their work. But what is their work?

Several organizations with very small membership and very deep pockets want to convince Americans that they will be safer when firearms are prohibited. They have been willing for decades to work in small increments, and hold out that fantasy of safety after the ability to defend yourself has been withdrawn from free citizens. They are deluded, and dangerously so.

A quick look into the IRS 990 (not for profit organization filings) shows hundreds of millions of dollars behind them. Recent surveys show that organizations like “Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense In America” only have about 3,000 members nationwide. They are backed by big money and that money is only there for one reason – to buy power.

The “Moms Demand Action” tax free status was recently revoked. They apparently now operate under Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety”.

Moms Demand Action 46-1633180

In 2013, the MDA operation was a million dollar concern. Their exemption was subsequently revoked since only 2013 shows up. The name was changed, and the EIN shows up on a IRS exemption 501C4 revoked list in August 2017:
But here is the related umbrella organizations, Everytown for Gun Safety 20-8802884
And their revenues are astounding. $39,331,000 in 2015, $40,773,000 in 2014, $36,030,000 in 2013 and $4,061,000 in 2012. That money is there to buy influence and power. The influence is over American citizens, and the power would be taken from those so influenced.
The Brady Center is another deep pockets organization.
Brady Center 52-1285097
Their revenue numbers are also remarkable. $5,205,000 in 2015, $4,593,000 in 2014, $4,577,000 in 2013 $3,820,000 in 2012 and $2,867,000 in 2011.

Again, deep pockets and an investment in influence and power.

History is ripe with cautionary tales about people gathering such power and what happens to a society that responds by becoming subjects instead of citizens. A very similar strategy was used in Wiemar Germany in the early 1930’s when free citizens were traumatized by the depression and post war reparations demanded by the Allies after World War-I. They registered all firearms in 1932 and committed to protect the records from radical influences. By 1938, through stealthy means the most dangerous and radical dictatorship in history had those records, and Hitler’s Germany immediately used those records to disarm undesirables – the Jews of Germany. We all know the result.

You really have to ask yourself, did these traumatized post traumatic stress disorder affected high school students and parents act alone in their shrill calls for “Gun Control”? Have they thought through the real implications of disarming a lawful civilian population of citizens and taking away the ability for them to defend themselves from criminals, psychopaths, terrorists and (in the future) radical governments?

The founders of our nation made the right to bear arms and defend yourself specific because they had just experienced the impact of governments that took these rights away from their subjects. They saw the British take arms away from Protestants and Catholics in the mid 1600’s because they were considered dangerous. Furthermore, the British banned American imports of arms and gunpowder in 1774 and confiscated their subjects arms in 1775, precipitating the American Revolution.

Nazi Germany disarmed the Jews and followed with Kristallnacht in 1938 and their “Final Solution” against this defenseless minority in the ensuing years. Americans disarmed Black citizens in the South during Reconstruction and the early 20th century. Syria disarmed it’s citizens to protect Assad’s corruption. Much of Europe disarmed their subjects and citizens after WW-II and has watched massive lethal terrorist events proceed with the confidence that only a cowering population can provide.

Gun registration and background check systems are dangerous to the liberty of free citizens and ineffective in preventing crime. Only the law abiding comply with these efforts.

The establishment of supposed “Gun Free Zones” has proven ineffective and dangerous because it attracts the criminals, psychopaths and terrorists that would harm our most precious children.

Unable to completely legislate gun prohibition, the grabbers have turned to death by 1,000 cuts. In fact, the sum of “gun control” efforts makes clear that the zealots that would disarm America’s citizens are following a strategy that is corrosive of liberty and extremely dangerous. When hundreds of millions of dollars fund a national organization of only 3,000 the effort is anything but “Grass Roots” and reflects the wishes of elitist power obsessed oligarchs and the delusional impact that they are having on their subject followers.

The emotional reaction of traumatized school children adds salt to their corrosive gun control brew. It’s no wonder that the “Gun Control” movement is quick to exploit them. They found success exploiting other tragic violent incidents, and have had the money and resources to fine tune their strategy.

“Gun Control” efforts work to corrode away the strength of America’s system by slowly taking away an individual citizen’s effective right to defend themselves. Time and again, in hundreds of years of Western history, this has proven ripe for abuse by governments and opened the door to violent cultural attacks from within and outside nations. There is a good reason the Swiss were never attacked by their Northern neighbor Germany during WW-I and WW-II. There is a difference between free citizens and disarmed subjects that can defend themselves, their culture and their nation.

“Gun Control” is a one way street. Once you have corroded a system with it and slowly eliminated the strength of a society, you can never go back. It’s clearly demonstrated every time you have rendered citizens defenseless – whether in small supposed “Gun Free Zones” or across an entire State or the Nation. This is how citizens become subjects. We have already fought a Revolutionary war over this, and it was precipitated by British efforts to disarm Americans.

It’s impossible for the victims of “Gun Control” to protest like the emotionally motivated post traumatic stress victim high school students that the Gun Control zealots are exploiting right now. The problem is that the victims of “Gun Control” are dead. History speaks from their graves a cautionary tale that true American patriots cannot ignore.

There is a solution. Permit staff, administrators and teachers to protect America’s school children. It is not Politically Correct. Of course neither were the Holocaust, the American Revolution, the Syrian war, The Charlie Hebdo massacre, or Oliver Cromwell’s persecution of the subjects of the British Commonwealth with the “wrong” religion during the 17th century. All of these things were perpetrated by leveraging civilian disarmament.

If you listen carefully you’ll hear the whispers of millions of their gun control victims.

Sacrificing America’s Children on the Alter of Political Correctness

America’s children are vulnerable and scared. Many suffer from being raised in one parent homes or from having no limits established on their behavior from an early age. Some have grown up with no sense of responsibility, following their parent’s example.

The emotion fueled knee-jerk reaction to school shooting in Florida is now exposing some serious flaws in today’s American character, and these need to be recognized and dealt with. If we continue on the path we’re on we risk sacrificing America’s children on the alter of irresponsibility and political correctness.

The root causes that contributed to the tragedy in Florida are many, yet one single completely ineffective response is grabbing the public’s attention, and that is repeated calls for more and varied gun control. The government is not here to protect you.

With over 22,000 constitutional infringing laws on the book, attempts at gun control have been anything but effective. We’ve been emotionally justifying passing them for fifty years and they have not worked to stop criminals, psychopaths and terrorists. That is because these dangerous people make rational choices on their way to their crimes. Take away one violent option, and they will just choose the next one. Perform expensive and thorough background checks and people with clean records will still acquire and misuse firearms.

But why are these damaged people free to pursue their crimes with clean records. In many cases, the potential for problems with an individual has been known much of their lives. By their behavior, it’s possible to know that they may be dangerous. By their actions, a responsible society can stop them.

Instead, concepts of political correctness prevent confronting problems when they are still manageable and prevent lawful trained experienced people from protecting vulnerable people. As a society, we stopped disciplining children decades ago, and quit inhibiting their antisocial actions. We limited school administration ability to confront troublemakers at the same time as teachers, administrators and parents effectively chose to stop requiring effective consequences for violent misbehavior. We don’t want to ruin a troubled child’s future, so we choose to age them out of our care and release them on the rest of society.

When the children are in control of families and schools the inmates run the institution. It’s now politically correct to raise children that way, and that’s a serious mistake. When troubled children are finally stopped, parents and school administrators either do everything they can to avoid consequences for these budding criminals, or completely drop prosecution so as not to feed the “school to prison pipeline”. Young psychopaths learn from these consequence free experiences, and develop excellent strategies for avoiding interference with their actions in the future.

We foolishly established supposed “Gun Free Zones” in 1994 with the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act. This is something that can never be effective, and in fact has proven to make problems worse. Criminals, psychopaths and terrorists can predict that nobody on those school campuses can stop or delay their planned violent actions. This makes the schools that hold our most precious children attractive targets for well publicized attacks. It’s needlessly happened time and again since 1994. We have the evidence clearly at hand, yet the one effective thing that would stop them is not considered politically correct.

It’s critically important to pass legislation now that would allow school administrators, teachers and staff effective means of stopping violent attackers. This is not politically correct by today’s cultural standards, but it is the only effective means for protecting America’s children. Disarming lawful responsible people of good will and skill has been a serious mistake. Establishing places where an attacker is assured of easy access and plenty of time unopposed creates “Crime Attraction Zones”. That we places our children in these zones is completely irresponsible.

Trying to single out a type of firearm because of it’s appearance or brand or design is a fool’s errand. It’s like choosing to drive your family around in a 1947 station wagon instead of a modern SUV because the “Woody” is safer with wood trim. When we tried banning rifles based on cosmetic characteristics in 1994, it didn’t make any difference. Violent crime was still committed with other weapons.

As witnessed in other countries where civilian ownership is completely banned, criminals just use other weapons or illegally acquire and use firearms anyway. Bans are a form of “Prohibition” and we’ve repeatedly seen that prohibition never works in a free society. These prohibition efforts have always been politically correct when they were passed into law, but have always proven to make things much worse for society.

Witness prohibition crusades against alcohol, sex, drugs and guns. Using laws to constrict supply does not have any impact on demand. Since these efforts make skirting them profitable, they have given rise to well funded violent organized crime organizations and established lucrative black markets for the prohibited goods and services. Criminals always ignore prohibitions and profit from them. This is why prohibition always fails in a free society.

Now we choose to sacrifice our most precious children on the alter of irresponsibility and political correctness instead of stepping up the the challenge and stopping violent offenders. Elevated fear and emotions, knee jerk proposals and demonstrations all work to dominate reason and the experience of history. Actions taken to satisfy these immature reactions can only hurt our system, society, culture and citizens and politicians embrace them at their peril. Americans know how to vote ineffective posers out of power.

Many things that “feel good” on the surface, are not good. Eat too much ice cream and you get fat. Indulge undisciplined children and you get a life of trouble. Prohibit lawful decisions by mature responsible adults and you embrace more anarchy, disorder and rich effective criminals.

The 1994 GFSZA experiment is a failure, and we need to move on. Return the ability of lawful, trained and willing school staff and parents to effectively defend their children in America’s schools. Re-direct the emotional energy being blasted against guns to calls for greater responsibility in the face of political correctness. Responsibility for raising children, protecting families and stopping those that would harm us.

Passing new law doesn’t solve a single problem, and usually creates several new ones. There are plenty of laws regulating firearms on the books. Instead of routinely ignoring violations and dropping prosecutions, these laws need to be respected and enforced. We don’t have to give up lawful principles like due process in order to do this. We also need to stop giving dangerous people “a pass” every time we’re called to stop them.

Story after story has now surfaced about the missed opportunities to stop the Parkland Florida school attacker. Here’s the most recent:


An Open Letter to the President

Mr. President,

I’m writing to oppose any action in the very misguided direction of gun control. This includes wasting further money on an ineffective background check system as well as other calls to ban firearms, magazines, accessories or ammunition.

Like all “prohibition” efforts and anything that eliminates due process, these actions always have and always will fail to stop criminals, psychopaths and terrorists. Terror organizations have learned to recruit people with clean backgrounds. Psychopaths and criminals know how to select targets of opportunity that give them time for their crimes. Prohibitions leads to theft and illegal black markets that make organized criminals rich and powerful.

We should take the following actions to effectively stop violent crime: First, pass HR.34, a bill that seeks to eliminate the deeply flawed Gun Free School Zones Act of 1994 – a law that has lead to making our schools targets.

Second, return of power to citizens nationwide for lawful concealed carry of defensive firearms will help stop attackers. States that permit lawful concealed carry at schools have not seen the tragedies that have happened elsewhere. There are more lawful carriers of firearms than there are those that would harm our children – and that includes trained staff.

While emotional, irrational, loud and misguided anti-gun zealots have grabbed much of the attention since last week, their proposals would all take us into more dangerous and unconstitutional conditions. They are scared, and that is understandable.

Making more lawful people defenseless and continuing to permit the supposed “Gun Free Zones” that lead to schools becoming at higher risk for these attacks would be even more irrational and wrong. Propping up a background check system that eliminates due process and only has the appearance of protecting citizens is wasteful. Please veto S.2135 if it’s passed by congress.

Thanks you for your service to the nation.

Stopping school shootings – Responsibility Edition…

The issue is “responsibility”.

While Cruz was the psychopath criminal in this incident, there are a large number of people that didn’t fulfill their “responsibility”.

Time and again (dozens) police were called to stop him. Not one time did anyone insist on prosecuting him for a number of probable crimes. Not once. This is why he had a clean record.

Mental health councilors, social workers and administrators were all satisfied that Cruz signed a pledge to take his medications. They took no responsibility to follow up.

Neighbors that suspected him of burglary and observed him stealing things from the yard didn’t bother to confront this difficult child, leaving the responsibility to deal with him to others.

The school administration kept not confronting an obvious problem for politically correct reasons, eliminating the “school to prison” pipeline. Their prior approach had been to have “zero tolerance” and take away staff judgment rather than allow them to use their experience to do their jobs responsibly. When too many of their undisciplined wards ended up in trouble, they balked.

Why were these children undisciplined? It’s clear that parents shirked their responsibility to set limits and seek help for truly damaged and mentally ill children.

When the parents that took in Cruz after his mother’s death were interviewed, they claimed that they didn’t have a clue that he was dangerous. Their blind generosity apparently didn’t include taking responsibility for their actions. Like many psychopaths, Cruz was apparently charismatic enough to fool those closest to him.

Finally, the one hired armed security “resource officer” responsible to protect his school’s children didn’t enter the building where he heard multiple shots being fired. He shirked his responsibility and did not due his duty. While police and government agencies do not have a duty to protect individuals or groups of citizens, an armed security guard hired for the purpose clearly does.

Cruz is clearly responsible for his crime. Everyone that had an opportunity and reason to stop him before the event failed to do so.

Now we should take away the right to defend yourself from similar psychopaths from law abiding people that do take responsibility for their actions and self-protection? Poppycock.

It’s not the gun. Cruz had one because, in spite of his serious problems,  he had a clean record.  Clearly, these tragic deaths were caused by the perpetrator and everyone that avoided responsibility by not stopping him sooner.

We have more than adequate laws on the books to stop violent crime and the misuse of firearms. Passing more laws will not solve any problems, especially in a world of people that don’t take responsibility for their actions.