A Roadmap To Protecting The Nation

Here is the roadmap to countering the “Gaslight Gangster” lies which are driving the narrative against guns:

The media will, of course, suppress the response because they are part of the gaslighting of America on the gun issue. This is how to get in front of the issue…

  • Individual Criminals making bad choices are to blame for the violent crime, not “guns”, the NRA, Republicans, MAGA, or anyone else politicians or the media brainwashing blames
  • You are responsible for your own personal security, and nobody else will ever replace this
  • Rich people and politicians hire people to provide their security for them, so they can and do freely lie about regular people’s risks
  • When hypocrite elite Democrats feel threatened, the first thing they demand is that they be guarded by professionals with guns at your expense
  • People that blame guns really don’t care about violent crime victims, they just want to disarm everyone else
  • Your only option for stopping violent criminals is to adopt and acquire effective self defense – and that includes guns and learning responsible gun ownership
  • Not every effective self defense involves firing a gun during an incident, in fact most don’t
  • Criminals obtain their guns illegally, and ignore the processes that “gun control” put in place – they only affect lawful citizens
  • “Gun Control” has failed for over 50 years, and will not make citizens safer – in fact it has created more opportunities for criminal violence
  • “Red Flag” ERPO laws consistently miss real violent psychopaths, and are vindictively used to abuse regular citizens
  • Democrats do nothing to stop crime, and only use guns to scare citizens and deceive voters
  • Democrat policies that open the border to unchecked criminal invasion and instantly return captured criminals to the streets have enabled a new crime wave
  • Firearms are the only effective and affordable means of security for average citizens
  • Those demanding “gun control” are insensitive and uncaring because they are actually endangering the lives of citizens

The sales of hundreds of millions of firearms in the past two years is evidence that citizens innately understand this. The Gaslight Gangsters (politicians and their media lackeys) are working together to disarm the nation in the face of the constitution and rational citizens that would defend themselves. They use fear to manipulate the rest of the nation into supporting their lies by literally driving irrational manipulated people crazy in order to get their support to disarm the nation.


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