Biden’s DOJ, FBI and Abuse of American Citizen Privacy

In the world of Facebook and other social media, young people have been entranced to the extent that they will readily give up their privacy for access to an artificial sense of community. It is completely conditioned by the way social media platforms work, and is a ready manipulation environment for Leftists and others with evil intent. 

Into that world has stepped the Biden administration and their deep state operatives. Since privacy invasion doesn’t seem to bother Americans anymore, they have taken full advantage of it. 

There are a massive number of abuses being carried out by Biden’s DOJ. You can read about it now, and if Republicans come into the Congressional majority, you’ll be hearing about it in the Judiciary Committees that they form in the House and Senate.

This report was released on Friday:

Take a look at this recent disclosure by the FBI whistleblowers that have been talking to Congress: 

Additionally, according to information from the Office of the Director for National Intelligence (ODNI), the FBI has misused FISA-collected information to surveil Americans without a warrant.126 Under existing law, the FBI receives a portion of the information the government collects under Section 702 of FISA, and is authorized to conduct queries of this information that are reasonably likely to return foreign intelligence information, or evidence of a crime. 127 Queries that involve U.S. persons should raise oversight sensitivities to ensure rights are protected. However, ODNI data revealed that the FBI conducted an estimated 3,394,053 U.S. person queries in 2021 compared to approximately 1,324,057 U.S. person queries in 2020.128 ODNI stated that more than half of the queries, or about 1.9 million, were related to attempts to compromise U.S. critical infrastructure by foreign cyber actors, which the Biden Administration has attributed to Russian hackers.129 The ODNI report also noted that, on at least four occasions, the FBI failed to obtain an order from the FISC before accessing the contents of Section 702- acquired information.130

That means that the FBI ran FISA inquiries on roughly 1 percent of the current population of the United States during 2021, and another half that in 2020. That is a massive intrusion into the privacy of American citizens. 


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