You Are A Media Consumer – Responsible For Your Actions

A free press is a cornerstone of a free Republic too. Free speech and the freedom of Religion are the essence of the First Amendment to our Constitution. Note that the founders didn’t include it in the Constitution but were quick to correct the issue just as they did with the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. 

Just as we are free to say what we want, and the media and politicians are free to say what they want including lie as they want, there are consequences to that lying. First is that as free citizens we do not have to listen to those lies, and we do not have to trust those that do the lying or that repeat lies or lie by omitting the truth. 

The widespread corruption of truth here is the issue. In a free society that cannot determine the difference between truth and lies, we are all at risk because it is so easy to mistake a well crafted program of propaganda and manipulation for truth. When that propaganda and manipulation also bases itself on prejudices, it becomes a potent weapon against liberty, culture and society as a whole. 

This is why the media, as it cooperates with agenda driven Leftists, is a danger to a free Republic at liberty. Their corruption in the name of a small number of tyrannical elites is a clear and present danger to our nation. 

Those that control the free media wield power that is concentrated through money and favor to just a few people. This is why the owners of media empires must be carefully evaluated for their actions, intents and agendas. The more obscure and less transparent they are, the less they should be trusted – and the less their media itself should be relied on for “truth”. That includes the utilization of their “social media” assets as well. 

Each citizen is responsible for their own actions, and that includes the media that they consume and participate in. 


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