Is Donald Trump Good for America?

Never forget that the deep state is made up of well entrenched civil “servants” that have long careers that depend upon their government positions and funding. That funding comes from cooperation of both Republican and Democrat politicians over long periods of time, and it’s driven by powerful commercial forces that often walk in lockstep with the agencies that regulate them. 

The bridge between the agencies that employ millions of Americans and the politicians that fund them are the lobbyists. Where do politicians go when they leave office? Industry – principally to become lobbyists.  And… there is a huge amount of money, power and influence in this. 

Into all of this stepped Donald Trump. He’s a m an with a remarkable ego. He’s driven by it, defined by it and probably bedeviled by it. Together with his father, he learned his way around government relations on the streets of Queens, New York from a young age – then took his lessons International in scope. If anything, he understands politicians, the deep state of government agencies and the corruption inherent in government systems worldwide. 

He learned manipulation from the best (worst?), Roy Cohn… 

He has charisma, a skill he’s honed over decades of developing a public appearance “face” into a political asset. It is a tool in a potent toolbox. 

He literally doesn’t care about his critics or the criticism they heap on him. He seems to have a laser focus on his objectives, and doesn’t share those with others. 

I once worked for someone like this in New York when I was in industry. He specialized in “breaking things” within the system, and was good at keeping everyone that dealt with him off balance. The manager I worked with had some very clear objectives, and they were not nefarious – but constructive. We got some remarkable things done, and I learned some things from him. It was uncomfortable being around him, and he had a difficult personality, but my loyalty to him was returned; and we accomplished some amazing things. He never “turned” on me or betrayed me, and I grew in the experience of working with him. 

Donald Trump clearly scares many people in the country. Is that good? It’s certainly useful. The deep state has grown dangerously out of proportion to it’s utility in a free republic, and is a growing “elephant in the room” class problem for our governance. Clearly, politicians on both sides of the aisle are obsessed with dealing with the FPOTUS. Some want whatever charm he can bring to their conservative campaigns. Others want to avoid him, Others want to destroy him. All for their own reasons. 

Is he good for our nation? If his power is used to reduce the size and power of the Federal government, and scale back Federal agencies I think it will be good for America. The extent that he can unify us around improving our economy and commerce – especially with Canada, European, Middle Eastern, South American and African nations – is a growth opportunity as production capacity is returned to the United States from overseas. Returning energy independence to the US is important in today’s risky world. Keeping us out of hot conflicts with other unfriendly nations is good for America, especially at a time when our military is weak because of horrible leadership. 

I doubt he could heal the divide that has been sown by the Leftist politicians and their supporters in our lifetimes. Their wound to the American culture and character is deep, and simple solutions will not resolve the emotional manipulation that a combination of corruption of our education system, polarization of our religious bodies and politicization of our judicial system has caused. The unrest launched by America hating Leftists is deep and unquenchable. Donald Trump’s blood will not quench that thirst. 

Donald Trump has been the great unifier in the sense that those that hate him have unified around that one thing. They have no other quest except perhaps now restoring the right to kill unborn fetuses. If robbed of those unifying issues, what would they be left with?  Much of Leftist dogma is pure fantasy spread by tyrants for the consumption of fools. Just watch what happens to tyrants when true power is being wielded… as the old leaders in China are escorted off stage in front of the television cameras…. 


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