Gun Control = Control

The further truth is that you can never legislate “responsibility”, you can only teach it. In a culture that has a huge percentage of single family homes without fathers, and that has evolved a school system that reeks of irresponsibility and wokeness, we are sorely lacking a population that even understands what “responsibility” is…

Rights are balanced by responsibility. We live in a culture obsessed by personal “rights” without a care about living with personal responsibility to be a contributor to that culture. That imbalance cannot stand. Into that walk opportunist tyrants that would deceive self possessed children of all ages and steal their liberty.

Legislators cannot legislate responsibility, and cannot legislate away irresponsibility. The more they try, the more they create a patchwork of complexity that actually works to destroy any possibility of “justice” within a governed society. This makes any appeal to a “justice system” expensive and risky. The realm of experts, lawyers and the elite – the very antipathy of where a citizen belongs.

This is why “gun control” is really only about “control” and the destruction of “liberty”; the destruction of the free citizen.


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