The Gun Grabbing Erosion of Public Trust

Many Leftists in legislatures and the executive branches seem to be acting with “gun grabbers” with the confidence that they can ignore the courts because they control the enforcement agencies responsible for enforcing laws at all levels of government. 

This is both obvious and disappointing. It’s now obvious that Leftist district attorneys are ignoring laws and processes that they don’t agree with, and rabidly enforcing unconstitutional laws that they immediately enact when they disagree with the courts. They count on the delays, risks, interference of Leftist oriented judges and expenses involved in correcting their immoral manipulation of our republic and it’s ethical core. 

This is, of course, outrageous – and it would be easy to react emotionally to this abuse. The accumulated impact of this and attacks on election integrity (while crying crocodile tears about supposed voting suppression) are just part of their game and piling on of absurd appeals to a “new racism”. 

This will impact our nation as long as irresponsible people continue to share their power with leaders that would form an elite tyrannical core to control instead of serve our nation. 


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