Perspective on China and their place in the world

It’s important to understand that there are many ways for nations and cultures to compete in the world. The most violent and obvious is the kind of conflict represented by war and the regional conflict that we are witnessing in Ukraine. But those are only one part of how nations and cultures compete with each other.

The Middle East represents centuries of tribal competition that has been fueled with increasing levels of technology, some of which have engaged surrounding nations and cultures including the United State’s direct involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq and indirect involvement in Iran and others.

But there are other more potent and less visible kinds of competition. This article talks about those:
It’s easy to dismiss this kind of article as “alarmist” until you look at the source and understand the deep intelligence background of the authors.
They have a film coming that will prove rather interesting:
Remember, the Chinese basically own Biden, his family and much of the American deep state. They have deeply placed assets throughout American agencies, government laboratories, industry and educational institutions. This has been the case since at least the inception of the Communist Party in 1949, and probably has flowed from the American / Chinese partnership in World War 2. Chinese government corporate entities have been investing the capitol that they have been earning (remember the imbalance in the American / Trade deficit is in the Trillions of Dollars) is in American capitol assets like land including huge tracts of Midwestern farmland. Much of the American issued debt is being held by Chinese firms and individuals.

Part of dominating a culture is owning that culture. Imagine how angry you would be if your investments were suddenly worthless, and your debt wasn’t being paid back. You’d probably foreclose the loans, and take over the securing assets.

While the “soft” forms of aggression has been quietly building, the hard forms have been building too. Expertise at mass population surveillance have been perfected within China’s borders, and the Chinese military has been building up with the most modern (American origin) technology available.

Get the picture?

Why us? Why not!


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