The lone voice in the room

Did you know that Biden was the one voice in the room that opposed Obama’s raid on Bin Laden?

Biden’s team tried to walk this back during the election… but the truth still came out in spite of his lies.

CNN Can’t Whitewash Joe Biden Opposing the Osama bin Laden Raid

When a nation urgently needs leadership, we have a president that is bewildered much of the time, and wrong the rest of the time. 

Other nations – and especially those that would oppose us or take advantage of our weakness – are noticing. 

We have missed our recruitment targets for the volunteer military this year because young people sense how unfocused and insincere a “woke” military leadership has become. I spoke last night with the retired military general (General Keith Kellogg) that was in charge of Fort Bragg, and he told me his grandchildren, recently entering the Army, were greeted with an initial lecture on use of proper pronouns in the military… We used to be more concerned with winning.


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