The Tragedy of Some Media Myths…

“Mass shootings only happen in the United States where guns are plentiful” ….

How many times have we heard this myth. Well, here is a tragic example that again confirms that this media cherished lie is anything but true:

Many things will motivate sick and violent people to commit such crimes. In the United States, one particular law – the “Gun Free School Zones Act” draws such attackers to locations where our most precious school children are likely to be rendered defenseless – in supposed “gun free” massacre zones. But that’s only in our country. Overseas, any number of things render populations vulnerable to lethal attacks with firearms, knives, swords, and poisons.

There are people that tend to pick apart John Lott’s research, but unique among researchers, he publishes his methods and source data. This report includes some of the criticism of John’s work so you can see how they attack him.

Just remember, when guns are banned, people of ill will figure out how to commit their horrible crimes in other ways… This attacker, the worst in US history, had access to guns, but used other more horrible means…

And the most common motivation for mass attacks has nothing to do with the tool that the attacker chooses:

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