Prepare for election – vote to save our nation

The political pundits always like to talk about an “October surprise” before elections…

The oligarchs in Saudi Arabia have deep connections to conservative American interests. I doubt that they ever act to our benefit, but it’s probably clear to them how destabilizing the Biden regime is to the world. You didn’t see Putin invading Ukraine or North Korea sending missiles over Northern Japan or civil unrest in Iran during the Trump administration or America considering buying off the Iranians or financially colluding with the Chinese.

It is clearly in the Saudi oligarch’s interest to influence Americans to elect conservative Americans to congress in November. If they can do it by contracting the oil supply and raising oil and gasoline prices just as we go into the winter season, they will do it.

The economy hits almost every voter in their pocketbook, and will motivate many rational non-voters to register and vote the reckless Biden economic policies out of power. The irrational people that are making noise about their “abortion rights” are actually a small minority compared to the mainstream – and the mainstream is feeling pain right now.

Want the pain to stop – get rid of Leftist irresponsible politicians.

Even the strongly Leftist CBS news outlet in Raleigh just called out a lying and inaccurate political ad being run in our market against our conservative congressional candidate:


The Leftists are trying to blame the closure of a local factory on a conservative candidate who was a manager there. That closure was caused by the Obama 2008 recession, and our conservative congressional candidate and the company he worked for was a victim of Leftist economic policies then just as America is now.


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