Negative Political Advertising? Take your Pick…

The hit pieces being aired here are all attempting to put words in opposition conservative candidate mouths. Some criticize them for the way they ran businesses, and especially for the way family businesses collapsed during bankruptcies during the 2008 Obama recession. Of course they don’t mention the root cause of that financial period of collapse – Obama’s administration’s deeply flawed Leftist elitist policies.

This is power for the course, as the Leftists know that negative “hit piece” advertising works. They know that personal attacks against the integrity of individuals is what can make you question their fitness for leadership. Unfortunately, media partners will not terminate broadcast of this kind of trash because every 2 and 4 years, this is their “cash cow” and it keeps them in business. It’s also part of why they are such lockstep partners with Leftist politicians.

Just remember that they are all liars. The lies are committed through impressions, irrelevant character assassination, inuendo, and by making sleazy Leftists with extraordinarily financial obligations to destructive people look good. People that donate the money to air this trash expect value for their money, and that value is delivered in corruption of our system in the support of tyrannical elites. Pick your tyrannical elites – Leftist or conservative – based on which ones will likely do the least damage to our nation.


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