What were the justices thinking in 1973 and 2022?

Many women want to be completely irresponsible, have intimate relations when and where they want to, then do what they want to with their bodies regardless of the impact on the results of their activities. I get it. But they are not alone in that irresponsibility, or it’s impact. Men abandoning them are just as irresponsible. Anyone would be angry.

This motivates them politically to ignore all the horrible damage that has been done to our nation over the past years in the name of Leftist causes – all fake and all in the name of tyranny and propping up an elite class of power hungry politicians and their supporters – people that use their power to buy votes or steal them when they cannot buy them. I get it.

Then judges correct a political error that should never have happened 50 years ago, and the anger is focused on someone, anyone that can be held up as a target. That isn’t very smart, especially in a dangerous world.

Leftists strike out violently against anyone that doesn’t conform to their needs and views, including rioting in the streets, destroying cities, businesses, infrastructure and lives in “peaceful protests”; violently threatening the lives of officials  that they disagree with and committing gross acts of anarchy. I get it.

Many people today consciously ignore the lives that they impact, selfishly concentrating only on their own personal needs. Some ignore the suffering that their philosophy or lack of caring surrounds them with. Many think that they will somehow be part of the elite and select that they see celebrated in the cynical media that they consume and participate in. It’s all false.

The anger that they project on others is, in fact, all consuming in their own lives and will ultimately destroy them, but only after they have done damage to others. The guilt must be horrible to contain. Blaming others for your own failures is a sure way to the path of self-destruction.

All of this is so easy to resolve, and the pain so easy to avoid by learning and taking the path of responsibility in the first place. By opening your mind and your heart to a different approach to life, and seeing that nobody else is responsible for what happens to you – that your own actions have consequences and that you must learn to live by them and for them.

Leftist politics and programs with the promise of “big government” is false. The big lie. The sooner young Americans understand that the bedrock our nation is built upon doesn’t include the “woke” indoctrination that their schools have driven into them, the better off they will be. There are no participation awards in real life. Only work, consideration of others, support of a team of people cooperating together for a goal, and the satisfaction of a job well done. Rewards come as they are earned.

It’s time to wake up and take responsibility for life, in the spirit of liberty, freedom and independence. Learn from failure, build upon success and never give up.

So… for all the noise, and Leftist lying media polls what is the real impact on the upcoming election


I think it’s impossible to see into the individual mind of a justice on the Supreme Court, and even more impossible to see into their joint actions on the bench before they announce decisions.

Their constant refusal to grant certiorari on Second Amendment cases for years after MacDonald was baffling until you look in perspective and realize that the conservative originalists were waiting for a clear majority. Then NYSRPA v. Bruen established a landmark ruling.

The court’s rulings should not be political in nature. If anything, they seek to ignore politics that swirl around them in a just court. That is becoming increasingly difficult in the fishbowl echo chamber that surrounds them today. But that has always been the case since the founding of the Republic. It’s just louder today.

The errors made by the court over our history have all be politically motivated, starting with Dred Scott. When the justices finally say, “politics be damned, I’m doing the correct thing for history, ethics and the people” those errors get corrected. Those reversals are generally quite painful and end up igniting political reverberations that last some time.

The original Roe v. Wade decision was a political decision done on purpose to placate a segment of the population hot on the trail of a major constitutional amendment at the time. Activities supporting that amendment peaked right after that and the amendment effectively failed state ratification five years later.

In many ways, the original Roe v. Wade decision was made in error based on political motivation. Dobbs corrected that error, returning the power involved to the states. Now angry women are motivated to violence peaceful protests over freedom of control over their own bodies, ignoring that there are consequences for all actions and responsibilities for those actions.

The fact that this complicates the task for those on both sides of the political issue (much less the moral issue involved) does not seem to be a concern of the court. That includes the political parties that may benefit or suffer support in the upcoming election.

Analysis indicates that it may be much less an issue in the election, as I posted above.

But what will the long term impact be? There are serious considerations involved in bringing unwanted children into the world without adequate support for unwed mothers and either their ability to raise their babies or get help with placing them into adoption or foster care.

Nothing in the political dialog to date seems to express any concern for the welfare of these unwanted children – assuming that mothers that don’t want them will simply find some means to travel to another state that still hosts abortions and terminate their pregnancies. This seems coldly brutal and uncaring to me.

The courts certainly don’t enter this area of governance until abuses have occurred. Government, and Leftists in particular seem more interested in “control” than anything else here. What about the simple welfare of helpless babies? Children as they grow up without a parent to guide them? With needs for food, shelter and moral guidance? For childless parents that would adopt or foster a child if given the opportunity and some basic support?

A culture and society that ignores it’s most helpless is certainly brutal and ignorant.


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