Why the ISO Changes to Credit Card Merchant Codes are Important

One major point is being missed in this discussion, and that is the level of personal profiling that takes place for commercial purposes.



There are a number of information providers that engage in this business. They buy detailed transaction data from credit card companies, cellular phone companies, social media companies, online data companies (like Alpha – AKA Google), and companies providing services.

This is an interesting resource regarding data privacy and individuals:


In truth, the protections for individuals are very weak in the United States. This allows companies to accumulate vast amounts of private information about individuals, correlate it and then sell it to commercial buyers.

If you want to consider how weak these “protections” are, just think about how efficiently the laws on telemarketing are enforced, and how often you get SPAM and solicitation calls, even if you have your telephone numbers registered on the “Do Not Call” list…

What’s most critical to understand is that many of those commercial buyers are governments, and not just the United States government.

If you understand that the Biden Administration’s leaders are deeply in partnership with foreign governments, and especially China, you can start to understand some of the motivation for making firearms and ammunition related transaction data available to commercial buyers of private information.

This is a clear and present danger to our nation.

The point I was making here is that while the 4473 data is in our US government’s hands, the financial tracking data is available to anyone that wants to buy it, including foreign governments and other private parties. That is also available with geolocation data tracked to your household including all cellphones.

The parties that accumulate, collate and sell this personal data about you are not in any transparent about their operations since they are private firms supposedly engaging in competitive marketing activities. In truth, they are trafficking in deeply personal private information, often without your knowledge or tacit acceptance. They are not benign.

Here are a few examples:



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