Rivers of Money in the Great Divide

Biden’s speech writers are working to brand their opposition as “extremists”  and accuse them of the same playbook that Leftists used to win the 2020 elections – fomenting violence in the streets.

It’s a typical example of gaslighting, bullying and hyperbole. Typical of the tactics used by Leftists. The media is parroting their lines as expected. It’s really pathetic, and quite dividing.

The use of violence to divide America and extremism is the strategy used by Leftist Democrats during the summer of 2020. Remember


This is how Biden’s controllers brought him into office. Never forget their “mostly peaceful” tactics as they worked to “defund the police” and charged their opposition with “Racism”.

All the places that fail most to fairly treat citizens are the Democrat strongholds that they already control where their programs unfairly treat their citizens as supplicant subjects and their elected officials act as “elites” wielding power over them. That’s a fact in Jackson, Mississippi where you can’t drink the water, just as it was in Flint, Michigan where you can’t drink the water.

It’s necessary for Democrats to find whipping boys to bully because every one of their plans and programs is a failure because they start by eliminating personal responsibility. They are all destined to be wasteful, bloated, embarrassing failures. Just like the current administration.

Calling their opposition “Ultra – Make America Great Again Extremists” is just their latest way of acting out to “rally their base”… You know… the people that think defending yourself and those that can’t defend themselves are deplorable….

Last week he used the term to label us “semi-fascists”… That’s beyond offensive coming from a Leftist tyrant wannabe…


So… look where the Trillions are going inder his leadership:


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