Wake Up to the Bullying Leftist Strategy

How’s it feel – sad little Conservative… You’re being bullied by the big kids in the school yard. You used to be one of the regular crowd. One of the kids like everyone else, accepted by everyone. But now it’s different. The unique kids have been chosen by the administration for “special handling” and have some advantages, constantly reinforced by the mainstream in control. They have changed the rules in their favor, and changed the game itself…

Leftist Democrats have weaponized government with the express purpose of bullying Conservatives and destroying liberty.

The problem is that Republicans seem to be doing nothing in response.

Mainstream citizens probably never dealt with bullying when they were younger because most were not targeted. Some witnessed it first hand, and responded by protecting weaker friends, but most just preferred to ignore it and walk on by, trusting that things would work out.

This is what Leftist Democrats seem to be banking on during this 2022 election cycle, while simultaneously reacting violently to even a hint of control or limitation to their bad behavior. Witness the violent threats, rioting and protests after the Supreme Court Dodd decision returning the right to abortion to states. Threats to kill Supreme Court justices seem to be ignored by government just like the rioting in 2020 that killed dozens nationwide have been swept under the political Leftist rug.

But Conservatives have been bearing active bullying from our government and it’s various agencies for the past two years. Republicans seem to be banking on the destroyed economy to get them elected, but I doubt that will motivate voters enough because it misses the point. A silent majority of citizens are sick of being bullied by politicians and bureaucrats that keep increasing their power over everyday activities and commerce. Republicans seem disengaged, and in some cases even part of the problem.

Witness passage of a “gun control” package that enabled a gun registry, abusive treatment of FFLs, increased regulation and funding of gun confiscation ex-parte “Red Flag” laws nationwide. Gun owners should feel quite bullied by government overreach, as well as politicians that actively and simultaneously are openly ignoring the law so recently affirmed by our Supreme Court’s decision in the Bruen case.

Republicans need to recognize that citizens are sick of useless face diapers, school indoctrination, politicized Federal police agencies that commit home invasions and rifle through FPOTUS Trump’s wife’s lingerie drawers, financial harassment of FFL Dealers, “gun free” massacre zones, “assault weapon ban” pornography, and continued government agency rights abuse like ATF (or is it “AFT”?) rulemaking while simple background checks languish for over a year.

The Leftist campaign strategy is about to be launched for the 2022 election cycle – and it will ramp up this bullying starting with Biden parroting speeches this week about banning “assault weapons”… Listen carefully. They now have funded programs to coerce states to pass gun confiscation ex-parte “red flag” laws and weaponize much more of their deep state agencies.

Tell your conservative political candidates to wake up.


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