Leftist America in Full Bloom

As you watch the immature Leftist reaction to recent Supreme Court decisions, take note because you haven’t seen anything yet… I think you can count on this kind of tasteless official mis-behavior. It’s a specialty of the Leftists ever since Alinsky wrote “Rules for Radicals” and they used it to claw their way to power.

The media is acting as the Left’s propaganda partner, and deep state agencies including law enforcement are acting as their enforcers.

The Leftist power brokers have been hiding behind secrecy and a series of laws like the Patriot Act that allowed them to operate in the shadows while working to destroy liberty.

Laws like the Federal Gun Free School Zones Act passed in 1990 (with the full support of Biden) were authored and pushed through Congress with the full knowledge of their impact on school safety. They sound good on the surface, but create celebrity seeking psychopath attracting massacre zones – effectively sacrificing our children on the Leftist alter of gun control. I now believe that the Leftist politicians that promoted these laws did it with the full knowledge of what this impact would be – knowing that htey could use future deaths to promote their agenda. Despicable.

As the truth about Uvalde slowly comes out, I’m beginning to wonder about the truth behind the delays that caused almost an hour of freedom for that psychopath to kill those people. The police in body armor waited, the defective door was always unlocked, and one officer was even disarmed when he tried to save his dying wounded wife. Why? And why did a Texas Senator subsequently lead the passage of a big money “gun control” bill? Much of this makes no sense on the surface. And now, after more than twice as many people are killed in a nearby border incident, the media glosses over the tragic deaths and ignores it. That is clear evidence of an agenda at work.

Leftists will do anything to achieve and maintain their power. They will impeach and impede a standing president then hold Stalinist style show trials to try and prevent him from returning to office. They will cover up and lie for their agendas. They will use propaganda and brainwashing to promote their agendas. Given the motivation and opportunity, they exhibit the worst of human behavior.

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