Lies and Compromise

In compromise both sides walk away from the “deal” with something. Do you see anything in this exchange with the Leftists that helps gun owners in any way? Didn’t think so…


50 plus years of “gun control” abuse of lawful gun owners has been tolerated by patriots including considerable infringement of the Second Amendment.

Very bad and dangerous laws with safe sounding names (for easy passage to confuse the ignorant) have been passed in the name of “gun control” by Leftist Democrats. “Background Checks” “Gun Free School Zones” etc… “Emergency Risk Protection Orders”… each new strategy more infringing and unconstitutional than the next – each infringement more impossible for law abiding citizens to deal with.

Very good and effective laws are fought every inch by Leftist Democrats, and proven to save lives by making guns and gun owners more commonly available to defend themselves and those they love. Constitutional (permitless) concealed carry in half of the United States has made each state more safe where it is passed. Fought every inch of the way by Leftist Democrats.

When celebrity seeking psychopaths attack supposed gun free massacre zones, ignoring all gun control laws and violating felony laws against violence, Leftist Democrat District Attorneys routinely drop firearms related charges and fail to prosecute the criminals that have committed firearm related crimes.

Highly publicized violent criminal attacks with firearms are routinely propagandized by mass media propelling a lying agenda to make such attacks appear more common driving brainwashing and irrational fear of guns in the general population. Lying mentally ill “victims” are heavily promoted as celebrity seeking psychopaths of a different sort, many of whom were never at risk in incidents they are associated with. Constant months long barrages of propaganda drive justification for further infringement of fundamental enumerated citizen rights.

A true compromise would eliminate all this manipulative behavior first, then eliminate bad laws that enable it, enforce laws against violent criminal actions and separate mentally ill criminals from the general population. I don’t see any offers of this nature from Leftist Democrats, and mere mention of this is immediately rejected by the fake “negotiators”…

There are no compromises or negotiations going on. Just more lies. The tail end of 50 years of gun control lies.

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