Memphis Erases Bedford Forrest

As statues come down, and remains get relocated… guilt is the gift that keeps on giving…

You can forget history, but you cannot “erase” it… If you forget it, you are bound to repeat it.

Note the widespread “symbolic” actions that are presaging the Left’s “silent revolution”… The “thought police” are generally the first wave…

I respect those individuals who fought bravely in the Civil War (a.k.a.”War of Northern Aggression”)… I do not support the institution of slavery that the South fought for. I doubt many people do. I do respect that this war represented a conflict of cultures. It ended in 1865.

The Leftist Democrats of the South didn’t see it that way, and fought for at least 100 more years during the “Reconstruction” and “Jim Crow” eras. They were no more justified in their actions then than the new BLM / AntiFa infused Leftist Democrats are today. In both cases, they seek to divide America and work against our strongest asset – the assimilation of people from all over the world into a culture of liberty and opportunity.

Those things don’t matter to the “subjects” that Leftist Democrats visualize our nation consists of. They have worked steadily since 1963 to destroy the culture of Black Americans, destroy their family units, infuse the people with drug addiction, nurture violence and establish widespread dependency upon government.

This is destructive to America. It puts American citizens last. It justifies widespread oppression of American liberty and it is wrong. Disastrously wrong.

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