And the “Winner” is…

I have little doubt that the Corona-19 Virus pandemic originated in the “Gain of Function” Research that was prohibited in the USA as too dangerous, and that NIH assisted in moving to and funding in Wuhan.

If you look at the most high level impact of the subsequent pandemic, you can see that almost every impact worked to China’s benefit and against the rest of the world. It leveraged our cherished liberty and freedom to assist in the general confusion and the effective spread of the virus. The confusion and delays in taking steps to stop viral spread plus our general suspicion of government bureaucrats and the deep state in most representative nations ensured efficient spread.

China did not suffer like other free nations because they quickly acted to lock down their nation without damaging their economy. In fact, as supplier of personal protection products to the world, China economically benefited as the rest of the world sank deeply into unfathomable debt. China has gained in economic prosperity.

As an “experiment”, observing the spread of the Corona virus helps military planners understand how to perfect biological warfare. China has gained in knowledge.

As a further “experiment” the spread of the Corona virus has been tested in a wide range of styles of government and centralized as well as distributed healthcare systems. The public healthcare organization of a wide range of nations has been tested, and can now be manipulated during future biological warfare. Note the differences in impact to the citizens of India versus the United States. Note the differences in impact to the citizens of Africa versus Europe. All this observed and documented is very potent strategic knowledge.

China, like Germany in 1933, is a nation that wants more “living space”. This is clearly shown by their activities in the South China Sea and along the Tibet border. If you want more “living space” for your own population, you don’t want to invade an occupied territory. You want it available for your people without opposition. China has gained strategic direction.

Look around the world for the “winners” and “losers” associated with the Corona-19 virus pandemic. China has gained in every area – and done it without any revenge from the victims of the pandemic.

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