Climate Change Woke University

Under President Trump the United States was a net exporter of energy (Oil, Natural Gas, Electricity). and was independent of the rest of the world.

Biden’s administration returned us to being dependent on other nations, and made Europe more dependent on nations like Russia and Iran, who immediately started taking advantage of this by constraining the supply of fuels and by beginning to act covertly and overtly against the West.

The war in Ukraine is a direct result of an opportunity Biden’s administration created for Russia because of this dependence on Russian energy. Russian leadership knew clearly that with increased European dependence on Russian oil and gas, there would be no interference in Putin’s plans.

This is the first and most visible cost of a false flag “war” on “climate change”. The deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the Ukraine. That weakness of Western powers will infect other parts of the world as China notices how dependent the West is on the resources they control – then suddenly we will watch as Taiwan is isolated and invaded.

The West is remarkable vulnerably right now because of our complete dependence on the large scale integrated circuit factories that produce custom circuits several of our major industries use. Some of these are only available from chip fabs in Taiwan.

Rare earth magnets require minerals only mined in China or in nations where China owns or controls these resources. Battery chemistry is also dependent on similar chemicals.

Anyone see the pattern here?

Welcome to “Climate Change 201” – the next course on world domination for the Ignorant Woke.

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