You’ve Been Warned

Death by 1,000 cuts… You’re the target and have been the target for 50 years. The target of propaganda and brainwashing.

Thankfully, some of the newly empowered Leftists are bold enough to be clear and warn you:

Now that you’re clearly warned, you see all the political agitation and fear. This will hopefully result in defeat of these repeatedly introduced and Democrat passed gun grabbing bills. That becomes political red meat for use in the November mid-term elections.

I imagine that Leftist minions will continue the drumbeat of mass attacks through November, just like Antifa thugs did on our streets in 2020. Anarchy is a tool of Leftists, and always has been. Democrats created the vulnerable school massacre zones in 1990 (Biden himself was an author of the law) when they passed the “Gun Free School Zones Act” to make our children the targets of fatherless celebrity psychopaths. 96% of these attacks have chosen these places ever since (CPRC).

That has been true since the 1950’s and so was clear when Biden worked to pass this terrible act:

Leftists and their elites – obsessed with power – are evil, have no interest in protecting citizens at liberty and see you standing in their way. This is why they want to disarm you.

They care nothing about children’s lives. Over 260,000 fetuses are aborted every year, the majority of whom are minorities – I guess black lives really don’t matter to them. Neither do the lives of our school children – obviously just pawns in their gun control agenda.

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