Recognize the Leftist Pattern Yet?

Real solutions are already off the table, especially if you listen to the Leftist “experts” being brought before the broadcast cameras and microphones. They say that arming teachers and school staff certainly can’t work, and should not even be considered. But wait… some states already permit this, and they are not experiencing these “celebrity psychopath” attack tragedies…

GRNC supported a bill called the 2018 “Arm Teachers – Support NC H1039 The School Self Defense Act” four years ago that would have effectively addressed these “celebrity psychopaths”:

Here’s the legislation itself.

Leftists cry crocodile tears and wring their hands in the media for days after these school “massacre zone” incidents, but they raise re-election funds on the bodies of children in schools and in the womb. That’s despicable. Leftists created these “massacre zones” and their media partners create the “celebrity psychopaths” that attack children repeatedly. Politicians lie about how common these attacks are (they are more rare than lightening strike injuries).

More people were shot in Chicago in May than at the school attack… but Chicago already has draconian gun control, so promoting it in the media isn’t useful… so… not a peep from the liberty attacking politicians.

 “The right” isn’t emphasizing “gun rights”… we’re fortunately obsessed with personal liberty. 

Politicians are lying constantly about the United States being more dangerous because of the Second Amendment. A quick look at just one area can confirm this. In just the area of Islamic Terrorism, you can see that over 300,000 people have been murdered since 2001, and most of those attacks have taken place against civilians outside the United States because the victims are easy to kill. They are tracked here:

This list is just focused on religious motivated attacks, and starts with the most current, monitoring reports world wide. 

Here are actual mass shooting rates calculated internationally:

Despite all the political hysteria, you’ll see that the United States and it’s Second Amendment are not the most dangerous place in the world. It’s Norway. 

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