Some Lies are an Existential Threat to our Nation

It’s becoming pretty clear that everything about Leftists and their “woke culture” is fake and built on lies. When they claim something bad about someone else, it’s usually because they are the experts on that bad act, and were probably pioneers on perfecting it.

The current attack on Free Speech by working to both expand Leftist propaganda about “Domestic Terrorists” and blame “White Supremist” for social unrest represents a potent attack on our nation. Recent reports that organizations like BLM currently have over $42 million in assets mean that they have the ability to leverage these threats as they see fit. This is happening as Leftists deploy their own domestic terror squads to attack the integrity of our courts, intimidate Supreme Court justices working on active cases and abusively incarcerate their political opponents

For example, the murderer in Buffalo relied on Leftist political acts in order to carry out his crimes because he is a Leftist, deep into Communist theory and practice. He chose his target because Leftist gun control made it easier to kill people.

As to these acts being primarily a “White Supremacist” problem… That’s demonstrably a lie.

Biden’s own Justice department couldn’t back up the lie with any real facts in a 32 page “study” which is more of a policy rant:

Click to access National-Strategy-for-Countering-Domestic-Terrorism.pdf

Here is a list of “Hate Crime Examples” from the DOJ:

Here are details of all reported hate crimes:

It’s certainly not a perfect world, but a close look will show you that half the offenders in 2020 were not Caucasian.

Politicians that lead with lies about bias and racism just make this problem worse by creating more division in our nation. They do not deserve to be in office, and they are not worthy of acting in the name of citizens.

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