Time to vote

The Leftist double standard is visible here.

Civil insurrection anarchy is the tool of the Leftists. It was part of activating their masses during the 2020 election cycle, and was broadly supported by Leftist city government leaders across the nation as well as their media partners through widespread coordinated propaganda efforts.

Those propaganda efforts continued in the period after the election and to this day. There are coordinated primary campaigns running now that are all promoting Leftist candidates using “voting rights suppression” themes to try and activate their supporters. These are universally based in the racism that was used to motivate the anarchy in 2020. The themes are deep, consistent and continue to recycle the same propaganda.

The double standard comes in labeling their opposition’s January 6th anarchy as “insurrection”, prosecuting it with all the power of government as an organized plot against the nation, and committing widespread violation of civil rights in the name of the people in the wake of the incident. Neither the anarchy and rioting of 2020, nor the January 6th invasion of our capitol were justified, nor should be tolerated. Both represent crimes against our liberty because they attack our system – but both are the result of the long term actions of hypocritical Leftists manipulating our system, it’s judicial systems and our citizens – putting all of our safety at risk.

It’s now quite clear that our Federal justice department and law enforcement agencies have been compromised by the Leftist political leadership and the deep state that supports them to maintain their long term power within government. That power is not earned, is not appropriate, and is dangerous to our nation. The risk of this deep state, and the vast system of Federal patronage jobs runs back to the forming of our nation – was decried by Abraham Lincoln when he took office and was formalized in the late 19th century. Agency jobs are secure, influential, persist from administration to administration, survive on the graft of industry and lobbyists and were what President Trump worked to disrupt. That is why the Leftists hated him so consistently.

Today, you can be fairly certain that everything the Leftists accuse conservatives of doing, they have perfected and been committing for decades. All the lying, corruption and unscrupulous behavior. All the worst things humans do to one another. Everything that they can imagine and blame their opposition of doing.

We’ve now seen clearly that Leftists will stop at nothing to pervert our system of government to punish anyone that opposes them, and that includes compromising our justice system, nominating unqualified leaders (including judges that have been consistently reversed by higher courts because they keep “getting it wrong”), and weaponizing law enforcement to destroy individual citizens.

As gun owners, we are more familiar with this political bad behavior than most people because the Leftists have been targeting us for over 60 years. Help your fellow citizens by guiding them to get out and vote the Leftists out of power, and put some people into office that at least have a chance of destroying the entrenched destructive deep state operatives once and for all.

You may not have liked President Trump’s bullying personality, but he was on the right track on this.

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