Gun Violence?

The American people watched as an incompetent Leftist deep state took power just two years ago.

Leftists used their typical techniques to steal power. Unrest. Fraud. Power and influence pedaling.

Failure after failure is explained by excuse after excuse, all accompanied by attempts at misdirection and obfuscation. Yet the simple fact remains. Leftists are destroying our nation.

As gun owners, we are one of the targeted explanations Leftists use for their excuses. Crime is our fault as gun owners according to Leftists. Not gangs. Not millions of illegal border crossing invaders. Not weak on criminal Soros supported District Attorneys. Not defunding the police. Not widespread street rioting encouraged by racist insurrection supported by ignorant politicians. Not broken families without parents to raise children (see their street gang role model substitutes)… Not the ambulance and violence chasing irresponsible and lying media…

Look at the numbers! “Gun violence” is out of control”, say the Leftists. From the evidence of their incompact and corrupt “leadership”, I’d say that’s exactly what the Leftists want in America today.

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