Time to Stand Up and Be Counted

In our representative republic, “the people” are reserved a great deal of “power”. It’s that power that the politicians irrationally lust after. Many would do anything to steal as much of that power as possible.

Never forget that, as a free citizen in our system, you are powerful.

The media, working as the cynical partner of egocentric self-centered politicians, works overtime to make you feel powerless. Nothing can make you feel more powerless and overwhelmed than the combination of the media’s broad swath of bad news every few hours and the echo chamber we now call big tech’s “social media”.

But, never forget that, as a free citizen in our system, you are powerful.

The first step is to turn it all off… All the negative messages, all the lies, all the division, ,all the coercion. Shut it off and start making your own decisions.

As gun owners, we’ve been abused by these trolls for a lot longer than the rest of our population – and we know the difference between citizens and “subjects”. We’ve already had to make the hard decisions that most people routinely avoid. We understand that the power of an individual is not for sale to lying politicians in a free society.

When the noise of social media gets too loud, shut off your phone for a few hours, ignore the constant interruptions from social media’s attention signaling and start focusing on something rewarding and interesting. Do something to help solve problems that you can control.

Understand your power to influence others, use your freedom to make decisions, spend money where it’s most effective and support people that support you.

Vote like your nation depends on it… it does.

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