Witness the People’s Convoy in Amerika

In the upcoming People’s Convoy, you’re seeing civil disobedience that is a direct reaction to the core and persistent attitude of “the elite” about “the people” who “the elite” actually distain instead of serve.

Political elites see “the people” as something to manipulate with their cynical media partners, rather than to cherish and optimize. They see “the people” as incapable of constructive initiative, requiring “the elite” in order to do anything significant in society. This is the culture of division – and it’s more pervasive in Democratic Leftist bigots than race baiting. And no, America, you are not part of “the elite”… just there to serve them and ensure that they maintain their power.

That attitude is pervasive in “the swamp” and dangerous. It reduces “the people” to “subjects” of “the elite”. Unless you bring money, resources, influence or power you are not worth their time.

As Biden continues to “cry wolf” about the Russian bear, consider the deeper issues involved with massive energy investments by the elite in Ukraine that have been put at risk, massive shipments of arms to a corrupt Ukrainian government, a complicit military industrial complex ready to sell government military arms, technology and resources that recent reduced budgets have suppressed, and the potential for continuing to spin conflict in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

And as Biden continues to “cry wolf”, the complicit media salivates for “bear”…

Welcome to “Biden’s Amerika”. How’s that “temporary inflation” and “defund the police” goin’ for you, eh?

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