This is My America

The founding fathers of the United States chose a representative republic because they did not inherently trust government, and wanted it to stay a small part of the individual citizen’s life. 

There is nothing “liberal” about growing the presence of government in an individual’s life, if  that individual is a citizen that values their freedom. In fact, a true “progressive” government makes itself as scarce as possible. 

We’re now witnessing the violent breakup of the People’s Convoy in Ottawa. When Canada involuntarily gave up it’s right to bear arms, they took a major step toward making government a much larger part of their lives because they gave up their right to effectively protect themselves. They probably felt that they were so safe that they didn’t need the tools that any sane person would want to have to be able to act in their own defense. That was a serious error. 

“Racism” has been the most impactful criticism of the United States since it’s formation – specifically “racism” associated with the origins of slavery in our nation. We fought a civil war over that issue, then imposed another 100 years of oppression in the South called “Jim Crow”. Some of the oppressive laws associated with Jim Crow continue to live on in the gun control laws that continue on the books in the Southern United States. 

When Russia, China, Venezuela, or Iran wants to criticize American culture, they start by pointing at endemic Racism in the United States. Still, people of all races, religions and cultural backgrounds want to immigrate to the United States both legally and illegally in spite of that criticism. The reason is that America still represents the opportunity to take responsibility for your life and improve your personal circumstances and that of your family. That dream still trumps all the negative media lies, politician rants and what little true racism still exists. 

How do I know? I go shooting with my next door neighbor of 23 years (who happens to be black), and my new next door neighbor, now a US citizen, who immigrated legally from Columbia 9 years ago, and is one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. He is working overtime and raising 2 children and caring for an elderly mother as his wife also works commuting 50 miles to manage a retail store. He is studying now to become an EMT so that he can serve his community better with the volunteer fire department he’s a member of. 

This is my America. 

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