Patriots Still Have A Job To Do

Biden and his elite cable of tyrants have permanently changed America and our culture. Even if they are effectively stopped, the nation itself is horribly divided by constant propaganda, an unprecedented destruction of our international reputation, the imposition of abusive regulation and executive orders, inefficiency and at least three generations of our nation’s youth with destroyed opportunity and delayed dreams.

The problems initiated by these Leftists and their deep state agency minions are corrosive, a cancer on our culture. This cancer itself threatens responsible citizens and their liberty with an overreaching government that exists to benefit itself and not the people. Big government and a self styles class of political Leftist elites is a potent vector for society’s sickness.

Volunteer to serve as election judges and workers for the 2022 election. Observe the polls to help keep them honest.

Identify and work for candidates that will resist corruption, value liberty and respect the people they are supposed to serve.

Show Leftist elites the door, then work to keep the politicians we elect honest.

I could be a pessimist and give in to the tide of destruction we’re witnessing, but then these destructive socially irresponsible people would just accelerate their activities. It’s time to resist their self-serving cynicism and work to win back what’s left of our nation, then rehabilitate it.

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