Echoes of Sandy Hook

Insurance companies paid off the gun grabbing bigots today in spite of common sense and the evil done by a boy that killed his own mother to access and misuse firearms.

The lawsuit plaintiff family members are broadly appearing on media today claiming victory over “the only industry that has been protected by Federal Law” that makes “lethal products”… The fact that automobiles kill many more people every year is lost on them. The gun grabber bigot sees guns only as “killing machines” and doesn’t see any value to the protection that they can provide in properly trained hands, or the value of hunting, marksmanship training discipline or even military defense.

The coverage is all anti-gun owner and all emotionally over the top. This “victory” took place in a state court which permitted the lawsuit to proceed in spite of the Federal law prohibiting such lawsuits.

“Military grade weapon” was used in interviews this morning by one of the plaintiff family members, so that new “branding” for “assault weapons” seems likely along with an attempt to dissemble from the difference between fully automatic and other types of weapons. The intent is clearly to confuse average people about the difference between NFA controlled firearms and GCA firearms. The goal is obviously to enact more “assault weapons bans” based on new anti-gun owner propaganda.

Any “win” will be heavily exploited in the media, using highly emotional interviews with people that lost their small children. This exploitation is immoral in a number of ways, but that doesn’t matter to the gun grabber bigots.

You can count on much of the money being “donated” to the gun control bigots as well. And yes, through higher liability insurance rates, the money will come out of gun buyer’s pockets.

The gun grabbing bigots see this “settlement” win as the path forward… But…

Insurance policies can be modified to include clauses eliminating this kind of liability, making future lawsuits “unprofitable” to the lawyers. They will quickly lose interest without profit in the picture.

The internal Remington documents will be extensively misused by the “gun control bigots” who will be given access to them. A new branding “military grade guns” will emerge from all this. This will be used to imply that the average subject should not have access to them… That is, of course, the way Leftists are conditioning people to think. Especially people that can’t handle freedom with responsibility because they are so unfamiliar with living that way.

Just remember, the Second Amendment exists so that citizens can guarantee their freedom. That is what separates “citizens” from “subjects”, and that uniquely balances a government’s perverse tendency toward “control”, making America the one destination for the world’s oppressed peoples.

You must always ask Leftists, “why wouldn’t a people at liberty need military grade weapons in a dangerous and oppressive world?”

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