The Whole Truth?

You know… I’ve been around the block a few times. I no longer trust a word that the media prints – and especially regarding firearms, race, or police incidents. 

A sub-culture has developed among many urban Blacks that glorifies crime and criminals, and seeks to somehow justify the misbehavior with their great-great grandfather’s abuse under Slavery. Sorry… I don’t buy it. I also don’t buy that America today is an inherently racist nation. I frankly don’t know anyone that would make a decision based on a person’s race – but I know a lot of people that would make  a decision based on a person’s character. 

I’m not saying that racism is nonexistent. It happens, but so do accidents. 

I just finished a week helping train a local police agency’s officers, and doing their annual qualification. The state defines those standards, and a local community college organizes the training event. It’s not the local agency in our state. 

While I will consider that the officer involved made an error, there is no way I can speculate whether the officer was negligent. But… a human was involved in the homicide, and “accidents” with firearms involving a human operator are all negligence unless the firearm itself is defective, and then it’s maintenance is negligent. I am not even sure if the homicide was unintentional – especially if police are authorized in that state to stop fleeing felons. 

Police were dealing with an individual with a criminal arrest warrant. I don’t know if it was a felony warrant or not, and I don’t know Minnesota law on police dealing with fleeing felons. 

The fact that the incident happened with a fleeing criminal resisting police makes me lose all interest in it. A tragedy, no doubt, but I also wonder about the abuse, pain, injury and damage this individual inflicted before the police officer stopped him. 

On background, he certainly has his “gang signs” down:


Felony possession of a Ruger .45ACP pistol and failure to appear… Seems he had a felony charge pending… 

Stopping a felony suspect that had already been in possession of a handgun, and watching them re-enter the vehicle would certainly trigger my training response to dealing with an armed suspect… 

Now his family grieves for the perfect son. But you’ve seen the background on “little Daunte” before judging him…

Looks like a bunch of people are glorifying a drug dealing criminal again, and running the “institutional racism” narrative just to cover the corpse’s actual lawless irresponsible and socially destructive “preferences” in life… Check the pictures in the articles for gang signs and “thug culture” indicators… The big lie is that the media is ignoring this in order to demonize police agencies again.

Wanted on a felony gun possession warrant? Mmmmmm… Suddenly returning to the interior of the car during a traffic stop (which is one of the most dangerous things any police officer has to do in their job)? Mmmmmm…

When a person on a warrant that accuses them of unlawful gun possession disregards an officer’s commands, and suddenly lunges for the interior of a vehicle during a stop, your SOP as an officer is to STOP THEM or be killed yourself. If their SOP changed recently to using less than lethal force, but you reverted to your original training… is that negligent or accidental?

I expect that, thanks to the collusion of the Leftist politicians and media, one more stage has been added to grieving… In this case, the first stage is “DELUSION”. 

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