“Unity”: We need some fundamental changes first…

This is a pretty good discussion of many of the issues involved with launching a third party to support President Trump and his positions / policies in 2024:


If this has any chance of succeeding, we need to shift to a different type of voting which is more fair and representative of what Americans really want.

It’s called “Instant Runoff Voting“, and it helps solve the problem where neither of the two top political parties has fielded candidates and platforms that represent you. In this style of voting, you vote for all candidates on the ballot by ranking them in your personal order of preference – from the one that most satisfies your political position to the one that least represents you.

This style of voting could eliminate the cost of runoff elections completely, and will end up representing the choice of the people more accurately. It will also open the door for additional parties to form (which is probably what would prevent Congress from accepting it).

In truth, while politicians are supposed to represent their constituencies, most end up intimidated by them, and separated from them. This could help solve that by keeping politicians more accountable.

And yes – all hope is lost if we cannot secure the the integrity of future election. Much has to change if that is to be embraced in our fragile free society.

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